Spring 2018 activities

2018 has been perfectly awful for me – but I have managed to get out and about a little, I just sorted thru photos from my camera which survived the computer crash I had and uploaded them to my flicker account in case of further problems. The computer still crashes frequently, as soon as I get the motorbike fixed, which has now been garaged for 5 or 6 weeks, then I shall see if the computer can be repaired properly. I don’t think I actually lost many photos, as I’d already uploaded most to flicker.

Here’s one of the cat, from xmas time, as I can see a father xmas on the floor in the photo!



Here’s some Snowdrops, or at least I think thats what they are.



Went for a trip to Manchester,

to see Fever Ray!

I thought it was ok, but I’d rather seen her 7yrs ago, when she was doing the shamanic stuff.

Went on a trip to Brodsworth Hall, its only 5miles away, so its local, its a former “Stately Home” which just means someone who had a lot of cash lived there, but doesn’t anymore – now its open to the public, the gardens are very pleasant – you can imagine how nice it must have been to live there in the 1890’s, or 1920’s, walking about going “oh Cedric, the gardens are simply lovely” And so forth –

The house itself is quite modest by country house standards, its very Yorkshire, inviting, but only in a kind of do as you’re told sort of way – if you ever saw “The Secret Garden” film, or anything of that ilk, it would be a good place to film it, quite imposing and austere? Its nice inside, but hardly cosy as such! Quite nightmarish actually I should think!

Went to the Yorkshire Sculpture park and saw this exhibition which I photographed. Its like music, but not!  There were bluebells in the wood nearby, so I photographed those too.  Bluebells were really late this yr, cos the weather was crap!

Went to Castle Howard, which is a big stately home, about 35 miles away, there was an exhibition of this birds and flowers thing, its an old victorian invention, they spin it round and it looks like the birds and flowers are moving – like those wheel shaped things with slots cut in it, and it looks like the horses were jumping? Its what they did in those days to get off! LOL Actually, it was pretty impressive!

After that, I took half a ton of photos round the house and gardens

Then finally, went on a trip to Nostell Priory, its another stately home, only about 5 miles away, its got nice gardens and stuff to walk around, and I got some nice photos there, especially the red chair, with no one on it!

Oh yeah then we went to Hornsea, (yesterday) which is about 60 miles away, and then today we went to Selby – they have a street market on holiday Mondays, (which was today) Weather has been fine, but still no motorbike!!! Argh!!


This week I watched this film! Its excellent, I can’t recommend it enough, very sweet. very British! In other news – there is no other news, such is the greatness of this movie! More hyperbole anyone? I’d recommend it 🙂

Inner Bullshit!

Greetings Blogerooneis, last day of my week off, thought I’d post something I was just thinking about, what a sick motherfucker I am! LOL – I was just thinking about how I was brought up with the philosophy of “It’ll be alright on the night” & “Do it Friday, sure it’ll be fine” Well actually I wasn’t, I was brought up with a strict adherence to the word of God -yeah God Motherfuckers! So you best listen up! Or Not, rather, cos it all went in one ear and out the other, thing is, rather than taking root, it left a stain, upon which I developed my own “inner bullshit” – utterly worthless shit in other words, but somehow it gets me by.

I was just thinking about some of the crap I think about and why I come out with such a load of bullshit from time to time, in all honesty, I forgot what I was gona say next, cos I remembered a couple of chores I had to do, and time I’d done those, my brain had emptied, so if I do recall what I was thinking which was so great, I’ll come back and edit this post – meanwhile I’m off to do this other stuff.

Part of what inspired this post is this song which was going thru my head at the time, its kind of an anthem, and great lyrics I think, about how difficult love can be, and sex, its an old one, by James – they are playing in the summer near here, I might get tickets, cos they do loads of good songs, but this was the one that I really liked cos its a bit divergent!! LOL 😀


This is a really fun live video – I’m a little high and happy at the moment, no not drugs! My mac hasn’t crashed for a few hrs since I installed some software to override the fan going on full blast, weird, I don’t know if its fixed, so I need to be ready for it to crap out again, I’m going to do some painting and salvage whats left of my week off, I stripped this mac down 4 or 5 times this last week, its all been pretty horrific 😦