A couple of movies I saw

I saw this film the other day, it was on TV, but I didn’t watch it as it was late and I was off to bed, but it did catch my eye, so I thought I’d watch it on the “catch up” feature, but then it wasn’t available, so I thought Damn! Then I thought I could buy it, but its probably rubbish, then in the end, I did buy it, real cheap so not much to lose, the reviews were varied, so I thought its probably going to be a waste of time, but it wasn’t! I really enjoyed it!

A Cure for Wellness

Its a bit of a cult film, so not everyones going to enjoy it, but if you like surreal art house and horror, I think its a belter!

I was quite inspired to think about other films that have crazy unusual or weird plots, first I thought of 

Maps to the Stars

It’s Cronenberg, so it’s a bit bonkers and creepy, I saw it on TV about a year or so ago, I think I might buy that one and watch it again. Cronenberg’s vision is a bit warped, but I like that about him! Here’s another I saw a while ago

The Day of the Locust

That’s another weird one! I nearly went mad looking for that one, I hadn’t realised it was an old one (made in 1975) So when I googled the plot, (cos I couldn’t remember who was in it or anything), I got a lots of stupid rubbish results. No matter what small details I remembered and typed in, it gave me nonsense, it was so annoying. I was ready to give up then I stumbled on it! I shall probably buy this one too.

These 3 movies don’t have much in common, other than that they are all crazy! In the first one, I was trying to figure out what was going on and it made no sense for so long I was thinking its going to be a let down, but it wasn’t because the imagery and level of detail was carrying me along, then by the end, it worked out gloriously!

The other 2 movies I just added on to the list because I was inspired by the first, and I was thinking what other films have I seen lately that made me think – Wow!

There’s something gross about films that don’t have a middle of the road storyline, but it’s worth it cos it makes such a change to see someone else’s view, rather than just the standard mainstream one. 

A trip to London

St Pancras station – many memories for me here, this was the start of many adventures in the past!

We went to Borough market to get some food, it turned out to be what I considered to be a good photo op

Some more photos from near the Tate Gallery, all that history, all those bastards!

I love this weird building dwarfed by all those horrible modern things, a remnant from the past!

And this one!

Always love the tube! Its so organic, I feel like a mole!

We went and saw some Roman ruins – a Mithras temple

We was in the British Museum and saw all this stuff . .

Down in China Town

A guy played the Bee-Gees to great appreciation!

We went to Leadenhall Market to have a look, and ended up eating dinner there – very tasty and lovely pub!

Ya can’t beat London for a weekend trip – a couple of exhibitions I had on my list were pre-booked due to covid, so we missed out there, but there’s always plenty to do and see! Mustn’t grumble! 🙂

InfaTuation – or Love?

I woke up with this song in my mind – not heard it for years! I had been dreaming about old times, school assembly was where I’d see my love – she wasn’t in my class, in more ways than one! Well actually, I was more classy than her, it was her IQ that was out of my reach 🙂 ❤ 

B A Robinson – To Be or Not to Be

The Woman in Black

I was riding my bike to work yesterday morning, as I have done for so many years, and I remembered a girl I used to pass in the street every morning from way back in 1981-2 or so. Its funny how you remember certain people, times places and so forth. So I was thinking about how I as a motorcyclist interact with people in the street, especially women – they stand at bus stops, or walk home from the factory or whatever, and you pass them every day. I don’t notice any individuals these days really, I’m not such an intense young man as I once was, so this story is about a different time. Even then, I ramped the story with quite a bit of hyperbole, to reflect the phantasies and imagination of a society even more divided then, than it is now!

Everyone knows that if a woman smiles, looks at, or in any way acknowledges a man in the street, it means she wants to fuck, either right now, or sooner or later. Everyone knows this, Everyone.

So I rode my motorcycle to work every morning, and every morning she’d be there, the young woman in the black trench coat, I’d pass her on prebend street, she worked at the library, or the county hall, I knew where she went, and I knew where she came from, same village as me. She actually lived opposite my mates house, you never saw her there, or very rarely, she liked to hang out at the goth clubs, doing BDSM, or maybe she liked metal? Metal clubs, with all the sweaty guys, it’s more like a gym in there, not because they work out, no, they just smell a bit strong!

Anyhow, I’d pass her every morning, she wore black heeled boots to work, what else she wore under that trench coat I never got to find out, but I suspect she was naked, or perhaps a pencil skirt and a white flouncy top more likely, you know, for office work? But underneath it all, she was very much naked, and her body, it was fantastic, after all, I was about 18, she was about 20 I would guess. 

An 18 year old boy is just coming into season, don’t stand near him, he might explode at any moment, too young really for a 20 yr old woman,  but she could, as they say, whip it, if she wanted to. He knew she was thinking of it, every day he’d pass her by, the sound of his engine telling her he’s coming, here he comes! Brrrrr, brrrrr, brrr, yeooow! And he’s gone by, leaving a stink of smoke and petrol fumes, the bastard! And she never so much as flinched.

She’d got thick black hair this girl, dead straight, bushy, but straight, I suppose you’d say it had body, even though it was straight, minimalist in style, no highlights, nothing fancy, just hair, severe looking I think, sort of hair would stab your eyes, it made her skin look pale, her hair was raven perhaps, but not shiny, it was mat in colour, lifeless – like you’d be if you were her partner, or soon would be I’d imagine. She was expressionless too, her face was cold, she looked directly at you, and you failed, yes, that’s right, she didn’t fail to see you, you failed. End of. She liked older men, she just wasn’t interested, she wasn’t into free parties, awards or giveaways, she’s conservative, just in her life really, no time for disorder.

My mates dad, Ken, said he was going to put his cock through the hole in their fence and piss on their barbecue! Lol, I thought that was so funny! There was a running dispute between their house and ours, we had our motorbikes and cars out there all the hours, he used to call the cops cos he thought we were all illegal, I wonder what she thought, was she on her fathers side? Or did she know what fools all men are? Let’s be honest, every full grown girl knows men are all fools, she must have known her father was an idiot, why on earth was he so utterly pathetic? 

That night I sneaked across the road to their party, I found her among the trees at the back of their garden, the scent of the rhododendrons was as intoxicating as the stars above us, her eyes were alive and wild as she slammed my body against the fence and began taking me apart piece by piece. Large parts of my personality were being detached and discarded, I found her both terrifying and delightful. We became aware of loud angry voices, screaming and outrage, my 15mins had passed – Ken had pissed on the barbecue, and my dream was over 😀

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be buried alive and forgotten about? Every morning I’d come from behind, watching her to see if perhaps she would turn and smile, or just miss a step, or flinch maybe, show some tension in her shoulders, but no, nothing, not a hint. She had already moved on, no reason to remember where the bodies were buried. Oh how I admired her, I dreamed perhaps of a coming together of some sort, but there was to be none, and never would be. Oh well

Who would imagine what? 40 years later I’d remember that girl, and that I’d be writing this now? On a blog! Such things didn’t exist back then, but I was from the future, I knew ! I could’ve told her about the blogs!

I probably shouldn’t be posting fantasies about things that never happened, of drawing pictures of people who don’t exist – I probably never saw her face, but I imagined this is what she looked like! Ken never pissed on the barbecue as far as I remember, though I wouldn’t put it past him – he was a true rebel!

I couldn’t think of a song from that decade to suit my story – so I had to pinch one from 20+ years later, maybe I really was ahead of my time? I think a lot of people still go looking for what isn’t actually available, fun trying tho! 😀

Songs like . .

Yar don’t get songs like this very often do ya?

The Lightning Seeds – Pure

They must have been in a good mood when they done that one! They did this as well –

The Lightning Seeds – Lucky You

They also did Life of Riley!

The Lightning Seeds – Life of Riley

Not really my “bag” as such, but I do enjoy a good ditty – such as “There she Goes by the La’s

Unbelievable bloody rubbish! LOL Very good tho, oh yeah!

Bloke in the La’s went on to form “Cast” also very good

Cast – Alright

Mustn’t grumble, young people are supposed to be happy! 🙂 ❤

Cocteau Twins

Back in the 80s, we didn’t have many live bands come to Bedford where I lived, so I’d go all over the country seeing live music, it was a big surprise when they announced the Cocteau Twins were coming to town. 

Sadly, due to a cock up in the memory department, I thought it was the Thompson Twins who were coming, so I didn’t bother to get a ticket!



Heaven or Las Vegas

As a keen music fan, I always bought the NME music magazine, at xmas, they would have a vote for best live gig of the year, and guess what, they picked “The Cocteau Twins – Bedford!”

Next Wednesdays meeting . . .

Next Wednesdays meeting has been moved forward two days – when will the meeting now be held? Monday, or Friday?

If you answer Monday, then you are someone who supposes time to be moving towards you, forward = sooner, if you chose Friday, then time is something through which you pass during the week, thus forward = later, not sooner.

Actually the fault is with the English language, its ambiguous, and can easily be interpreted in either way! 

Maybe it’s a divisive question and rather silly? Time is an interesting phenomena though, it’s not really stationary is it, we all move through it wether we like it or not, it’s foolish to think we have control. Scientists tell us it’s all relative or whatever – I’m not sure I understand that fully, or even if they do yet. 


Vax + Hols!

Well its incredibly frustrating isn’t it? The weather last week was scorching hot, and I was at work – this week, my week off, its been pissing it down! I thought I might have gone off on a motorbike holiday, or at least a good number of day trips, but no such luck!

Wednesday I braved the conditions and went to see my aged parents, over 100 miles south, it was ok going, but the rain on the way back was torrential! Blimey, the road was inches deep in water, there was lightning overhead, and the air was grey, like one was actually riding inside of the thundercloud! 

Anyhow, I like to have a sing song while I’m riding, not at that actual part of the ride, I was just hanging on at that point, but later, when it calmed down a bit, I was singing Across the Border by ELO (this video features a rabbit – I have no idea why – its not my video!)

Funny really, I hadn’t thought about their music for a long time, maybe it was going to the old home town that sent me back in time. The country roads round there are good!  I should have been singing Summer and Lighting – given the circumstances

When I was a nipper, I liked ELO, but then I found the Damned, and they became my go to for live and loud music – there’s not much to show what it was like, but I did recently find this video – this reflects the sound at that time, pretty noisy and youthful – just click anywhere on the timeline and get your ears mashed!

I was pretty inspired by that video when I watched it last week, it reminded me of why I liked some of that stuff, they played really well and provided a lot of laughs and entertainment during a difficult time. 

A few years after that, they grew up a bit, had a line up changes and came up with this sort of old rocker thing. I remember someone saying they “grew up with the Rolling Stones” you could say that with the Damned, they grew up a bit too, not a lot really to be honest, but anyway, I just loved the way the songs got softer. 

I liked softer music, then found the harder stuff, then mellowed a bit, but I still like the old stuff as well as the new.

Oh yeh, I been hearing a lot from the anti-vax people lately, I think its because the focus is on them to get vaccinated, but they don’t want to! Well, you know it’s all a plot to kill you don’t you? I’m still a bit nervy about being killed, even at this age, so I do understand! I’m vaccinated, by the way, I feel that the government’s let us all down by not even attempting to eradicate the virus using track and trace, no, we now have to live with it, or die with it – thanks governments! Thanks for creating a new and worse world for us all to struggle in! Bastards . . . ! 


I been thinking about songs by seminal UK punk group “Chelsea” Probably won’t go over well here, you have to have your ears sharpened, or blunted, or whatever to like this stuff, but I have an appreciation for it. I was thinking about some of these old songs, so I just looked a few up to share here.

I don’t know what half the lyrics are, or what the songs are about, can’t find the lyrics online, cos they’re too obscure – I sort of like that in my music, it seems to add to that secret exclusivity.

Anyhow, the singer is called Gene October – that’s a cool name! Also, I think he has something to say, something a bit unusual, and a bit odd perhaps – 

what on earth this one is about I have no real clue, but it does seem to be about something

What would you do?

This one is like a bit dark, like the Doors or something, not typical punk style really

Look at the Outside

Here’s another dark one, really dark!

No Flowers

This ones even darker, its like punk blues man!

The Loner

They done a cover of Many Rivers! Shit, that’s not typical punk at all! Its not that good, but its quite sweet I think

Many Rivers

This one is probably my fav, a real belter – flat out good song! It sounds really 70’s – I don’t think later generations had this energy 🙂 The drumming towards the end is cracking! I like punk music the way jazz officianados like their jazz!

Don’t get me Wrong

Here’s a good anthem song to round off this post 

Come On

Lockdown blues

The other day I thought I’d have a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits, but when I got to the cupboard I was shocked to find I had no biscuits! Really shocked! I thought I had a packet in there, I buy them in packs of two, and I was sure I still had another pack left, but I was wrong. So anyhow, I made a cup of tea, drank it, then I thought, oh, I fancy a biscuit or 2, but there were none, so I double checked the cupboard, and I really, really don’t have any! So anyhow, I finished my tea, thought about the lack of biscuits, (which I could still barely believe) Then I thought, hmm, I fancy a cup of tea! Completely forgetting I just had one!  Amazing!  I must be getting old – yes!

I’m pretty gobsmacked we’re coming out of lockdown while so many people are still at risk! I feel that it would have been better to shut this thing down rather than just vacinate our way out of it – science is great, but its lazy to just expect miracles – scary really, is the economy really the only thing that matters to these ass-hats?  

I’m getting quite a bit of junk mail lately, I don’t click the links, but I copied some text to translate from French

Notre repasseuse professionnelle repasse votre linge dans le plus grand respect de vos affaires. Notre livreur vous rapporte votre linge plié et repassé 24 heures …

Our professional ironer will iron your laundry with the greatest respect for your business. Our delivery person brings you your folded and ironed laundry 24 hours …

Ha, well that’s not so bad!

During lockdown, I got myself a little iPad mini, I got quite a bit of music software on it, synths + drum machines and stuff, I did a screen grab recording back in March or something, of me just tootling about – its like a thing you can add sounds to, and program in little tunes and select different ways to play them, different synths sound different from each other, or you can alter things and just save them to play about with some more later. Anyhow, that’s what I was doing here, its a bit random!

I just did two more videos, this first one is using Grooverider, which is, well – groovy! 

And this one, its a similar sort of thing called Pure Acid

I got fed up with all that a few months ago, but I did spend a lot of hours doing that stuff, learning about it all, I prefer the music of the pros, get a load of this one! Its an ear worm!

Thats from the 2014 Kompakt Total CD, it kept popping up in my random memory, so I had to go searching to ID the track.

I just bought this double CD of Disco stuff – mostly from the late 70s, I’m digging’ this vibe!