I got these 3 idiot cats sat outside my kitchen window, scratching away cos they are full of fleas, they get on my nerves now because I don’t have any food for them, they aren’t my cats! I wish I never fed them in the first place! WTF? Why can’t people look after their own cats properly? They live a few doors down, and I do give them a bit of spare food at first, then I started buying some in for them cos they were so hungry, but there is already a resident cat here, and she doesn’t like these imposters coming round and sitting in her territory – so that causes problems.

I just fed them – just 2 of them stayed waiting, the other one is probably getting food elsewhere, I don’t see that one so often as I used to. I just gave them our old cats leftovers and some scraps, they’ll be back later, or tomorrow.

I’m horribly depressed because of the Brxit vote thing, it really gets my goat to think that more than half the British public voted in such a stupid way, and for what? Now the main parties are busy vying to rule the new order, its so crap, I’d rather not be obliged to pay any attention, but these people represent us all, so what can you do?

Last weekend I went and saw Combichrist (pretty hard-core music) ‘live’ in nearby Sheffield. They are just fantastic, I love them! They set the stage up with 2 drummers at opposite ends of the stage, facing each other, and they bang these drums really dramatically, while the singer rants and shouts abusive and aggressive lyrics about personal frustrations and so on – its like a mens locker room, everyone ends up drenched in sweat and its just great!

I have seen them a few times before, they are my favourite band, music and aggression goes really well together. I do like non-aggressive music too, but I find that the “Loud and abusive” (as my old friend used to call it) feels more revolutionary. The thing is with Combichrist, they aren’t really a part of any other movement towards liberty and fraternity, its more of one mans personal struggle, “kicking against the pricks” I guess that could be unifying in the sense that we all do it and have that much in common?

I remember the first time I saw them ‘live’ – at the end, Andy LaPlegua (the singer and man behind it all) looked out over the crowd and you could see the success written all over his face, he looked both astonished and elated. I think its real interesting how someone becomes hugely successful doing something no one thought of doing before, if you don’t get it, it looks ridiculous and like the worlds gone mad, but if you do, or when you do, or if you’re the one doing it, and it works out, it must be quite peculiar. It could go to your head, as it often does with pop stars, and they can’t follow it up – or the general situation changes, and people no longer want it, but LaPlegua has changed with the times, I really admire his talent and ability to adapt, evolve and lead the way.

Rock n roll is like the fair ground to me, it rolls into town, perhaps in the same way preforming minstrels did in past centuries, its exciting – like a giant snowball gathering momentum as it rolls downhill. Its actually a bit depressing to think they are still tearing it up around Europe or back in the USA or wherever, and all I got was one night of it, I should be following them around, going crazy every night, soaking up all the energy that goes into the ether.

I often feel like there is something dull and boring about human existence, in that people are so wasted. This afternoon I went to a shopping zone, and all the people there just looked so thick to me, buying all this crap, you can get shoes real cheap these days, but they aren’t made skilfully like they used to be, all these trainers and sports shoes are stamped out and moulded from plastics, theres very little craft in it, they are cheap to buy, if they don’t last, you can just throw them away and buy another pair, cos they are so cheap. It somehow annoyed me, I wish shoes were more like proper real shoes, where if they wear out, you take them to a cobbler, and get new soles put on, but you can’t when its moulded plastic! Argh! Why does this annoy me so? I have several pairs of shoes which I don’t wear, cos they are a bad fit, I find buying shoes, and having to choose them, intensely aggravating!!