A couple of ear-worms!

I got this song in my head off and on lately, another golden oldie 80’s song, cos I’m THAT old!

Olivia Newton John, what good singing! I don’t think I heard it on the radio or anything, I just found myself humming it or singing it in my imaginary inner voice, it seems such a long time ago . . .


Then I thought, what other songs could I put on my blog? My DJ brain goes “Give me the Night” Hmm, I wonder who that is by? I sort of remember bits of it, so I just google the lyric I remember, and turns out its the title – my music memory is quite selective and pretty good quality I think 🙂


Fishcakes for tea tonight! Nom nom, Aldi ones are best 😀

London trip photos

I went off on a wee trip to London last week on the Tuesday, setting off from Yorkshire by train – we went and saw Black Sabbath rock the roof off of the o2 arena, jolly good fun for all concerned, but I had got a rather vile and pernicious cold, which only got worse as the 2 day trip progressed, I still have it now, but its on its way off to wherever it has gone. Another victim presumably? We stopped overnight near Kings Cross, so the next day was free to do whatever till the evening train back home, first stop was the British Library, (which is just a few hundred yards from Kings Cross) Here’s the Newton statue there by Eduardo Paolozzi


Its based on an idea by William Blake, that Newton was trying to measure everything, I don’t think Blake liked him much, but he did the original drawing for this about 200yrs ago or something – I likes it!

Next we were off to London Bridge area to see the Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the White Cube Gallery, its a pretty significant collection they put together, titled “Valhalla” Kiefer uses a hell of a lot of lead in his work, it must be a hell of a job when stuff has to be moved around! His work is serious and moving I find, so even tho my camera ran out of batteries, I took all these pictures on my phone.



After that, I took a couple of shots of the Shard (building)



After that we went to the V&A for the 60’s exhibition on pop, titled “So you say you want a revolution” Which was fab! I didn’t take any photos tho, but all in all, those 2 exhibitions were ace 🙂 Hightly recomendeth these exhibitions if you get the chance!

Kat Factory

The Kat Factory

Trump’s brand cat food had begun as yet another edict from the president, he had been struggling with low popularity but now his popularity soared, it really helped to bring the American people together, after all, everyone loves cats right?  Suddenly Trump had redeemed himself, people were openly wearing Trump Kat logo T-shirts – (the word Trump above a cat on a heart shaped background) it was astonishing – memes were circulated online, pics of cats scoffing the stuff down – or sleeping blissfully next to a tin of the only cat food American cats accept! It was all so strange, no one had even known Trump was a cat lover! To see him there in the adverts snuggling into the furry little friend in his arms, you could not fail to soften towards the man, perhaps he would even mend his ways? Could we all now just settle down and get back to normal?


Well everything went fine for several months, the new president was finally accepted, hardly anyone objected to him now, no matter what outrageous ideas he had, but as spring slipped into summer  something new began to emerge. It came from the streets, you would notice people leering at you from the shadows, they had dark rings round their eyes, and flakey skin, quite repulsive, perhaps it was some new drug or endemic disease? Either way, you didn’t want to know, you just steered well clear of them, their numbers were growing exponentially, it was really frightening, no one was surprised when President Trump declared marshal law, “until we find out what the hell is going on!”

Reading this, as you are now, you can probably clearly see what happened, it wasn’t so obvious at the time, I mean who would suspect that Trump’s brand cat food was highly addictive to humans? I mean surely it was coincidence – no one could have guessed – thus it was that the final zombie apocalypse began in the USA, it spread like wildfire, outside the USA the stuff just never took off, it wasn’t available, but in the US, “Kat Factories” sprang up everywhere, people would just sit in there with their tin openers and 6 packs of Kat. What a disaster for America, and yet with the population compliant and now firmly under control, the economy went from strength to strength, and if it didn’t, who even cared now?

That friends is what i dreamed last night, lets hope it doesn’t come true? I strongly advise – stay off the Kat!