A Chance Encounter



I’d been doing business on the Mile End road, and boy it was busy going back west on the central line, by the time we got to Bethnal Green, the tube was packed, and I mean like sardines! They could barely get more in before the doors closed, not what I needed, I’m a good looking guy, though I say so myself, but I like my suits pressed by professionals, not train passengers! The London tubes trains are notorious for their up close and impersonal experiences, I hadn’t noticed the pretty brunette till the train was rattling noisily into Bank st station, I’d got my hand and wrist jammed betwixt her butt cheeks – the warmth of her skin clearly felt through the red cloth of her loose fitting dress, I don’t know if she had on knickers or a G string, but it felt like skin under cloth to me. I shifted with the trains movements to free myself, I didn’t want to be accused of excessive voyeurism.

“Stand clear of the doors please” came the announcement, as we all squeezed up tighter, this time she was facing me side on, her chest cleavage pressed to my arm, her left tit taking on a life of its own, as her arm passed my face gripping that overhead safety handle. The train lurched forwards and we all took a half step to the right to take the strain, then a sudden step back again as it righted itself. I swear this is no way to socialise, but since I could now see her face in extreme close up, the texture of her skin, the precision of her make up, that cute red hairpin she had in, and that hair! It was wild and bushy, she was a vision of loveliness, she smelled of soap, I struggled to think of something to say, but she studiously ignored me anyway, her eyes fixed ahead, as Londoners do.

Suddenly the train burst out the tunnel and into the light of St Pauls station, it didn’t brake till the last minute, and when it did, we were all thrown forward so hard, I thought we were going to end in a pile on the floor, I gripped the woman at the waist and held her, keeping myself upright by use of the handle she had let go of earlier, as we performed this odd manoeuvre, she gripped my thighs with hers like a vice, it was indelicate, and extraordinary, I apologised automatically, she just seemed oblivious, a true Londoner!

Again more people got on the train than got off, the doors somehow closed us back in, and we again set off. My shoulder was quite happy slotting back into what I was now thinking of as “the welcome cleavage” my upper leg jostling with her groin area seemed equally pleased to be here, and I began to fantasise about fucking her, right here, in fact, lets all fuck her, all the guys to the back of the train, all the ladies, (bar her) to the carriages for the duration! Perhaps I smirked away to myself, perhaps she caught me doing so, my mood changed when I noticed the current look on her face was “irritated” – the line here is dilapidated, or else the carriage needs better suspension, it was noisier than ever, with flashes of lightning outside the black window, the cool air coming in at the end of the carriage smelled sooty, and oddly like sulphur.

With what seems like a crash, we jettisoned the tunnel onto Chancery Lane station, and my girl fought through the crowd of mens backs to the door. Ah well, there goes sunshine I thought, as the doors opened and she stepped off, it seems like near silence to me as she turned and looked through the crowd directly at me, and smiled – yes, she did, she smiled, directly at me, and she was beautiful – like a TV advert, her hair, her eyes, her teeth, her beautiful body, all smiling, and at me!

The moment had passed, the noise returned, it was like a kick in the head – “follow her” I thrust forward my arm, craved me a path and went after her – already she was 20 or 30 people away, but I could keep going as long as I could see that red dress, up the escalator we went, I knew I had to be careful, just because someone smiles at you, when they know they’ll never see you again anyway, doesn’t mean they really want you to pursue them like a hunter after quarry – I’m aware of that, I know all about it, I just want to see where she goes, if only she had left something for me to return to her – (like her panties for instance) The thought brought a smile to my lips.

As she reached the top of the escalator and disappeared into the crowd, I knew the fallacy of my own heart, it wasn’t the first time, as I myself reached the top, I thought it was all over, but there she was, her back to me studying the wall map, I approached, wondering what I was going to say, and just as I arrived alongside she slipped away, back down the way she’d just come! How could it make sense? To go back down the same way? Was she lost, should I offer help? I dashed after, but kept a distance, I wanted to get this right, if at all possible.

Finally, I felt my time had come, she stopped on the platform and was getting back onto the Eastbound train, maybe she had missed a stop in the crowd? There were less people aboard than before as I got on through the same door as her, I went and stood right in front of where she was seated, but she seemed to not know me as she took out a small mirror and her lipstick which she began to carefully apply. I fancied she was looking at my bulge, which was just above her line of sight, but everytime I looked, she seems to be simply going about her business. This was pointless, I was going to wind up in trouble if I continued, so I went and stood by the door, ready to go back to my own real life at the next stop.

The train rattled into old St Pauls, and I readied myself to alight, it wasn’t crowded, so why was she now stood again only inches away from me? She had that hand raised gripping the safety handle, which was right over my head, her head tilted back, exposing her neck and upper chest, my god, what a treat, and thats when I felt it, unmistakably her other hand, fondling my private parts through my trousers. I got to tell you here, my legs felt weak before her, she looked upwards seemingly ecstatic, I don’t believe I ever felt so erotically charged. That was the second time that journey that time froze, I felt stupefied as I realised she had gone – again! I don’t know if I stammered, stumbled or fumbled, but I did follow, this time sure I was doing the right thing.

She walked quick – some of these underground stations are like a rabbit warren, she turned left, then right, left again, then opened a door and held it open for me to pass inside – I half expected to be mugged, but I was ready for anything as she closed the door behind me – we were in a small dimly lit cleaners room, it smelled of old mops and cleaners chemicals, nonplussed I looked at her, and was about to say I could get a room but I was shocked to see she had already slipped out of her dress, she was wearing nothing but some white high heeled shoes, she crouched down in front of me and said in a cockney accent, “C’mon” tugging at my belt, dropping my trousers and boxers, that cold deft hand brought my cock to fullness almost magically, it was as if my whole lower body had become erogenous. She stood up and looked me eye to eye, moving me backwards to the wall, she placed her hands around my neck and hauled her body upwards – I have no idea to this day where her legs went as her full weight drove down on my shaft, kissing me deeply, throwing her head back, shuddering, gripping, smashing, at one point I swear she rode me by my nipples, such was the madness which passed between us.

Again some time passed, I was shaken and stirred, and there she was fully dressed, looking up and down the tunnel before leaving. Quickly tucking in my shirt and adjusting my fly, the pursuit was back on – I had to have her number! This chick was The One – quickly we were at the stations street entrance, she’d said something to the guard there and walked on, hastily I skipped forward, only to find a hand on my chest, “excuse me sir” said the guard, “I think its time to let the lady go” I was about to say words to the effect of “WTF?” when I saw she had already hailed a taxi, and waved me a cute “bye,bye”

I have since rode that line many times, and never saw her again – of all the encounters I have had in my years, she has to have been the most peculiar!