The Wrong Trousers


I bought these trousers off the internet, right bargain, £125. instead of £270. (They are motorbike trousers) I’d already got the matching jacket, which was a good price at £185 instead of £230. or so – well the trousers arrived, they were in my size (L) and yet they were way too tight! I could hardly believe it, so I put them on and set off to try them out, but it was murder, causing severe abdominal cramps, bleeding and eventually death, so I had to admit, they didn’t fit – they had to go back – unfortunately, I had removed the tags, so very cleverly I bought a pack of tags off eBay (£1.)  reattached and returned them successfully – I then ordered the next size up (XL) from another vendor at £185. (still cheaper than full price £279.) I had to wait about a week, but I was eager to get them and was very disappointed when they sent me size L in error! Argh! So I’d have to return those too. This time I hadn’t removed the tags, so that should have been easy, but it wasn’t. The collection from my place had to be cancelled due to a funeral taking place – we had been asked by the neighbour to keep our narrow the street clear from 9-5 in order for a procession to pass. It then proved very difficult to get the company to return a second time for the wrong trousers collection – in the end, I convinced them and they went back. Now I wait in eternal torment, till I finally get my trousers in a size which may or may not fit!

In other news, I had this blog idea, about Love, with which to share with you, my esteemed readers, you see I had a very vivid dream about it a week or 2 ago, and thought I’d just set this out here for your perusal and elucidation, but sadly, my brain has since disposed of most of the precious info – the basics of the epiphanic lucidation was that in dreams, Love is quite different from the reality we are more used to!

One of the songs from the Simple Minds do that I recently went to which stuck with me was See the Lights – 

Well that was the gist of it – extraordinary really don’t you think?

This was more the sort of thing I used to listen too when I was a young romantic! 

But I liked stuff like this too:

Well thats another perspective, I always had a secret soft spot for Donna Summer

Its a bit outrageous IMO, I don’t really approve, but it just came into my head, so its going in!

Now I was just walking by a busker doing Mrs Robinson by Art and Garfunkel, but it was so dreadful, I recalled the Lemonheads brilliant version!

For reasons unknown to me, I occasionally get a Phill Collins song stuck in my head, not surprising I suppose, since he was permanently plaguing the charts in the 80’s – anyhow, its this one:

If you played that thru, I offer my condolences – WTF??

Oh yeah, this was meant to be about Love  – I like Gloria Estefan songs like Reach Higher is a good one, 

But you cant beat Heart! Its got the lyric “We walked in the garden, we planted a tree” You cant beat it! I’m quite moved! 😀 


Edit for new trousers!

I finally got the new pants / trousers through the post last Monday, they are a pretty good fit, for my fat belly, thing is, the pairs that I had the were too small were only small in the belly, but I liked the cut in the legs, now these ones are 3XL the legs are a bit more baggy than I’d have liked, its not as if my legs are fat, just my tummy – who has fat legs?? Do they just size up and up the whole thing? Anyhow, they aren’t too bad, the jacket is XL, not cos of my belly tho, it was the forearms which were a bit tight on the size L, so I went for XL, in the pants, I do have a soft belly, so its not like I’m riding around with a six pack going argh, I don’t care cos my belly is so tough! If one were to stroke my belly, I would actually purr, thats just the way my belly is, very soft and sensitive! Check it out, its a bit frightening actually not doing myself any favours here!



Bloody Hell !!!

Merry Xmas!

Just a quick one here – I was just sat at work thinking about this group “Cast” that I went and saw a few yrs ago, they played at Leeds Brundell club at xmas 2013, and I might have gone to that, but it sold out before I got organised, so I saw them the following years a couple of times and it was really good.

Its this sort of thing:

But also more moody ones like this:

But this is the best one:

I really like energetic music, I get quite excited 🙂  You have to imagine it being really loud, the drums were going Thump Thump Thump , and the guitar jangle jangle, and the guys voice was like really loud too, he has a good crisp voice that suits the music, I like his Liverpool accent too, I felt like it must be like watching the Beatles, when they did that last one, they did a really sad one just before it, so it really made the more up-tempo one sound all the better! 

Here’s a photo of the one I went too, I went with my old friend – we had a few beers and got the train home, which is fun, cos you get all the late night revellers (drunks) LOL 😀