The Cure!

Last Saturday  Went and saw The Cure live in Hyde Park London, so here’s my write up on that – for anyone interested.

Well set off on Sat morn, and got the train down from Yorkshire, 25mins into the journey they announced the train was buggered, and we’d all have to get off it and onto another train at Newark, it only took about 5mins to do that, cos the other train arrived right away, the down side was, it was already full of people, so we had to stand in the middle bit between carriages, (whatever that bit is called) it was roasting hot, with no AC on a very hot day – so this wasn’t much fun, standing the whole way.

Got to London, hotel allowed us to check in early, which was great, then off to Hyde park, just got there in time to see the last 3 or so songs by PALE WAVES.


They were great, really like them, its so nice to see a young band that doesn’t do rap! Why do young people have to rap all the time? Every time you go near one, they start with all the swearing and abusive raping – ok, seriously, their music is something I can identify with, or at least understand what they’re on about, its a bit weird some of her stage moves, but then she’s young, I assume someone told her it was cool, or she thought she’d got to do something – not that I was ever famous, but I feel for young people when they get fame, cos it often makes them go strange, so good luck to them, I hope it goes from strength to strength.

After that, we wandered off to this other stage at the back of the main one, and there was an add for PUMAROSA,


who Louise is a big fan off, and we didn’t even know they were on the list – so we dashed back across the site to the stage right at the other end of the place and caught the last 3 songs of her set, which was fine. I don’t know what she’s all about really, Louise has her album and likes it, it seems ok, its another youngster, bit kind of dancey and woosey, I don’t know what its about, probably really good!

After that, we went back to the main stage, where SLOWDIVE were playing, I don’t know what thats all about, so I ended  up going back to this other stage to see THIS WILL DESTROY YOU,


I never heard of them, but I liked the title, it turned out they were pretty good, I wasn’t destroyed, but if it had been indoors it might have done – I think the sound of that sort of full on thing is always better indoors, cos the sound doesn’t dissipate like it does outside. Anyhow, I enjoyed it, I might even buy some, but not sure, cos its not really my thing as such, tho I do dabble in a bit of that.

After that was done, I had to dash back to the main stage to see the EDITORS,



they were like one of my fav bands a couple of yrs ago, I like to go and see something where everyone is really into it, and its really got the proper support of a record label, with all that rock n roll – they’re great, but I kind of stopped caring a while ago, I’d go and see them again, but I’m kind of easy about it, it means nothing to me, I don’t believe in all that perfect life stuff anyhow, so why even bother? They got some good songs, but they aren’t really groundbreaking, I don’t really know what I like anymore, he’s got a good voice, fair enough.


After that, we must have gone round the back of the main stage and saw KAELAN MIKLA,



now that was something! She’s really weird, and so is their music, it was all in Icelandic, or whatever, so I never understood a word, but she looked and sounded great – its important in rock and roll, (or showbiz or whatever u cal lit) to look good, its no good looking crap, well, actually, looking like crap can be really good if it suits the style, so scratch that, Kaelan Mikla music is weird, and so is the look! Yeah, that was fab! Don’t know if I’d buy it, cos I got no idea what was going on, I got too many CDs already, seriously, I got stacks of them! I can’t buy everything – but I may do!

Had to leave that one, cos GOLDFRAPP



were due on the main stage, Louise is a mega fan, I like them too, and they were spot on, but not as good as they were when we saw them a couple of times before, its better indoors, always is. The sound was good, bette than it had been earlier, (I mean feedback, levels etc) but it was so hot, I don’t think people felt like dancing so much as just kind of gasping for drink and air!

I took a moment to take some shots from where we were stood, to give an idea of crowd / venue size


TWILIGHT SAD were on the other stage, I might have gone to se them if I’d known, but I didn’t know they were on, and I never heard of them before, but they’re meant to be quite good, so perhaps I missed out there?

After Goldfrapp it was INTERPOL I don’t know what they were on about, it was ok, went on a bit tho, I might have really gone for that, but they already been around 10 or 20yrs, so I felt like I missed the bus a bit on that one – I thought Interpol were probably better than Slowdive, but Louise thought it was the other way round.

I went and had a quick look at RIDE on that other stage at the back, but it was really chocka, it all sounded like more of the same to me, so I only took in 1 or 2 songs before dashing back to the main stage, thats the thing with these do’s, if you lose your place, you don’t get it back. We went and saw the Rolling Stones at the same place a few yrs ago, and cos I went off to get something to eat, we lost our spot, they came on just as I was scoffing a plate of mexican noodles or whatever, and we had to watch the thing from half a mile away, (instead of a 1/4)

Anyhow, got back to where we were, and The CURE came on – good sound! Enjoyed it, they were the best band on by far – good selection of songs, good sound on the bass and drums, Jools Holland once said its the most important thing to have a good drummer, and rhythm section, so they got that right, I think its true – all the best groups have that, tho I also like a lot of bands that don’t, so it doesn’t matter, ignore that! No really, it really adds something, just that if a band has a drum machine, thats fine by me, I like drum machines, synths and all that, but if they have a great drummer that is properly mixed up and sounds good, its such a bonus!


Robert Smith (singer) is a bit of a weirdo, but you can’t grumble, cos it suits the music. Anyhow, really enjoyed it, good night out! Bit knackered, cos it had been so hot, and we’d been standing up, or sat on the floor, and back up again, since I duno, 11am – 11pm? 

Next day, went round a load of places in London, so I might include a few photos of that – then went for train, and guess what? Cancelled! Had to stand / sit on floor the whole way home! Crap! Thats the trains for you – its thursday now, and I only now start to feel better after a weekend of hardship mostly, but also super dooper music I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on – seriously, one of the best events  I been to for a decade or more! 🙂


Here’s the photos from Sunday, Buckingham palace (changing the guards) A new sculpture exhibit by Christo and Jean Claude on the Sperentine, (its a lot of barrels all stacked up) and and Michael Rakowitz’s Iraq thing, on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square, (they have a spare plinth there, left over from the 19thC, when they ran out of money, nowadays they have a different exhibit on the spare plinth – this is one of those ancient statues replicated, but cover in fig tin labels to signify something or other but it looks good!

History of the World!

What a day, its been so hot – its been hot here now for several weeks, its been so hot for so long now, we can say its Summer – its official, its hot! I don’t know what its like elsewhere, but I imagine its hot just about everywhere, even Siberia. I don’t think we had such an extended hot period here for quite a few years, maybe half a decade. I do remember it being hotter tho, about 20 yrs ago, or 25, it got so hot, it was like a microwave – there was a hole in the ozone, who would’ve thought, after millions of yrs, humans managed to make a hole in that thing up there which kept us all safe? Well, it seems it was fixed up, but now what about this global warming thing? Trump  says its fake news, but I rather suspect he is an asshole, and that is scary!

My work is hard, I’m getting a bit worn down by work lately, its been a tough yr, I don’t know what else I want to do tho – I don’t really like demanding work, I find it troublesome, I like chatting, hanging out, shooting the breeze, I’m quite social, but I don’t like having a remit to fill, oh, and mostly its women I like to hang with, not men, they tend to bore me once you got the thing sized up as it were.

i set aside an hr or 2 to read more of my book “The First Bad Man” by Miranda July, this was time well spent. The book really hotted up, I’d not picked it up for a week or 2, I was just too tired, and anyhow, I felt the book had got a bit slow, I just didn’t understand what she was getting at for a while – its by a woman, and I think women would probably understand some of it better than a man, but anyhow, it got much clearer and very entertaining, she really has a unique style I can recommend!

Maybe reading her book is what made me feel thoughtful tonight, I ended up playing a lot of music on my headphones and thinking about my life a bit different – its been a tough day, what with it being so hot, and I cleared all those tasks I’d had to do, so its a fresh new perspective, but also having found space to look back over the past, at some of my “big moments” man, that book was pretty moving – she really manages to take you inside the way she thinks, she’s empathic, and her comedic method, is really prolific.

Her book is like The World According to Garp, I don’t know if its as good, cos I haven’t finished it yet, anyhow, you can’t compare two books, or two songs, or two pictures, or anything else, they’re all different, but I absolutely loved the Garp book, and I’m loving this one too! Its been 20+ yrs since I read Garp – so to make that comparison, well, its a long wait! 😀

Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out the best way to live, and then just do that! Of course thats not possible, cos you can’t predict outside forces, you could be an introvert, or an extrovert, or just be more pro-active, or on the other hand, just a bit more accepting of things, without actually just being like completely resigned – hmm, Resign! I like that word! I Resign! I herby Resign, not withstanding and forthwith! 🙂 


If the videos don’t play, you can always follow links to utube – I’m not a huge “Voice of the Beehive” fan or anything, I just thought of a song and added some more cos I liked em 🙂