Seville – Spain

Hi all, check out my photos from my recent trip to Seville in Spain! We set off from here at about 5am last Monday and got to the airport (Manchester UK) at about 7am for the 9am flight – (its a bit of a hassle with the security checks, then off to Malaga by 11.30 or so. I booked with “” (I kid you not) I wouldn’t recommend them, because although they did find the cheapest routes and flights, they failed to book the return flight – luckily I found this out before I actually set off, and booked the return flight myself, its was only £22. each! After arriving in Malaga, we got a train to Seville, £110 return for 2, bit pricey compared to the flights, but there we have it. Got to Seville at about 8pm or so, so had been travelling quite a while, a lot of time was spent waiting for connections, doing security, driving to the airport, etc.

So anyhow, this first set includes setting off from Malaga, you can see the weird fast trains there at the station, then its just walking through Seville for the first time on the way to find the hotel. That first evening it bounced it down with torrential rain for about 1/2hr, there were all these young girls outside some electrical goods store called “fnac” I took a few of them, cos it was a good memory to collect – there must have been some celebrity signing or something, cos they were only letting in about a dozen at a time, and every time they did, the queue shuffled along in the pouring rain they were all signing loudly and having a right good old time, we were sheltering in a doorway opposite, but they were obviously all getting very wet!

You can see the Incarnation’s mushrooms there too, its the worlds biggest wooden structure or something, its all very photogenic – I think a lot of the buildings there look even better at night than by day, I like the effects of floodlighting. So you can see the cathedral, which is also listed as the worlds largest, (depending on wether you count the one or 2 bigger ones)

Oh look, theres a cat! That was on day 2, or day one really, our first of proper tourism, that cat sits in that metal box thing, it can easily get in and out, the locals feed it, and it sits in there a lot of the time being photographed. We wouldn’t have found that spot if we  hadn’t gone on a little guided tour with this guide who took us into some lesser known places round the back of the cathedral in the older parts of the city.

We went round the Cathedral of course, you can see the tomb of Christopher Columbus, from whom all Americans are descended! (Wow) Theres a lot of gold and art in there, its huge, also, there is a minaret, left over from when the Moors owned half of Spain – wow, here’s something I didn’t know, (I just looked up the dates and found this out) The Moors finally left Spain in 1492, the same year America was discovered! I didn’t know that – thats a long time ago, and quite a coincidence!

That minaret, (called the Geralda) its pretty easy to go up it, as they put in a ramp wide enough to ride a horse up! So if you do go, and think its going to be too hard to go to the top, don’t worry, its easy! At the top, there are great views, and you can see all the bells, 24 of them.

That afternoon we went to the Plaza de España, and walked about a bit, and found that tower thing, I think it was built by the Moors, to store grain and stuff they were trading – did you know that oranges came from China? The Moors used to trade with China, but after they were driven out of Europe, no one could trade with China for many years, or hardly anyone I think.

The Moors were pretty smart, they developed engineering further than the Romans, instead of aqueducts, they used pressurised water pipes, also they left behind lots of lovely architecture, as you can see the next day when we visited the Alcazar, which features a lot of this clearly Muslim style architecture. I have been to the Alhambra in Granada, I really enjoy their palaces and gardens, one can imagine swishing about in Arabic robes, eating delightful foods, demanding ever more luxury!

Oh we went off to see this area called “Macarena” I had a notion we might get to see this madonna altar painting – just google “Macarena virgin” there’s quite a few of them, pretty stunning, but we never got access to any of the churches they were in, or even if it was the right church, I don’t know, it was a spur of the moment thing, so we ended up walking for quite a while and not seeing much, other than locked buildings from the outside. It didn’t matter though, we did come across another couple of good tourist spots. Sometimes it pays to wander off the tourist map, other times not so much.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Seville, and while your at it, go to Granda, and Cordoba, none of those places are easy to get to really, I didn’t think the connections were good, the busses and trains aren’t all that frequent – so rent a car if you can, or go on a tour bus or something – the food is good, they eat Tapas, which is mostly small portions, like snacks, so get about 5+ meals is about right, and some booze to wash it down with, and look for the small places off the beaten track, cos its so much better! Just say Ogden sent you! 🙂

Oh yeah, here’s 3 or 4 sets of photos I uploaded – so you need to scroll down to the next set all the time, otherwise you might miss the best ones!