Dubrovnik trip

Oh man, Ive missed you guys – I only been away 4 days, what a trip! Everywhere I go lately I’m blogging in my mind, describing what I’m seeing and experiencing. I been to Dubrovnik, what a trip! It seems mad to spend the day in this amazingly warm place full of tourists just there for the sheer enjoyment, and yet be home in your own cold wet and windy heavily industrialised – awful yet jolly humorous country and bed – if not the same day, then at least by 3am – but at what a cost – no not monetary, I mean hassle! You got to drive over the moors to Manchester, then you got to get the parking took care of and a bus to the airport, the madness of security, get to the gate literally 5mins before its closed then onto the plane like sardines for 3hrs of death defying flight – all that palaver -then on the way home, rather than being almost too late, we were too early, and had to kill an hr or 2, what a drag, carrying all those bags, and standing about, and then he says there’s a storm over the UK so buckle up, its gona get crazy! It didn’t as it turned out, had worse before. Then you get to Manchester, they replaced all the passport officers with machines, you got to do it yourself – there’s just the one guy overseeing it – its like the supermarket theses days, with the self checkout, er, can you verify I’m old enough to buy 10 bottles of whisky and some meths plz??

You guys are gona love the photos, Dubrovnik is beautiful, like Florence, but walled, such thick walls, and so high, and its a harbour too, so its like a walled fortified city on the sea, its amazing! Much of Game of Thrones was filmed there, and you do half expect to bump into a character from it at any moment, also, its warmer then here! Did I mention that? Weather here has been shite since about 1900 or something, over there, you could walk about in a leather G-string or something without the slightest discomfort! The girls! They’re everywhere, beautiful girls and women in summer wear, I’m mad for beautiful women, its a lot like Florence and Rome, beautiful women! I forgot far more thoughts than actually went through my mind at the time – this is how life is meant to be lived!

There are loads of cats in the old city, they seem to be well fed and healthy, and not at all bothered by tourists. we did a day trip to the island of Lokrum, its got loads of rabbits and peacocks on it as you’ll see, I duno what else to tell you except its warmer than here, and there’s loads of women all dressed in summer gear, so thats nice! The architecture is refreshing, food is ok, they eat lots of fish, and its beautiful wherever you eat – the whole of the old city is a UNESCO heritage site, so you’ll not go wrong, lot of beautiful stuff, like women, and buildings, and cats – yeah, good one! We had 4 days, (3 nights) you need longer in Florence / Rome, but its smaller and easier to walk around, no traffic really at all in the old part, our daily breakfast was at the restaurant in the first picture, can’t fault the view can you!

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Last night I watched the film The Handmaiden, which was ace, I really enjoyed it, I had been wanting to see it for a while, its an erotic thriller, in Thai, with subtitles, but more than worth watching – its a great story.


Anyhow, watching that got me thinking about other films about erotic stuff, like Black Swan, with that crazy sexy bastard Vincent Cassel – he keeps saying stuff like “Who would want to fuck her?” Or, “No one would want to fuck her” something like that, its cruelty, its a big part of the story, the light and the dark, and how everyone wants her, or no one does, its all relevant to the erotic excitement of course –


On a side note – another film with Vincent Cassel I saw recently was Beauty and the Beast, this is the 2014 version I’m talking about, in French, (not the cartoon Disney one) Again, you have to read the subtitles, but its worth it, they really went to town on the special effects graphics, I thought it was wonderful – strangely, its not available to buy off the shelves here, I had to watch it on uTube, Beauty and the Beast is a great story – or La Belle et la Bête as the French call it, you know the story is said to be 4000yrs old? Check it out on the Wiki page – anyway, Jean Cocteau did a version in 1946 – I saw a tv version of it as a child, or I had a book of it, I can’t remember, but I loved the imagery, I remember the rose garden the monster had! Excellent! I want one! (if anyone pricks their finger, they’re done for of course!)


There are erotic undertones in Beauty and the Beast, but its not really the kind of film I was wanting to talk about, I was thinking about all these erotic films, or fantasy in general, I have my own personal dvd of Story of O (I keep it under my pillow), its about a woman who submits to every desire her lover requests, she just kind of drifts into this world at his request – the acting is great! No really! It really is good acting, on the part of the female lead anyhow, a lot of women would struggle to accept such a role, but she’s convincing – as her trials deepen, so does her rugged determined enjoyment.


For a fantasy to be enjoyable, it has to be believable, Story of O is bordering on surreal, but no more so than fairy tales, which are often quite gratuitous, ok, so now I sound like an apologist for Story of O, but I saw 50 Shades on TV the other week, what a load of bilge! Story of O was way better fantasy, 50 Shades was just nerdsville. Why does the guy have to be a millionaire? They should have got Donald Sutherland out, remember him in Klute? I’d have been all over that if I’d been a woman!


I like women, I read an article today that said Hugh Hefner didn’t like women, only his fantasy version of them, I’d rather be a man than a woman, I admit that freely, it seems odd to say Heffner didn’t like women, he seemed to base his life around them, if Heffner had been Donald Sutherland, women would have loved him more, Donald would have released them, set them free, or never captured them in the first place, what does one have to do to gain universal approval from women? I remember a woman on a radio phone in confessed she had a recurring dream of Michael York naked on a white horse! Lucky woman, I never forgot that story, it was yrs ago, and a woman of a certain age, her story really made me laugh! Michael York is a good looking chap eh ladies? I prefer Jenny Agutter, but I’m not saying I’d kick Michael out of bed if Jenny was indisposed. ❤