Nearly Full Moon

I had a tough week at work this week, due to circumstances beyond my control. Tonight on coming home I noticed the moon was big and bright, so I decided to pop out at take some photos, I shall probably post more here in future, as I got myself a good camera a few months ago, its fun to explore its potential. Taking pictures with this camera is more creative than cameras I had in the past, mainly because I find its easier to get better results and try different settings and learn a bit about photography, its an individual journey, I don’t aim to get this or that effect so much as just being pleased to see this or that happen through the cameras view of the world, like the human eye, its all relative. For instance, the moon looked quite big in real life, but in the pictures not so big, thats because the human eye is subject to perception, focusing in and excluding the background, whereas the camera may focus in, but doesn’t exclude the same way. Perhaps a better photographer could achieve that, but I’m prepared to just say, Oh, I like that other view too – so here they are, these are taken just 300yards or so from my home.

Quite pleased with the texture on the tree here:


I don’t know why this was so dark, but I liked it


The rich blue here, I don’t know why it came out like that, I didn’t alter it in editing


I just liked the puddles


Walking back towards home, and sunset


Odds Bodkins

For the last 10 days or so I have been down with a horrid nasty vile cold which has caused me sneezing, headaches, a cough, a runny nose, that and other near death experiences got me thinking about natural law, you have to do good in your life, or else you might have a bad death, like I mean where time passes slowly, or unpleasantly, or perhaps, after you die, you don’t know it for some allowed time, like 200 yrs or something, or re-incarnation, or just stuck in some weird never ending loop that takes 2000 yrs to get out of.  It just seems to me, we don’t know much about death, so we are obliged to make up theories about it, or impose some kind of logical expectation, maybe thats how religions started?

Today though, at last, I feel slightly better, this is very encouraging! I feel that I am indeed full of joy and happiness and wonderment at the world, and you, my new friends, (by best friends ever) Since you don’t know me that well, and I’m now older than I ever was, you are consequently my best friends ever, because there is more reflected back as a result of there being more of me, if you catch my meaning? And so, with that in mind, and as a soon to be thing of the past, since I’m about to spoil all that somewhat by actually revealing a bit more of my real repulsive personality – I’d just like to say its been great fantastic super and altogether lovely!

Yes, having a cold, or a sickness in general perhaps I’m not sure; but you know when people say “oh, he’s sick” or “he’s so sick” or “Is he sick” or like when people surround you and chant “Sicko-Sicko-Sicko”  I don’t get a lot of that, not these days, or not every day, but my mind does tend to wander a bit. Like today, I was just thinking about the Isley Brothers song “Summer Breeze”

I thought that was a white guys band, cos the lyrics are quite conservative, all about how “When I come home, from a hard days work, and you’re waiting there, not a care in the wooooorrrrrrlllllllldddddd” My friend used to play it and I said I liked it, this was about 30 odd yrs ago, and I do mean odd, my years have been very odd, so anyhow, I used to like that song, I liked the idea of a summer breeze makes me feel fine, but then the idea of the wife waiting there at home, whats that about? Why hasn’t she got a job to go to? Is that all she is? Just some woman that just waits for a man to come home from work all the time? I actually imagine she’s at the kitchen window, doing the dishes, in some 1950’s kitchen decor, she smiles at the birds on the lawn, and the white picket fence, in her floral print dress, or a checker dress for housework more like, with matching utilitarian curtains, and thats when I come in from work, and take out my big fat cock! She screams out like Lucille Ball would, and she’s just so delightfully daft, and I chase her round the place waving it about and going “Its gona get ya!”

Harumphff, that was a bit dramatic . .

Then later on, I got to thinking about the Beatles song “She Loves You” (don’t ask me why I listen to the voices is all) Nothing to deep or anything, I just thought that bit at the start, “You think you lost your love, I saw her yesterday-yay”  Thats an upwards inflection – not many songs start out like that do they? Or do they? I don’t know, I haven’t thought this thru, it just seems rather unique to me, how on earth did they come up with that? Its rather bouncy isn’t it, chorus is a bit trite, but I’m not citircising,  its rather jolly, no wonder it was a hit, would it be if it came out today? Why are they so happy? “You know you should  be glad” 🙂   (Bit of an enthusiastic audience on this one)

Christmas Past



No new post from me this week so I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year!

For me, this year has been the best xmas in many / of many??

I hadn’t really realised at the time, how good it was, it just whizzed by, as good things do – now its back to work, and trying to figure out which way is “up”.

As a practicing artist, in the past I found holidays and other interruptions a bit intrusive, the flow gets diverted by these apparently unreal excursions in the physical and mental realms, leaving me wondering where I was when I left off?

Silly really, to prefer the depressing (false?) construct we call reality to that of joyful exhalations and salubriocity, but normality can have a less maddening and more biorhythmic harmonising quality.

This time tho I’m thinking why take up where I left off, as if the holiday never happened and wasn’t enjoyable, when in fact it did and it was? Perhaps I’m learning to relax and enjoy? Comfortable in my own skin as they say?

Well I never would have been happy in anyone else’s, thats not how I roll, skinning people and going about like some kind of blood dripping ghoul, simply in order to . . .  hey, I feel a new and brilliant idea is emerging!

Well anyhow, last night, in bed, about 3:40am, I awoke to find the cat prodding me in the eye during an interesting dream concerning decorated xmas trees, the music of Saint Etienne (who I went and saw live the week before xmas) and also a rather enthralling segment of dream about some excellent chocolate I’d bought on a recent trip to London. As regular readers will be aware, I had been on a trip to London recently, but I hadn’t bought any chocolate like this stuff – it was so vivid in the dream state, I arrived at a counter which had this display of this new and unique chocolate, the display was deep purple in colour, with all these little coloured dots on it, like smarties I guess, but far nicer. I’d been given John Lydons biog for xmas (in the real world) and he had mentioned this chocolate as being life affirming and a game changer, so I was pleased to hear this as I read the book in dream state, OMG, but this chocolate tasted so heavenly, it was rich and cool and melted in your mouth, definitely not just smarties, they were much smaller, more like the size of TicTacs, (if you ever had them) Goddamnit, they may have been “Chocolate Drops” Whatever happened to chocolate drops?? I haven’t had a packet of those for over half a lifetime – they are particularly nice in cup cakes, you know the ones? While they are still warm from the oven preferably, one doesn’t want a cup cake to be too eggy, always remember that!

Now, where was I? Yeah, so I had a bit of the wonderful luscious music of Saint Etienne in my mind, an image of an xmas tree, and this chocolate drops or whatever, which I guess represents the taste sensations of the recent celebratory week, now I think of it, all the four senses were represented there in that dream, sound (music) vision (xmas tree) taste (chocolate) and touch (cat in the eye)

How many other senses are there? I duno, probably loads, like Time – that could be reading Lydons biog, he takes you back to the remembrances of his youth, its a pretty good book, goes on a bit at times, but he sure is an interesting fella.

Anyway, I shall post this, with best wishes for the coming year for all my buds on here, you know who you are! (at least I bloody hope you do!)

I’ll bung a bit of Saint Etienne music on for your enjoyment, and here’s a picture I took for Facebook quite a few yrs ago, because I forgot to photograph the tree!