Animation – First part done!

Here is my animation which I created using software, its of an old story which I have sort of modernised and re-hashed in my own words. This project began as an idea many years ago, after I did a course in Art Therapy, one week we looked at the importance of fairy tales and legends and myths and so on and how they influence us today, or at least still resonate strong and powerfully. So anyhow, a few years later I’d found a book of fairy tales, and it that book there was one I’d never heard before, so I thought it would be good to cast some light on it – its such a cool little story, but you’ll have to wait to find out what happens.

This is just the first part, or intro really, it took so long to do, I don’t even know if and when I’ll ever get round to doing the rest of it – I’m on a particular downer about that today, as I’m just so tired, as I have been having problems with various things in life, at work, and so on, I’m pretty run down, also having had a dose of flue, I’m feeling particularly negative, I cant even decide or tell if this is any good – seriously, its not my intention to copy others work, so its difficult to know if I meet my own standards, since I haven’t decided what those may entail. I don’t have any instructions or training in animation, its just something I been playing around with, also not sure about anything else, I normally am quite a driven person, but at the moment I’m so worn out, I feel exhausted!

Well I’ll probably pick myself back up in half a mo, so we shall see 🙂

View it on utube in full screen HD!

A couple of good songs :)

Greetings! Here’s a couple of good old 80’s songs – thing is with these 2, in my memory, they’re both the same tune wise, but now I play them back to back, they’re not – they’re quite different – however, there are similarities – perhaps they’re both in the same key and tempo? Actually, I just clicked them and the melody part is similar, almost the same! You won’t want to do this, cos there’s more to life and you have better things to do, however, if you were to indulge in playing both songs, then swopping back and forth, its uncanny and weird! I’m sure I posted something about this elsewhere once before, or maybe I didn’t, and its more of a deja vu? Just click back on the 1st one, then the 2nd, then go back to the first,  try playing them both concurrently if you wish!



Oh I see now it says these videos won’t play outside of youtube thats copyright for you! 😉


Oh, it works here, maybe not elsewhere? I don’t know, the songs are “Amy Grant – Baby Baby”   and “Black – Wonderful Life” 🙂


Greetings bloggers, here’s some experiences I have been having (and / or enduring) this last week or 2.

Last week, I noticed an oil leak on the forks of the motorbike, so I thought I’d book it in for that one, since I’m not that confident about that part- well it was booked in for Monday, but the guy said it was knackered, so had to find someone else to fix it, so now I’m waiting for the guy to come and pick that parcel up ready for them.

I had to get the bus to work this morning, early, so that I could get back in time, that was unusual, cos the bus was full of school kids, outside the window too, they came from side streets and alleyways, flocking to school – when you see all those kids, or at least when I see all those kids, I cant help thinking WTF? What do we need all these kids for? Aren’t there enough people around already? Of course its a basic human right to have kids if you want them, after all, its a very human thing to reproduce, or a very animal thing at any rate, only thing is, theres not enough room for half the animals anymore, cos of the “success” of the humans – but what kind of success is it if everything ends up concreted over and polluted to hell?

Anyhow, I was just thinking how like ants we are, all with our little jobs to go to, all those kids training to be adults, so they can go to jobs in towns like this one, then theres the cities which are so much bigger than towns, and the whole country, all working away, thinking we’re doing quite well, cos the governments says so, or not if your opposed? But then you go to another country, and they’re the same, all being told they should be glad to keep trying, its how the whole world works, or does it?

I have the most horrid cold I had for years, I can’t sleep, and have pains all down one side, perhaps its because the bike is unwell that I am too? I did have this cold last week tho, but then the bike was probably suffering too at that time – that was the guy at the door, he took the parts away for repair, its going to be about 10 days with no transport, so its on the bus for me. When I go on a bus, I often end up looking at the rest of the bus users a little oddly, its hardly surprising, if you were to get on a bus and see me sat there, wouldn’t you be surprised too? With my stunning good looks and effervescent charisma?

Anyway, I had a headache pill, it seems to help with the stiffness in my neck (till it wears off) its weird, I feel like I have Fibroneuraliga or something, its not in the bones, its in the flesh, or the nervous system or something, I’m not used to it, and I don’t like it.

Oh yeah, so I was just thinking, when I was on the bus, about how I’m seeing myself as different from all these others, and how good looking I must be for them or whatever, obviously they cant have me, cos I’m living in this other world from them, which is probably what makes them find me so very inspiring or whatever it is, till they see a pretty girl, or a kitten or whatever out the window, I join in with some of it, then go back to what I was doing, just being “great” and so on, its like that film “Divergent” which just happens to be my sexual orientation in case you were curious? I quite liked that film, its a good series, I picked up the 3 films for under a few quid, I expect they’ll do more if the interest is there.

When you get to my age, you realise that if you’re not dead yet, given time, you will be! Yes, mortality really does come to mind more as you get older, especially when you’re not well. It strikes me that none of us have the slightest clue what we’re doing or where we’re headed as a species. Being Divergent tho is great tho, I hardly care about all that stuff, it has little impact on me in my life. Oh well, 10 days to wait now to get the bike back – I’l be in touch! 🙂

Arab Strap!

I got a funny story 4 ya! There’s this band right, called Arab Strap, that date from the 80’s, used to hear them on the radio, they’re still going, sort of quite good in a funny way, I don’t know much about them really, but they I kept hearing about them back then, he does sort of poems to music, oh, well have a listen if the video works, who knows, you might like it?

So that was Arab Strap, then a year or 2 later, there was a song out with the title “Arab Strap” – or rather “The boy with the Arab Strap” I was none the wiser, but it was a good little ditty, not actually by Arab Strap, it was by another band called Belle and Sebastion, and here’s their song here:

Here’s the funny part, I saw an interview with the guy out of Belle and Sebastion, he said that he got the idea for the song Boy with the Arab Strap when on tour with the band Arab Strap – now what actually is an Arab Strap? You may ask? Well – I never would have guessed – I’ll not spare any blushes – its a cock ring! So he wrote this song and had a hit with it, no one knew what an Arab Strap was, no one really cared cos its a good little tune,  so he wound up proudly telling his mum he’d got this hit record, about a guy with a cock ring!

So anyhow, go forward 20yrs or whatever, and I was really enjoying Belle and Sebastions newest album, live on Glastobury a yr or 2 ago, I heard one song I liked when I was shopping, and I thought hey, that sounds like Belle and Sebastion, so I bought the album, there’s hardly a duff track on it – in fact, there is no duff track! Its excellent! Well I was more than ever interested now, so I always looked out for them, here’s the song I heard when shopping, I must have sharp ears, cos I just guessed it was them!

The albums called Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance – its so good! I always enjoy it when I put it on 🙂

Here’s another great song from that newest album, now I’m wondering if the others are as good? (I did buy another called Tigermilk, but its nowhere near as good as this one


Another good one! One of many!!