Mad Dogs or Englishmen???

What an evil few weeks of hell I just had! Well, that is, some trouble with the motorbike 😉

I once read a great book called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance” Its actually a very good book, I don’t remember much about it now, but it was a big seller and highly recommended for anyone who likes or even doesn’t like motorbikes, I think the guy goes through quite a bit.

Anyhow, this bit broke, and I had to take the bike off the road to fix it, I wasn’t keen, but got stuck in, then loads more went wrong along the way, anyhow, it should be on the road now, but I’m waiting for a gasket to finnish the job, if it arrives tomorrow, that’ll be it done – hoorah!

So on top of all that, I been going to work on the bus. yesterday – when I got on, it was full of all these ASOS workers, ASOS is a mail order clothing company, they have a vast warehouse about a mile from here, all these eastern europeans work there, its low pay, with the incentive of small bonus’s I expect, they pick the stuff for packaging, speed is of the essence.

So anyhow, I’m queuing for the bus, and in front and behind of me are all these youngsters jabbering away in their own language, I felt a bit strange, being one of the only few English speakers, this is very topical, as we are currently in the middle of a referendum, lots of politicians have promised one down the years, mostly those who want to come out of the European Union talk trash about “Taking our country back” that we have been invaded, that this great country blah,blah,blah,

What occurred to me was that all these kids on the bus were between about 20-25, they all wear their ASOS sweatshirts and black trousers, or shorts, it was clear that they had been selected from their country / countries because they were the fittest and ablest to work fast and be agile on the long shifts or whatever. The employer must be very pleased, take 500 of the best from some poor nation, ship them 1000 miles to this country as a great opportunity to earn hundreds of pounds to take home after say 6 months? A year? Whatever?

People here say what are all these foreigners doing here? We are too crowded, I can’t get a doctors appointment, they are taking all the jobs, looking at the women and making it too hard to get a doctors appointment or an operation or whatever, and they are spoiling our culture, and they spit on the floor and take drugs all over the place and so on.

Truth is, they come here to work, the guy who owns ASOS is a multimillionaire – he knows where his bread is buttered. The site on which ASOS is situated was created to help the nearby area which was former coal fields, there is high unemployment, so people say why is ASOS full of foreigners and not our own people? Well, if you go to a school here, and ask what do you want to do? I don’t think many would say work in ASOS! IF you offered them the chance to go and work 1000 miles away for 6 months, they would probably be every bit as keen and hard working as those foreign kids that come here, it would be an adventure! They are full of energy and keen to go out and get stuck in! Only difference is, over there, where they come from, they have little options, whereas here, they do.

Well, I sat on the bus, and a pretty girl sat in front of me, she put her hand over her eyes and sat there with her head down the whole journey. I’m quite a sensitive soul, as you know, so I was thinking perhaps she’s not someone who is so keen and happy teen (or whatever age) Perhaps she wishes she hadn’t come? Perhaps she misses home? Perhaps she sees it all as a hopeless situation? Perhaps she isn’t so fast as the others, I expect those ones get rejected and sent home maybe? Maybe I should befriend her and sell her into the sex trade? But no, even youngsters don’t want to do that, and I know its not really all that bad, I mean, during the Nazi era, they had work camps for unwanted foreigners and low life sub-humans. I’m just thinking on my way home to my broken motorbike, and how these young people go through so much, and half the time its all about being exploited by rich people – back then, and still today, what can you do? Its all part of capitalism, its a machine, it can’t be stopped just because someone doesn’t like it that much. I think the attitude of a lot of people towards weaker or more sensitive people stinks, its rotten, I went through quite a bit as a young man, and no doubt a lot of young women do too, but everyone just says you got to toughen up, and recognise what reality is all about, fair enough I suppose, but really, what a waste of time it is when your sat on a stupid bus in some stupid country where everyone thinks your some kind of leach and want to vote you to go back to from where hence you came!! WTF???


Ooh, look! A Motorbike! 🙂 XX