A Motorbike Ride!

Hey y’all, I had 2 weeks off work, first week went for a brief holiday, then this week, I did some work on the bike, then set off on a trip to Spurn Point, which is a peninsular near Hull which I had never been too. Its like a sandbank that stretches about a mile or 2 into the sea. No one lives there, its a nature reserve, there are a few old bunkers from the last war or 2, and an old lighthouse, the ships pass by there on the way up the Humber estuary, so its kind of wasteland meets industry, but not.

It was a very nice trip, I had sort of planned to go on a more marathon trip to Scotland, I’d bought this helmet camera with the intention of filming some of the best bits, but then I felt tired, and short of cash due to unexpected outgoings, so I put that off till next yr. This trip therefor only took a couple of hrs there, a couple more back again.

Because all you hear is wind noise on this camera, I put music on it, and added some slides at the end, the music is a bit abrasive in places, and very nice in others, so just feel free to click forward if you want to watch it without ear damage 🙂