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I won’t be posting much this week as I’m busy with other stuff – At the weekend I went to my nephews wedding, it was a good experience, I enjoyed it very much. Here’s the bride blowing bubbles for the kids, my nephew is right beside her



The wedding was in London, so it was a trip by train, this is St Pancras station


The next day I got these pictures of baby ducks – I cropped some of these down.

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Do you realise Phill Collins is the most successful musician in history ever?? That dude has sold more records than anyone, or so I heard on the radio, that means he’s probably more popular than Bach, Beethoven and Betolt Brecht put together! Well anyhow, I had one of his songs in my head earlier, I can’t tell which one it was, but it must have been one of those listed below

In the Air Tonight

I missed Again

You can’t hurry love

Against all odds

Easy Lover


One more Night

Take Me Home

Separate lives

In the air tonight

A groovy kind of love

Two hearts

Another day in paradise

I wish it would rain down

Something happened on the way to heaven

Both sides of the story

These are all hits I can remember, there’s loads more listed the I don’t recall, but I know all of those, then there’s the ones with Genesis,

I can’t dance

Land of confusion

Follow you follow me

Thats All

Jesus he knows me

turn it on again

invisible touch

No son of mine

Throwing it all away

Tonight Tonight Tonight

I missed again

I know all of those too, in that I could sing the chorus and half the songs of each and all of them – and I don’t even like them! I just heard them as they came out on the radio down the years, I hadn’t realised he was so very ubiquitous, he did get on my nerves a bit, but I never realised I actually know about 30 songs – in my head!! Its a bit of an imposition no?

Well enough of that, its just that in all my working life, I had the radio on, well, 70% of that time, and thats quite enough, many people would have gone crazy – I’m just saying, perhaps it explains something?

I had a personal crisis and dilemma on a human scale this last week, basically, I snapped a bolt on my motorbike, and had to not ride for 4 days or so, then get it welded locally. This meant I had to go on the bus – if your not used to something, like a convenience you enjoy, such as personal transport, you realise how privileged you have been, you can quickly spiral into regret, denial, and in short, madness.

So I had to get the bus, the culture on the bus is one I’m not used to, normally, a twist on the throttle (accelerator) leaves behind anyone and everyone, its beautiful, or so it seems, but now that is over, one must actually communicate with others. The people round here are wonderful and lovely and nice, I don’t come from round here, I am brash, abrasive, uncouth, and generally pretty unpleasant. what I think of as assertive, others call rude and threatening. Oh, I wasn’t rude to anyone on the bus, I was just a bit nervous about leaving the bike with a mechanic. What if it needed to be dismantled? I’d rather do that sort of work myself, its not my place to tell the mechanic how to work, but it is my bike, so naturally I was concerned – I hadn’t realised how much I had come to love this particular bike. I had it 10yrs now, so I’m quite attached, imagine if you will, you leave your baby at the butchers, and when you return he’s turned him or her into sausages and pies? Ah, so you get it now? Parents just don’t understand motorcyclists, they really don’t know what its like.

Anyhow, he fixed the bike, didn’t have to be so painful, things are fairly dandy! 🙂

I’m going to relent now, I just figured out what song it was, the bit about “from my head down too my toes!” LOL


















Do Women Have Souls?

Do Women Have Souls?

Ah yes, the age old question! How many times have we asked ourselves? Well, actually, never. It never did occur to me, in fact, when I heard there is a book out of this title I thought WTFFFF???? Who, what, Why, on Earth, would someone think up that title? I thought it ludicrous and I found myself laughing – surely the work of some nutty right winger??

Later, while googling the question, “Do women have . . . google filled in the suggestion  “Prostrate”, “Wet Dreams”, “Groins, “Adams Apples” – Well it seemed no one was asking the same question I was, but then I found the real debate, you see when God created man, he breathed life into him, but not her, hence, women have no souls, and I suppose if your religious, there endeth the debate? But take religion out of it and Its irrelevant, because if you don’t believe in religion, then there’s no such thing as a soul, and no one has one.

Never mind all that tho, religion exists, and I always assumed we all had souls, equal opportunities and all that – but what if women really don’t have souls?? What is the evidence for & against?

Well, I haven’t read the book, (I’m not actually sure what the title is now, I heard of this idea a yr or 2 ago, and its troubled me off and on during moments of incredulity) – so anyhow,

It seems to me that the idea of “Soul” (in these enlightened times) is owned by men and women, its divided amongst us, the people as it were, and its inherited a lot of “man-crap” for instance, initially, the idea of a soul (as we know it) comes handed down from Judaic stuff which was patriarchal, but just because its dated doesn’t make it useless, its interesting to think of how that evolved from something pretty brutal by todays standards – and how it effects men and women even today. I’m not sure how best to unravel it, considering I have no idea how to re-ravel !

It just seems to me that women have all the caring duties, and men have all the not caring duties, or visa versa, (depending on what aspect you’re looking at and what mood you’re in) But really, this is deadly serious, its high time all this was sorted out!

Men can be right serious about saving souls / you don’t meet so many women preachers – women it seems to me, gravitate towards meditation much more than men, men prefer to “sort things out” while women prefer to accept, and deal with, which is actually much more practical, but hardly moral, surely its more moral to fight for whats right than to accept whats not?

Then there is testosterone, women don’t have to deal with that – we men, we have such a difficult time behaving appropriately!! 😉

What if its women who have souls, and men who don’t?  What if the balance has shifted – after millennia of men acting out of line, women have in fact inherited the better part of the experience we call “Life” ?

Maybe thats whats really going on? Men are in search of soul, and women have it? And women are the ones who know it? Seems legit!

Couple of songs + banter

Couple of songs – That Pretenders one, its been in my head off and on for about 2 or 3 weeks, don’t know why, probably heard it on the radio, not really a big fan of it or anything – perhaps I’m just trying to exorcise an ear worm? Perhaps someone out there will love it, it deserves to be loved this song, Chrissie Hynde has a wonderful voice, and it goes so well wit the sound of the band on this one.



Kate Bush Withering Heights, they played it o the radio today, but they always play the old 70’s version, she re-recorded it with a more mature voice in the 90’s or so, and I prefer the new version. Loved it when it came out, even more so on this version, some really good wailing towards the end – the fab guitar solo by that bloke out of Pink Floyd is fantastic too, no one sounds like he does, and it really suits the mood of the song – absolute brilliance! I look a lot like Heathcliff, I have the long flowing black mane, and the frilly white shirts, and I leap about on the moors at night, searching for my Kathy, I can play this song thru over and over, its heaven!



Been right busy lately, what with painting the motorbike, and whatever I was doing this week, I forget, mostly reading blogs – do you know how many email / notifications I get everyday? Its a bloody lot! I wish you lot would pipe down a bit sometimes, but I enjoy it, there’s a lot of talent out there, so good bloody luck to ya, just try not to be so damn prolific ok? 😉 Xx