Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe – I haven’t posted for a while, maybe no one notices, it doesn’t matter, cos I do, and I feel I have to write to inform everyone what I’m doing and that I’m still on the case.

I got my brain fried recently, yesterday some schizophrenic guy stopped me in the street in Doncaster and just rambled complete garbled illegible nonsense for a few mins, but it was enough offload some bad vibes perhaps – anyhow, this morning I couldn’t shut my mind down, it was just rambling on about all sorts of memories, some of which were mine and others I have no idea. But that wasn’t where the problem started, a week ago I was ready to post a video of a motorbike ride I’d been on, in fact, that one began the week before, cos I’d been out the Sunday too, it was sunny, and the ride was perfect, plus I’d filmed it with my video cam thing, only when I stopped I found out the camera software had crashed, and recorded nothing! Grr, I was mad! I considered going back round the route again, but that would have been desperate, cos its a 2hr trip, so I left it annoyed, Then last week, it was a sunny Sunday again, so I went off and did the same trip, it was pretty good, almost as perfect as the previous,  so I’d got my footage, its noisy on the bike, all the cam picks up is wind noise, so I like to delete the sound and put music on it. I’d forgotten what songs had been in my mind to use, so I decided to put some hard biker rock on there by 80’s metal heads Cinderella – thats from a long time ago, me and my mate used to play that album then set off on the bikes, I used to find it so funny, cos the music was dreadful, but very good metal by todays standards, sort of rocky blues, but aggressive and fast.

I put a lot of Psychedelic Furs on there as well, cos I’m going to see them in June or Sept or whatever, and I’m really looking fwd to that! They are just so great, so many good songs, and all done in their own unique way – it was difficult to change the tone from the cinderella stuff, cos it was so full on, it gives me a headache just thinking about their music, its so spiky and scratchy, I think my friend gave me that album, there’s no way I’d have bought it myself, I just thought it was funny, but I can see (and hear) their talent, especially now after all these years, I heard it loads of times. Psychedelic Furs date from the same decade too, I wasn’t a big fan at the time, I got onto them a bit later, I consider them a jewel in a sea of shit!

Anyway, excuse the language, there were other gems around at the time, just somehow I missed most of what Psychedelic Furs were doing somehow, I picked them up later in their career, I played the greatest hits a lot at the time.

I also put a couple of rogue tracks on there which came into my mind, Fiction Factory – Feels Like Heaven, and China Crisis – Christian. It was sweet, these 2 songs contrasted with the others, not biker music at all, totally chilled beautiful kind of airy flying high music, sort of makes you stop still and listen – you can do that on a motorbike, just as much as you might be singing scruffy metal songs like Cinderella, you might find a space deep inside yourself, a meditative place, its just like driving a car, its not always noise and madness, it can be smooth and dreamy too.

So anyhow, I’d done my “mix tape” it went well I thought with the motorbike footage – so I uploaded it to youtube, I’d already checked their list which said it was ok to upload for copyright, so up it went, but then I got a message to say every damn song breached copyright in 96 countries! What bullshit! I was annoyed to hell, I just deleted the entire thing and fuck them!

Seems to me the music industry is so against sharing music, they are prepared to strangle their own industry rather than allow people to say “Hey, listen to this!” How is anyone going to find out about some obscure music from yrs ago if they never hear it? Hey! Stop enjoying that! You haven’t paid!

Of course artists need to make money, but I’d just like to point out that I like these songs, which I bought and paid for, but I’m not allowed to play them to anyone else?? I have to listen to them alone, and not share them with my friends from around the world, who may also like them enough to buy them also? Oh no! Paranoia kicks in, have to ban all that!

The music industry iMO is controlled by a bunch of dicks! There is a great deal of rubbish out there, made just to sell crap to the kids, when the young and adventurous are allowed to be creative you get amazing new music, but when you strangle the whole thing and put in too much control – you get bullshit!

I just watched videos of new music by “Little Dragon” and “London Grammar” it put me off to be honest, the stylish pop videos get on my nerves, you don’t need all that imagery to like a song, in fact, it detracts from it, if the video is any good, you probably end up watching the video more than the song! Ok, its selling a lifestyle, fair enough, if your young and a bit thick, you probably are looking to buy into a new identity, cos yours is unsurprisingly crap, after having grown up in an era of utter bullshit! Haha, am I being a little sanctimonious, and my favourite, disingenuous! 🙂

So anyway, that was the end of my stupid little biker video, I went and got some new software on the iPad, I’m going to make my own damn music, it’ll be crap, but at least no one can tell me I stole it!

Its been tough at work lately, and is likely to be until August, or September, (I forget which) but the shit hit the fan, its all mangled, and the stuff is plastered all round the room, a nasty business, I’ll not go into it, but its stressing me up and interfering with my usually confident and pleasant romantic vibe which I ordinarily culture and nurture for your reading and viewing pleasure, so please excuse my current condition. ❤

What else has been going on Not much really cos of the above, Hey! Check out this! 🙂

Stonehenge trip!

Greetings gentle readers! 🙂

I went on a trip to Amsbury near Stonehenge on Monday, and stayed for 2 nights, taking the following photos.

It was a 3&1/2 mile walk to the stones from the hotel, so we thought we could accomplish that rather than go by car, after all, its a better way to travel – especially as thee olde neolithics wouldn’t have had cars! Its a lovely landscape down there, all rolling hills and pasture, lots of daisies and dandelions, first photos I took were of this little hillock, probably an ancient burial from 4 thousand yrs ago, (they are everywhere round there) it was very pretty, later people came to call such spots “Fairy Groves” Perhaps superstition, well I suppose it has to be doesn’t it? Its hardly scientific is it?

After that, you see the approach to Stonehenge, we never paid to go in, just looked over the fence – then its off to Salisbury, (pronounced Solesbury) to have a look around the Cathedral and grounds, the town centre.

The next day, we went to Winchester, those pics are the ones that begin with the statue of the bloke with the sword, (King Alfred) which I thought was exceedingly cool, and a look round the Cathedral there. Its the longest one in Europe, or longest nave or something. Down in the crypt, its normally knee deep in water, due to being built on low ground, amazing its still standing – in fact quite a bit of it has subsided, but right now, due to low rainfall, the crypt was dry enough for a tour without the use of wellies.

I like to photograph the little details like the pew ends where the craftsmen have done those funny little characters, gurning faces and so on, I think it tells you something about the ordinary people back then, rather than all the nobles and bishops and so on!

Finally, there are some photos of the round table, as used by King Arthur and Guinevere, Lancelot, Percival et al – actually, it just a round table, but who knows? It was made in the 13thC and later painted up to look like it does now in the time of Henry 8th, but it is ancient, and so is all the stuff down there.

So thats a bit of history for you, but innit nice to see all those dandelions and greens with stones and old cathedrals and all of that? A welcome break from the usual – highly recommended!