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You just can’t predict anything can you? I’m sitting here in nowt but a pair of shorts, its so hot here! Here we are, on an island in the north sea, its normally so damn cold and wet, thats understandable, you can imagine what its like in the north sea? We’re right in the middle of it, or on the edge of it, but right now its more like being in the Sahara! How long will this go on? How long can it? No one knows, usually its a day or 2, but sometimes radical stuff happens weather wise and it just continues for a month or even 4! I can’t hardly believe this crap, its too hot!

This picture, I dreamed it a week ago, I was on this train with my friend that died a few yrs ago, in the dream he had died too, it wasn’t one of these back in time dreams, so I was just pleased to be visited, as I miss my old friend, its nice to have him around even if its only a dream, better in a way, cos its very reassuring to get these visits, not only of our friendship lasting beyond the unknown and all that, but also just because I’m sentimental like that 🙂

So anyhow, I have these dreams from time to time, it is a little like back in time, cos I’m not like “oh wow, so amazing to see you” its just click straight back to how things were, just hanging out, not mentioning the being dead thing or anything – so we ended up looking at this scene, and I said the lights going, and he disappeared pretty much, but then the light came back so I got another look at this scene, which was so loaded with symbols, such as the sea, the boat, the rail tracks, the weird light. He told me this boat had been in the family for yrs, and I thought it was odd, cos he never mentioned that sort of thing before. Weird int it?

Anyhow, I was at work Friday just gone and I just noticed this calendar on my desk pictured a lighthouse and a big rock in the sea very much the shape and size of the one in this picture! Well, thats got to be where that came from huh??!! No lighthouse in my dream tho.

I don’t think I ever knew this friend of mine to ever wish harm to a living soul, very nice chap, you do get them sometimes, no ones perfect of course, but some people try much harder than others to be nice – I do appreciate all that.

During the week, I had a couple of ideas for a blog, this is a bit off the wall, but thats me, daydreaming away at work, I was thinking how I’m this guy who was trying so hard (in my younger days) to get laid, Oh, come on! I was young! So I used to try so hard, being nice to women, and they were like, “oh get lost you creep!” (not always, but mostly) – So I changed my tactics eventually, (this did take quite a long time, like a decade or so) I came to the point where I didn’t care anymore, Oh yeah, there was this other phase, where  I’d pretend I cared, (which fooled no one) then finally got to the point where I  really didn’t care, and wasn’t even pretending anything, and thats when women got interested – at last!

Now this was extraordinarily weird, I’d gone from being unwelcome, to very welcome, like some expert love god, not a love machine, thats a different thing, but a love God, which is much more advantageous, the love machine, he’s just a good looking guy, he can be shallow, he can be deep, he can be one thing or another, what do I know? Nothing, I’m a creep, but not anymore, I’m a love God! I can resolve your questions pertaining to love, I bring it with the cupids! But how do I do that? I mean really? I’m utterly blind, I have no idea whats going on, I’m the Dude, the Dude abides! WTF??

Thing is, if you don’t care, and everyone is comfortable with your don’t care-redness, thats fine for them but what are they doing to you? I mean spiritually? Something a bit mercenary about them methinks the hunter has become hunted, ya get me? So, its time to retreat into oneself, a chap gets suspicious! You get into a situation where you don’t want to give away your nothingness, cos its all you have, everyone wants a piece of it, its the hottest piece of non-real estate in town!! Ha,ha, its late, time for bed I guess, cant sit her half naked drinking beer all night talking nonsense!! 🙂 😉

EDIT: I just want to add, this last part was more anecdotal than factual 😉 😉 ❤



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  2. clinock · June 19

    Not nonsense! Your dream brought you gifts of understanding and you have shared them with us well. Reading your words I smiled and laughed and entered memories of my own powerful dreams and of my own dear friend now on the other side and I never got to say goodbye…so…thank you…

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    • Ogden Fahey · June 19

      Thanks John, life is so strange isn’t it? – this dream was such a gift! I think now I’m older my dreams make more sense than they did when I was young, mind you, growing up watching the Magic Roundabout and other barmy stuff its no wonder!

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      • clinock · June 20

        So amazing…I rarely meet others who are Magic Roundabout family and just today I was looking at a postcard of them all from 1966.
        Anyway, it’s getting late here in Vancouver and “Time for bed” said Zebedee…
        “Already” said Florence…

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      • Ogden Fahey · June 20

        Ah well you’d not have trouble finding people who remember it here in the UK – it was on throughout the 70’s, pretty much everyone watched it – I’d love to see one of the originals again, what I remember most was the theme tune, as soon as you heard it everyone came to the TV to watch! It was such a bonkers little ditty! I remember Dougal the dog, zebedee of course, Florence, Mr Macgregor I think, and perhaps a rare appearance of a caterpillar and a few others! 😀 Great stuff!

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  3. Rajiv · June 20



    • Ogden Fahey · June 20

      Cheers Rajiv 🙂 I think I shall have a go at this one a bit more, can render volumetric clouds with backlight to see if I can get closer to my dream memory, I didn’t so far as its a bit slow to render, so its laborious waiting and altering things, could be interesting tho to see if I can gain more atmosphere. I love 3D, so technical – it makes the world seem even more complex 🙂

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      • Rajiv · June 21

        Try it and show us!

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      • Ogden Fahey · June 21

        I posted an “Alt version” Rajiv, but its not “volumetric” I spent a few hrs learning about it, but to get it to do what I was after I’d be there altering and re-rendering for months! Its great for creating new and unpredictable effects, but not so good when you want something specific, at least not with this system. In the end I just painted in a new sky, I’m happy enough, as I don’t want to spend ages on it, and I like that surreal look, I find it really odd how in dreams details are often vague, for example, with this one I was “being” mountains, sea, sky, a boat, and a rail track, but where there any trees? Not really sure! Did the rail track go int oa tunnel under the mountain? Don’t know!

        I do remember there was a thin line with light simmering out from behind it, such as you get in some sunsets, I could spend a few more hrs touching it up, altering this and that, perhaps there will be a 3rd and final – we shall see 🙂

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      • Rajiv · June 22

        Experimentation is fun. Your dream state… and what you did, is fantastic. Surreal

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  4. You’re a trip Ogden. All this time you could have taken my problems to the cupids!!! And now that I know, I don’t need any help. Oh that’s the way isn’t it? Well say hi to the cupids. And put in a good word for me to make it last, lol. 😊🤗

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  5. draculauren · June 26

    I’m happy you got to visit your friend again. ❤ And what a beautiful scene, too.

    It’s hotter than ever here in tornado alley! Or was last week, anyway. The humidity drags me down, man!

    Expert love god, not a love machine. Ha haa. I love that we don’t have to pick your brain, you willingly spread it all out on the table for us to savor.

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    • Ogden Fahey · June 26

      Wow, where do you live? I thought u were in NY, I know u said u were going to go somewhere else, but I thought it was just for a holiday – far out!

      Its much cooler here this week than it was, still T-shirt weather tho, its not normal!!

      I still can recall that scene from the dream, (perhaps cos I went ahead and did that 3d version) but the dream itself was very lucid! I admit, I’d had a pint of beer b4 bed, that can be great for dreams, 2 or 3 and you just pass out, but just enough to get the belly grumbling can make for some restless sleep and groovy dreaming! 🙂

      Haha, oh yes, I’m a love God alright, if only they all knew it! LOL Its what I aim for I suppose, that way so long as no one knocks me off my perch I can keep the dream alive!! ❤ ❤


      • draculauren · July 7

        I’m a Kansas girl just following my own yellow brick road to the Emerald City. I’ve visited NY a few times but I would never live there. I’m not a true city girl.
        I hope you’re embracing that t-shirt weather. It’s so grossly humid here I’d rather not put any clothes on at all! Woo.
        I know what you mean, I went to bed after a few mojitos last night…good times were had in Slumberland.

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 7

        Oh, I just looked up Kansas, I see its right in the middle, bit far for a day trip to the seaside then! One thing about living here in the UK, its never too far to go to the coast, unless you choose the wrong bit of course!

        I was just thinking this aft, while at work about the song “I’m too sexy for my Shirt” and what fun that song is, so I was chewing over how I could write a dead serious blog article on it – it can’t have been that good an idea tho, cos I soon forgot all about that and went on to daydream about other things – unicorns most likely! 😉 People just don’t realise what I’m really thinking about while at work!! LOL Xo

        I wish I could be naked more often, its generally not warm enough here, but I did sit naked for a while earlier as I’d just had one of my steaming hot baths! I love to be casually nude – its a very nice feeling, if possible I’d do that a lot more 🙂

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      • draculauren · July 11

        Yes they call us the “heart of America.” Would take about 12 hours to drive to the nearest coast. Don’t take your proximity to the coast for granted!

        Ohh I’ve used that song in my workout playlist. Love it. I’ll wait for that scandalous blog entry! With bonus paragraph on unicorn daydreams.

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 13

        I should make notes more often, some of my ideas a near genius, so much so, I bin such lunacy and move on – I really wish I knew now what I did at the time, cos it was making me chuckle, my brain seems to have wiped itself since then, seriously, a note book must be so important for creativity, I def should get one. I know this now, partly cos I made a couple of notes over the last few days – ideas for a next blog, its a bit random, but it just might see light in the next day or 2!

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      • draculauren · July 16

        I have many notebooks – they are essential! I’d encourage you to get one.

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 16

        I know, I should have one already, I lost a ton of ideas over the yrs cos I forgot em, thing is something that makes sense at 11am, can be totally off the wall by 3pm, so its a job to know whats going to be interesting later on – so much stuff swirling about in life, coming at it from different angles. Discipline they say is the key, what seems normal now could be fascinating a few hrs later – weird! I’m coming to the conclusion that there is no conclusion!!! 😀

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  6. draculauren · July 11

    It’s time to start your own nudist colony!

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    • Ogden Fahey · July 13

      Oh yes, good idea! Care to join me?? LOL

      Oh, Ok, thought not, just er, thinking about, er, ya know, about the er . . . (hides behind curtain . . . ) 😀

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      • draculauren · July 16

        Ahaha. Reminds me of a friend’s friend, who’s social media accounts center around pictures of her naked backside in nature. She’s very popular. 🙂

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 16

        I’ll bare that in mind as a last resort – if all else fails, there’s always my ass! Someones got to want one like mine, surely?? 🙂 🙂

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      • draculauren · July 21

        Ahaha, BARE that in mind, yes. Absolutely there’s an ass for everyone out there!

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 22

        Thanks Dracu, thats much appreciated! (yah, I’m That dumb!) 😀 ❤ ❤

        I'm STILL in 2 minds about notebooks tho, or Sketchbooks, I often scribble something o na tiny bit of paper, I love the old saying "back of a fag packet" (means something different here as u know lol) I find the organised approach quickly threatens my own insecurities about creativity, having been taught to use methodical approach at art school, I hated it cos I felt like I was being taken away from myself, rather than drawn towards a better way – perhaps it was bad teaching, had they been more successful I'd have taken it on board more willingly.

        I'm not an easy person to teach, I tend to go into some kind of mad self induced anxious desperate struggle, its tiring but only then do I know I did something real – i.e., went into the danger zone and dragged something kicking and screaming out of there and into the light, a method like that can't really be taught or disciplined, I'm not totally crazy tho, I have accumulated a load of notes recently, not sure if the thing is helping or not, can't tell! XX

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      • draculauren · July 26


        I haven’t heard of that saying but yes, I know the F word has 2 meanings. 😉 I think the notebook itself can symbolize organization and planning, but it doesn’t have to. It can just be a safe space for you to purge your thoughts. Verbal vomit! No structure needed, no rules. Just go with the flow and give birth to your art babies. It’s only when you completely stop creating things and find no inspiration at all that I’ll think you’ve gone mad. .

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 28

        Ha, oh yeah, here when the government comes up with some daft scheme, they often say “Sounds like something planned on the back of a fag packet!” Thing is, sometimes the ideas turn out to be genius, or so fantasists like to believe! LOL

        I think the real reason I struggled with notebooks was that they weren’t my forte, others in classes were just brilliant, and I’d be thinking “Not fair!!” Jesus, some peoples notebooks were just rammed with so much good stuff, glued in, stuck in, drawn over the top of, you name it, I just didn’t come thru it that way, strange really, to look back now, I know what it was – others had come thru doing art at school, but I’d dropped it at about age 12, and only came back late 20’s, by which time my art brain was suffocated in favour of the engineering I’d been directed to, bad advice – father thought art was for wasters and dreamers, LOL what a berk! Very clever man, very educated, but a berk nonetheless bless him!

        Anyhow, I came back to it via screen printing, which I found myself doing for a job, got me interested in colours and creativity all over again, went on evening classes and thence to do a degree, did fine and got good grades, loads of confidence and so on now – sometimes too much! Weirdly, I’m still a terrible misfit, contrary, awkward, stupid, at times delightfully moronic! 🙂

        I’d love to have more method, should I find purpose.

        I went and overwrote my notes which I’d been collecting from the other week – accidentally! Argh!! Bummed about that, but sod it, there’s always more where it came from!! 😉


      • draculauren · July 30

        I like remembering and using new phrases so I’m going to keep that one in my back pocket. Another I’ve been using lately is “don’t harsh my mellow, man.” 😀

        I was also pushed to do something practical in school (by my parents) rather than what I wanted (creative writing). Miserable and resentful, I ended up dropping out and studying what I wanted after all. Sometimes parents don’t know best. Good for you, going back to school and thriving with your newfound knowledge.

        Misfit ye be, but charming all the same. Skip the method and just keep the madness!

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 30

        Oh, I did go on a bit there! I think I always had this hang up about sketchbooks, notebooks and so on, and this idea that I’m diving down and doing some unique thing, I love that idea, it psyches me up, and also other times leaves me feeling I have nothing, and must start again – which is good, burn it all down kinda thing – or it could be just an egotistical side trip, not really 100% sure, i really wish I hadn’t overwrote those notes now, it was a total accident, that stuff has gone, I forgot it for real, so much in life is transitory, and yet therein may well lie the real truth of it – or something! 🙂

        RE “don’t harsh my mellow, man.” 😀 – the Happy Mondays have the lyric “You’re twistin’ my melon man” in one of their songs!! LMAO, Bloody fantastic song too! Hope you have a happy Monday tomorrow! 😀

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      • draculauren · August 5

        The Happy Mondays, what an oxymoron, great name! Don’t twist my melon. Cool song, thanks for sharing that. My Monday was alright this week. I actually look forward to Monday mornings sometimes. I like structure. 🙂
        No matter, your head is bursting with so many cool ideas and you can just evolve as you go on. The past is the past.


      • Ogden Fahey · August 6

        I’d forgotten half of the stuff Happy Mondays did, they had this guy called Bez, who just danced in all their videos, I don’t think he did anything else, apart from maybe bash a tambourine!

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  7. draculauren · August 10

    Lol lots of quality dance moves in that video!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ogden Fahey · August 10

      It was my “BFF” pointed out to me about Bez the mad dancer, I never really paid them much attention but I can see why it amused her! 🙂
      Always a good idea to have some guy in the group where everyones going “And what does that other guy do??” 😀

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