The Living End!

An enormously loud bang shattered the illusion of silence – it hadn’t been a loud day till that moment which had ended his life so abruptly, they ran into the room as the heavy old hand gun fell from his hand, sitting on a plain wood chair in his best suit, the thick rich red blood running freely from his temple as if life were still passing away, when clearly he had already left this life.

What had caused this brutal act of self destruction? Why? Only moments earlier he had been merrily chatty about holidays, foreign travel, future plans and such, a radio program somewhere in the background discussed the 70’s hit TV show “All Creatures Great and Small” there had been talk of a remake, he thought he had heard something a few days earlier, it seemed improbable conjecture, erroneous bogus illogical flippancy, but now it seemed it was true! The news hit him like a gunshot, his ears were ringing – time had looped and he found himself at the start of it all, only to realise it was all about to begin again. So it was cyclical, the beauty and grandeur, the futile hopeless nihilism, the great performance of trite into art, the shite which cements reality.


Just me amusing myself  😉


I heard this track, I wonder what its about? I don’t speak French!