Oh you Silly Thing!

What a mixed 2 weeks I just had – (Firstly, I must say this is a bit of a morbid post so beware) 20 or so yrs ago I was friends with some people who were all going off the rails with drugs, it was very peculiar, it was such fun at first, but then they all got into the harder stuff and started dropping dead all over the place – its distressing, if someone dies and they’re old, you don’t really have to wonder if you could have done more, or said something, not that I didn’t try, I was consumed with trying to figure out why these people were as they were, but anyhow, thats life, it takes all sorts. So, there was this one guy, he had among his few possessions, a cassette tape with a compilation of songs by the Psychedelic Furs, I wasn’t that familiar with them till that time, but I liked it so much I asked him for a copy, which he kindly did do for me, and I was very grateful for that, he was a good chap, he liked to make folk happy, anyhow, one day the news came he had been found dead in the street, overdosed on drugs – I was so naive, I had no idea how dangerous his drug taking had become.

Distressing as that was, I came to treasure that Psychedelic Furs tape all the more, I’d listen to the songs and think about how strange that all was, later I collected some LPs of theirs, and more recently a CD with my fav songs on it, then this yr it turned out they were playing live, so I got tickets, and looked forward to it 🙂

That concert was 2 weeks ago, it was strange, cos while I enjoyed it, its not like I wasn’t thinking a lot about that guy, those memories and so on, I wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for him in the first place.

Next day after the gig, I went to a family get together, (about 35 people involved) these events aren’t terribly rare, but they don’t happen that often, it really was fabulous to see those faces – we had a picnic and a ball game, I expect it helped me and I got to say, I’m so lucky to have the family I have.

Fast forward to last week, I heard some tragic news, this work colleague who had a bit of a rough time had killed herself – what a shock, again you’re left wondering if you could have said or done something more than you did, its back to work tomorrow, of course everyone there feels the same about it.

Luckily for me, I was invited to a party with old friends – really good caring ones from way back in childhood era, it really broke my weekend up to see them all, get drunk and forget about everything same as that other weekend just gone by.

Its a bit of a roller coaster, the highs and the lows, I like to experience all sides and dwell on the meanings, but its been so good for me that I have been able to escape through good family and friends – here’s a song from someones footage of the Furs live at Leeds that night – weird, back to work tomorrow, back to the “Go-round” Can’t sign off chirpy, cos things are heavy, I feel so sad about it all, yet also kind of – I duno, Lucky?