I quite pride myself in my fashion sense, but I don’t suppose many people really notice me all that much, I do have a few items of which I’m proud, taste wise, but overall, my self expression as regards clothing isn’t all that outlandish – I prefer women’s clothing, there’s so much more choice, the spectrum of shapes and colours goes way beyond menswear, for example, we men are all expected to wear trousers but never skirts, or flowing dresses.

I tend to wear jeans, pretty much exclusively, but as I have been invited to a nephews wedding, this coming April, I supposed I ought to consider sourcing some better trousers for the occasion. I don’t normally go to weddings, except to raise an objection, so I was out shopping today looking at new trousers. I had a gander around TK Max, and Debenhams, (a pretty classy boutique if you live in the north) The lack of choice in the trouser department is as dire as ever, there were the jeans, (already excluded) trousers worse than jeans – (with extra pockets at the knees for extra non-use) Industrial trousers,  and at the other end of the trouser scale – the sort that would go with a suit, (which I have no intention of wearing) Between these disparate and yet congruous extremes, (in that all trousers have 2 legs and a crotch) there were in the centre of the shop “Chinos” these practically have “Cheap Wedding Trousers” written on the label at £20. a pair, but thats not for me, oh no! What sparked my imagination was twice that price + another fiver, loose fitting pair of cotton trous’ in a light grey, with a faint checker pattern – breezy, funky, better, without being formally superior,  pleated below the belt line, one could wear ladies underwear with these and not show a panty line! Now my senses are tickled, what to wear with em? I figure platform shoes and a sleeveless sheepskin + a medallion on a rugged chain, but I expect this will soon be whittled down to something lesser.

It must be 30 decades since Mick Jagger came out wearing women’s crop tops and what not, when oh when will the rest of us chaps catch up?

Shopping for clothes is quite an interesting thing tho is in not? I find that I know what I like, and like what I know, and push those boundaries a bit here and there, but when its a  wedding, its a different ball game, I felt like I was deploying a “Gaydar” I hardly knew I had, but once activated, a chore became a process of beautification on a hitherto unprecedented scale!

I haven’t yet made any purchase, I shall go back to deb’s and buy those pricey strides if need be, but I have another 3 weeks or so to shop around, Ha,ha, I suppose I could wear a kilt, but that would simply blow everyones minds!!! 😉


I been right busy lately, doing my paintings and now this week, which I have off work, I decided to re-paint my motorbike, I’m only retouching it, but that means you got to lacquer everything after, which means taking all the bits off it, and cleaning it all, rubbing off the top coat so the lacquer will stick, thats all a right pain, I’d rather be sat around on my arse eating pomegranates, like in a Rubens painting you know? With some fat birds for company, and a few cherubs, well, its better than getting aches and pains, and breathing in loads of stinking foul paint fumes, and getting really upset and wound up when its not going so well, and falling out with all the neighbours, cos now their washing stinks of car paints!!

I hardly had time to do much of my little artworks on here, you know, often they only take a short while, I don’t really put myself out all that much, but I do try to provide you all with something worthwhile, my latest series, on Trees, I just went for a Y shape, as that was what came to me while soaking in the bath, there’s this frosted glass in the window, when it gets streamed up you can see anything from magic castles to jumping deer, especially if the water is boiling and you doze off in a stupor. (I do spend an hr or few, or even more sometimes) Xx

I have loads of really deep thoughts at times, which I would share with you at this point, but I forgot them at the mo, something about how its important to go with the flow of ones mind, while also keeping ones eye on the goal, as it were – or maybe it was to forget the goal, and go for the journey, always remembering that it is the er, little things in life, or the bigger picture, or whatever? That was while doing art, here’s the thing, I hate airbrushing, its awful, real fiddly, I ride around on my bike, and I think, Hmm, I’d like to repaint it, so I get quite enthusiastic about doing that, and make a good start, then after a few hrs, wish I hadn’t started, it becomes such a chore, I’m likely to rush it off and finish it badly, sticking to the intended outcome goes out the window, as invariably plans are changed due to circumstances, such as boredom etc. Is this an ego trip leading to insanity? Art can be such a drag, learning to meld ones mind with ones abilities, shit like that! 😉

I have noticed during my week off, that the cat sleeps from 8am, thru till 6pm, then has a flurry of activity for about an hr, then goes back to sleep till 12pm, and so on, so how come she seems to be quite fit? Maybe if one exercises for just one or 2hrs a day, one gets more done quickly? Maybe this only applies to cats?

Not a pomegranate in sight, oh well, I saw someone buy one in the supermarket last weekend, so maybe thats what I’m thinking of!

Ruins – Venus, Cupid, Baccchus and Ceres


Motorbike Maniac

Driving through a warm night, on a dream machine motorbike – mile after mile, the lights of some small town glitter to the left, the shadows of bridges and trees, big hills and mountains pass by. You don’t hardly hear your own engine, that sound is tuned out, the glow of your instrument panel keeps you feeling cocooned, only slowing when you suspect a crafty cop may be stalking for speed freaks.

He lives in a fantasy world, where speed and modernity fuel dreams of times gone by, the landscape dotted with ancient churches, left over from a recent past, where the meek villagers and townsfolk worshipped, nay, begged for mercy and forgiveness.

Finally, finally, he takes the exit for his hometown,  he throttles off and hears the exhaust note snort as the machine bursts into the bright lights of his home town, the neon streetlights glaze and gloss across his visor, he feels like a big fish in a small pond, this town, its full of losers, held captive by their best judgement, and perhaps they are right, but who really knows?

This young man, he’s about mid 20’s, he’s seen a few things, he feels he’s an adult, he’s been done down by some, lauded by others, it doesn’t mean much to him either way, at this moment, he’s a bandit. Later, he might be a player or a sucker, it just depends – on his motorbike, he’s himself, and no one else, he just loves to ride so much, he’s barley aware that when he’s not riding the powers that be return to claim him.

There are many beautiful people in his life, he’s surrounded by love, and yet he’s preoccupied, he feels insecure.

Its at night the demons rise, fiends, perverts, occultists, they all come for their share, when you sink far – thats when the deals are shaping your life rather than the other way around. All you know is that something is out there, in the darkness, and its not just waiting, its plotting against you.

Pretty soon he’s going to have to deal for the other side, drain this disease from his chest, pass it on somehow,

or else let it all go.


Bit of a wobbly video this, but worth hearing 🙂


The Great Adolfo

The Great Adolfo – by Ogden P’ Fahey

I am writing this under my pen name because on this occasion I don’t actually know what I’m talking about.

I’m well aware that in a hundred, or perhaps hundreds of years time, people are going to want to dig up my remarks and publish them, I’m fine with that, its why I’m so very careful about what I say.

In my experience, most human beings originated within the Galaxy of what you call the Milky Way, (named after a popular chocolate bar made by the “Mars” company – manufactured on – planet Mars) The Milky Way bar is of low quality compared to the Galaxy bar, which is superior in appetency, no one knows where it comes from, the Galaxy bar just ’is’.

Having introduced myself, I shall now share from my great wealth of knowledge and wisdom, for instance, when viewing art, try not to give too great credence to expert opinions, these people are merely carpet baggers, art is not difficult to understand, try not to compare one artist with another, you’ll be fine, go ahead! Strive for the unattainable – or whatever!

Politics, these people are all ass-hats, no further explanation is necessary, in the event of an election, vote for the lesser ass-hat of the two – simples!

Now then, Religion, as a great preacher myself, I have found its not that hard to get a bunch of guilty people to feel like following you to the ends of the earth, its similar to politics, but considerably more fun while the going is good, the ending can be rather pitiful, so beware!

Amore, ah yes, as a male of the species, in this matter I admit I know little, I freely admit I love women, most of all I love them for their creativity, their determination, their courage, and long legs. So why does she repulse me so? In the dream, she’s all over me, I’m her dream, (I mean mine)

Suitably enlightened, here’s a nice song – kind regards! O P H