I was a Teenage Smoker!

OMG I had such a hard time, its been so difficult etc, etc, blah, blah, blah,

Well I have something to celebrate, so I thought I’d just pop a bit of a blog up here, for your delectation and enjoyment.

I was doing that 3D thing, its so easy to do the 2D stuff, but the 3D, blimey! I’d got this character right, but then I found she couldn’t twist without coming apart, that was last week, then I solved that, pretty easy really, but it took days to find out the 10min solution! Then yesterday, I was ready to animate this other character, and it was worse than ever! Anyhow, today I found a solution – every time you find a solution, another unexpected thing happens!

I was a Teenage Smoker!

So anyhow, here’s my idea for todays blog, I was a teenage smoker! Yeah, I started smoking at 14, weird really, cos there was a guy at school smoking at 12, and I though it was so disgusting! And yet, I ended up hooked too, so smoking – why do we do it eh? Well, its perhaps a nipple thing? You know the suction? I don’t know what babies think about when suckling, presumably, life the universe and everything – well thats what we smokers do, we look real cool, we don’t give a fig that we’re all gona die horribly – way too cool for all that, when the time comes, we’ll just go “Fuckit” and blow our brains out! 🙂

No seriously, I gave up smoking when I found out about vaping, I had one foot in the grave, my chest was hurting, I couldn’t figure out what to do about it for the life of me, but then I found out about vaping, it was fine! Ok, I don’t look so cool as I used to, but at least I smell better!

So anyhow, why all this reactive addictive behaviour? Well I do still find that as soon as I have a vape, my mind drifts off into a bit of a dream, (its part of the addiction of course) But how deep does it go? Very deep I’m afraid, I mean, if I was ready to do myself in over smoking, obviously vaping is pretty much the same thing, but without the tar. So anyway – it was tea break, so I got out my phone, and was looking at some pictures of this guys wedding, I don’t know who he is!! OMG< what the heck? I’m having my tea break, and eating my sarnies, looking at some random guys wedding photos on flickr, and I’m thinking why am I unmarried? Why is everyone so happy to get married in the first place? WTF?

So I’m looking at thing guys photos, and everyone looks so happy, and I’m thinking if I got married, I’d be so happy I could just shit all over the place!

So I go outside to have a quick go on my vape, and I continue my line of thought, why was I never married? I was thinking back to my childhood, back then in the 70’s we thought the world might end at any moment due to nuclear war, you know, the Russians and the Americans, and us in the middle, so why bother to get married if the worlds about to end? Oh, the happiest day of my life! Boom! Blast! Bang! WTH??

Nowadays of course, we don’t have the nuclear threat so much cos now its germ warfare, Putin started it cos he got a flea up his nose which irritated him, so our leaders realise they have to show leadership, cos people are happier if they’re led, so if a leader is prepared to go to war, its better, you should try it! You might like it!

Oh well, that was as far as I got with my thinking, I thought it was pretty deep, perhaps I didn’t get married, cos I thought it was all some kind of sticky plaster, rather than a solution to the worlds problems? I mean, why say oh its the happiest day of my life, when there’s much bigger problems that need fixing first? So thats my advice, just get a divorce! Think that shit thru better next time k?

Now, where was I, oh yeah, I’m doing this fairy tale thing I’m working on, here’s the first 3 characters – I just love em! They look real cute, real looking, but cuter! Thats so weird!!  I shall hopefully post them animated shortly, but you know I keep getting waylaid and distracted by this and that! 🙂


Joyride to Nowhere!

I saw this film on TV about 4 months ago I think, I had to do a ton of research to even find it, cos I forgot what its called – so its not like its the worlds best film or anything, just something I saw on TV and enjoyed – I think I saw it just as winter was coming on, so probably around November last yr, I would have been on a downer, cos weather deteriorates and spirits dampen, and then this film came on, and I loved it! As I recall, the main character is sassy, she don’t take any crap! I thought it was quite feminist, cos every bloke she met in the film was trying to use or abuse her in one way or another, and she just turns it round on them one by one – I remember thinking I think I found a lost gem with this one! Its like they’re doing Smokey and the Bandit, but its the antithesis – cos the lead is a woman, or 2 women, they’re smart!  They’re young, The new generation! This was made in 1977, over here in the UK 77′ was the year of punk rock revolutionaries, this film captures some of that spirit, its not at all punk in fashion or music style, but it has that post hippie era where the young no longer trust the old. I loved this film, its so bad, its good! I searched movies for hrs before I found it again, I duno, something about it, I might even watch it again if I get time – if anyones got nothing to do, and you’re half crazy, you can watch it on utube!

Oh yeah, its a road movie, about cars and stuff, I love road movies, I think theres something else about this tho, I think the director or the writer or whatever must have been cool! I remember those fashion styles! LOL

In reviews, they say give it one star and say its poor – but they’re all wrong!! 😀 😀



Animation update

OMG I been having such a hard time with this animation I’m doing, its such a hardship, but it has its highs and lows. I think it was last week I was doing the girl for the male counterpart, I have yet to make a toad, a mouse / rat, and an eagle, then there’s his mum and dad, and that would complete the cast of characters at least. Its quite hard cos I don’t actually know what they look like, I have to guess, then await for inspiration, I must have known what they looked like when I first read the story, I’m assuming I pictured them in my mind, but did I? I can’t imagine characters without an image, but it is possible! Say a character is described as having a big nose, well then you picture a big nose, but what colour hair and eyes does this person have? Or are they simply an isolated nose, without and real other features simply because they haven’t been pictured as not required? Strange isn’t it don’t you think, how writing works in the mind, but from another, in fractured pieces?

Anyhow, I read this story first about a decade ago, in a book of fairy tales I was reading, yeah, I read fairy tales! So what? Haha, actually, I took a course in art therapy yrs ago, and one of the most interesting parts of it for me was where we studied the importance and relevance of fairy stories in the development of the individual within our culture and so on blah, blah, anyhow, gotta love witches and evil and good and dreams and people getting duped by their own fantasies and so on, I really dig stuff like that, cos its potentially subversive too 🙂

SO – I did my girl character, it took the first half of the week before I had the inspired notion of what she may look like, so I created her, I don’t remember a lot of problems getting the model done once I’d got her image set in my mind, the hair took a long while of altering and tuning settings, they always do, thats just one of those things, I don’t know about the dress, but it may stay “as is” I want something like a princess, but not a real rich one, cos she’s not meant to be actual royalty.


So I thought I’d get this first part done today, but ran into problems in the 3d software this aft, there was some process I needed it to perform, and it just wouldn’t do it, I don’t know why, so I was really frustrated, I can’t even relax in the bath anymore, I used to listen to soothing music in the bath, now I put on heavy metal, and EBM! Fuck tho, I love it, so on I go, out the bath, I got out some older software and farted about with it for a few hrs, but it was slow and hard going, so I went back and tried the original idea, and it worked, thing is, it would work one time, but not the next, so I saved the version that worked, then swopped the contents of a folder for another, and it did what I wanted all along! Seems I had to trick my own software into doing what its meant to do anyway! Weird! I hope I don’t run into anymore big problems like that, cos it wasted a good few hrs there!

The thing with this animation lark, its really hard and complicated to do things in 3d software, but its a challenge, and its sculptre really, compared to the 2d software, where you draw obvs in 2d, its simplistic and all about what impact one can have, rather than how impressive. I did my main male character, and there was a glitch on the legs I wanted to sort out, it meant I had to go on this huge journey to sort it out, cos things need to be perfect, but 2d’s not like that, its rough and ready, if its too good, its crap! It needs to be “Guttural” I love that word, I love art, art should be guttural – instinctual, and anything else that ends with “ual/ural”

So this is the house he lives in – you wouldn’t want to live there would you? But then on the other hand, you might want to live somewhere better, but would it be more homely?


Here’s a pic of the wood from the previous animation, simply cos I like it!


I have a bit more completed, but due to the diversions and problems above, I haven’t got as far as I might have done, however, I am getting somewhere, bit by bit! 😀 Have super weekends and fun times y’all, catch u soon!