Life, the Universe, and Everything!


Thank God its Friday, its been a hellish week! I was just thinking about this song, which I haven’t heard – or even thought about for quite a few yrs, what a great song! Its got Donna Summer, she’s really IT! I love her! Then on the chorus bit at the end, you got Dionne Warwick, Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, I thought Marvin Gaye was on it, I thought he was listed on the album, but I can’t find it, maybe it was on another song, anyhow, I got loads of albums, but this one makes them all look like crap!

Donna Summer is so sexy in this video, she’s great, did I mention that already? Check out the bass bit, its like modern dance music that didn’t come out till 15yrs later! I first heard this song in my pals kitchen, back in the 1800’s, I was just a nipper back then, everything was different, they don’t make songs like this anymore do they?  Back then it was possible to believe in a better world, not anymore, no one gives a crap, all they want to do is pimp your ass, gang bang your ram jam or whatever it is now?

At the very end of it, there’s a bit that sounds like space aliens or something, and some weird praying as it fades out (you don’t get that part on the video) They were probably all into some Jesus mumbo jumbo, but I like to think “Higher Love” is a more multi denominational inter-religious sort of bring your space gun phasers on stun kind of thing – thats why I go to church in my PVC cosplay zoot-suit, I cross dress for that one!

Happy weekend all 😀



Alt version


You just can’t predict anything can you? I’m sitting here in nowt but a pair of shorts, its so hot here! Here we are, on an island in the north sea, its normally so damn cold and wet, thats understandable, you can imagine what its like in the north sea? We’re right in the middle of it, or on the edge of it, but right now its more like being in the Sahara! How long will this go on? How long can it? No one knows, usually its a day or 2, but sometimes radical stuff happens weather wise and it just continues for a month or even 4! I can’t hardly believe this crap, its too hot!

This picture, I dreamed it a week ago, I was on this train with my friend that died a few yrs ago, in the dream he had died too, it wasn’t one of these back in time dreams, so I was just pleased to be visited, as I miss my old friend, its nice to have him around even if its only a dream, better in a way, cos its very reassuring to get these visits, not only of our friendship lasting beyond the unknown and all that, but also just because I’m sentimental like that 🙂

So anyhow, I have these dreams from time to time, it is a little like back in time, cos I’m not like “oh wow, so amazing to see you” its just click straight back to how things were, just hanging out, not mentioning the being dead thing or anything – so we ended up looking at this scene, and I said the lights going, and he disappeared pretty much, but then the light came back so I got another look at this scene, which was so loaded with symbols, such as the sea, the boat, the rail tracks, the weird light. He told me this boat had been in the family for yrs, and I thought it was odd, cos he never mentioned that sort of thing before. Weird int it?

Anyhow, I was at work Friday just gone and I just noticed this calendar on my desk pictured a lighthouse and a big rock in the sea very much the shape and size of the one in this picture! Well, thats got to be where that came from huh??!! No lighthouse in my dream tho.

I don’t think I ever knew this friend of mine to ever wish harm to a living soul, very nice chap, you do get them sometimes, no ones perfect of course, but some people try much harder than others to be nice – I do appreciate all that.

During the week, I had a couple of ideas for a blog, this is a bit off the wall, but thats me, daydreaming away at work, I was thinking how I’m this guy who was trying so hard (in my younger days) to get laid, Oh, come on! I was young! So I used to try so hard, being nice to women, and they were like, “oh get lost you creep!” (not always, but mostly) – So I changed my tactics eventually, (this did take quite a long time, like a decade or so) I came to the point where I didn’t care anymore, Oh yeah, there was this other phase, where  I’d pretend I cared, (which fooled no one) then finally got to the point where I  really didn’t care, and wasn’t even pretending anything, and thats when women got interested – at last!

Now this was extraordinarily weird, I’d gone from being unwelcome, to very welcome, like some expert love god, not a love machine, thats a different thing, but a love God, which is much more advantageous, the love machine, he’s just a good looking guy, he can be shallow, he can be deep, he can be one thing or another, what do I know? Nothing, I’m a creep, but not anymore, I’m a love God! I can resolve your questions pertaining to love, I bring it with the cupids! But how do I do that? I mean really? I’m utterly blind, I have no idea whats going on, I’m the Dude, the Dude abides! WTF??

Thing is, if you don’t care, and everyone is comfortable with your don’t care-redness, thats fine for them but what are they doing to you? I mean spiritually? Something a bit mercenary about them methinks the hunter has become hunted, ya get me? So, its time to retreat into oneself, a chap gets suspicious! You get into a situation where you don’t want to give away your nothingness, cos its all you have, everyone wants a piece of it, its the hottest piece of non-real estate in town!! Ha,ha, its late, time for bed I guess, cant sit her half naked drinking beer all night talking nonsense!! 🙂 😉

EDIT: I just want to add, this last part was more anecdotal than factual 😉 😉 ❤