Hello there! Here are some photos I took 2 years ago at the Whitby Goth Fest – its a twice a year affair, they have a goth music festival, which has spilled over into a weekend of people dressing up as Goths, or Victorians, or…

Joan Eardley

I watching a thing on TV about Scottish art, (history of) I think it was 3 episodes, I didn’t find the first 2 all that interesting, but the 3rd, which was about 1875 onwards was great, in fact, they should have just concentrated on that period and done all 3 on that. There were 3 or 4 artists I would have looked up but I wasn’t taking notes, I just made a point of typing Joan Eardley into the google, and got this page up, which I left open all week, seeing this selection of images each time I went online, and not dismissing them, simply because I like em!

So anyhow, I thought I’d share this page, so you can have a look at whats been in front of me all week. These 2 little girls (sisters) that she painted numerous times are now women in their later 50’s or early 60’s now appeared on the program. Most of her paintings were done on the streets in Glasgow, she went around with a kids pram with all her painting stuff in it, (around the 1950’s I think) she also did landscapes and so on. The style was pretty much as it comes, tho clearly she had a special talent for that.

When you scroll down the google images list, some of the pictures aren’t by her at all, but just people that have linked themselves to her work, which is fine, as many of those are good too. Here’s a clipping, but google them up yourselves for more 🙂

Joan Eardley


Hot Love!


I’d forgotten about this song when it came on the radio at work today, I recall dancing to this in the gay bar opposite this chunky hunky guy in black chaps over rugged blue jeans, I checked out his bulge, released a wicked smile and raised my hands over my head, gripping my hands together as I really let my hips go wild to the beat. The hunks cheeks flushed rosy red and his eyes practically ignited, he was really quite cute, I could almost turn gay myself.

1/2 hr later I was shopping for groceries in town, I’d got a 4pinta bottle of milk for the office, the queue was awfully dull so as the music was still playing in my mind I stripped off naked pouring the lot over my head, rubbing my nipples as the christening fluid splashed all over me, the queue moved on and I again remembered I’m not gay.

Well, I remember all this disco music back i the late 70’s, I was 13-15 as all that was going on, sadly too young to buy a ticket to London and boogie on down, I remember when Blue Peter’s new presenter (kids tv show) Simon Groom was introduced with a piece about his former job as a DJ in a London boogie club – I love the word “Boogie” it wasn’t a word which appeared in the bible, or indeed school text books, presumably it was an adult word? We had local disco’s, but they were crap! There was no underfloor lighting which lit up as you danced on it, people didn’t really have the boogie in them round our way, it was more of an embarrassing affair where girls waited for brave boys to chance their arm (or legs) to dance, if all went well, you wouldn’t be hospitalised, maybe you’d wind up married or something. This was not what I was looking fro, on the Simon Groom Blue Peter thing, the way they filmed it, made it look like in London there were bars, along the street, you might be off to the post office, to post a letter, or on the way to the grocers to buy a turnip, and you’d pass a disco bar, and you’d just go in there and boogie your arse off! Then after that, you’d carry on with your life, or perhaps you’d go to an orgy or something? People in London, they had bright lights, not like in the village where I was!

Anyhow, I didn’t think much to the girls at the disco, I don’t think it was because I was gay, (tho I’ve always been bent as a 9bob note) the scene was not really electrifying, unless you liked smotheration – I liked punk girls, biker girls, girls in black leather, I liked the mean looking ones – the hard to get. I think that was really just because I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, I like all women nowadays, tho I still prefer them to be somehow “unlike the rest”

Well anyway, whats this all about? Recently I decided to collect my favourite disco songs from the past to listen to, so I put a playlist together, I shall have to add this Donna Summer song because somehow I’d left it off. These songs are now cult classics on the gay club scenes, I guess thats simply because back then, these were songs written by men, for women, and now women are writing their own songs, so these have found their rightful home.

Here is a copy of the songs on my playlist – any faves here???