Choice Selections!

There’s a time to live and a time to die, and as you get older, you realise if its your time – then its your time, and if its not – its not. 

Of course you still don’t really know which is which, so this wisdom is pretty useless!

I’m hovering over buying this triple CD by Hawkwind, its not that cheap to buy, but I’ve been in the market for some more Hawkwind for quite a few years, and I think this one could be the answer. 

So, you may be asking, who what why in the name of all thats unholly is Hawkwind? Well, they are of course a rock group, and will be in their 50th year in 2019 – wow! They didn’t really come onto my radar till 1986, when I went to the Reading Rock festival, specifically to see the Stranglers, but Hawkwind were headlining. This I felt was a bit of a crime, (I thought the Stranglers should have been top of the bill, after all, they had more hits, and were basically, better!) So anyhow, I watched the Stranglers, and it was really really something, the old numbers were hard rocking, and the newer ones came over very well within the set – I remember the moment they played “Always the Sun” the sun had just about set and the waves of Hugh’s guitar seemed to waft into my bonce causing something beautiful to occur. 

After that, Hawkwind came on, suddenly the crowd trebled in size, there was dancing and merriment, but I found it all rather irritating! What was the point of all this? Brains which could be filled with richness were instead turning to mush! Oh, some of it was interesting, at one point I was going to leave, as I walked through the crowd, towards the back of the field and the numbers were finally thinning out, I thought, no, this is silly, watch some more – I did, and it did get better, but I still wondered how 30,000 people (or whatever it was) could be so wrong!

This is from the actual one I was at – it later came out as a record – this segment has some lovely riffing on it – I’m in that crowd, with “the hump” cos its not Stranglers  🙂

Well, years passed, I’d still got my Stranglers records, (I still have them now), so what of Hawkwind? Well, lets see now, I was 22 in 1986, and by I think 98’ I’d done my degree so I must have begun that in 94’ at which point I’d have been 30 – Quite a lot had happened in that space between 22 – 30, I’d had about another 6 or 8 jobs, lived in about 6 different places, and finally somehow become a bit of an unemployed hobo dropout. 

Someone from the utube comments “If cannabis doesn’t cause brain damage, how come they all listen to Hawkwind?” Haha, I thought that was funny! 

The 3CD collection I’m going for has Ginger Baker playing drums on it, oddly perhaps, I don’t really associate GB with drugs, tho his drug use has been historically prolific, his playing is actually something rather special. I would go so far as to say he was the best drummer they ever had, tho not necessarily the best for the band, I think he may well have injected something new into them! LOL (I don’t mean that the way it sounds) GB in a documentary said he took heroin in order to learn new ways of drumming – I don’t think I’d go that far to improve my art, not even when I was young and crazy!

This is Hawkwind with Ginger Baker on drums

Everyone has to die someday, we all know that right? I mean, if I was to go to a party, I’d make sure I didn’t die there, common sense right? But for some people, thats the last thing they worry about – life’s a lottery! Some would say you go through all your life and you never met Jesus? Well, why would I? 

This song just popped into my mind! 😀

VNV Nation!

Hi, I was wondering if you have a few moments to talk about VNV Nation? Well, they’ve been going a while, and the VNV stands for “Victory not Vengeance” – the music is dancey inspirational sort of stuff, there are about 10 albums or so, the latest just released the other day, the first in 5yrs. 

 Its a new world now I think, I remember when I first heard them they were going into a sort of eco friendly phase, warnings about a dying world, and how we can all make it better – then it went into a new phase as the Iraq war took off and everything got darker. Before the Eco phase it was more romantic era I think, with songs like Beloved and so forth, but what do I know? I’m not a huge fan or anything, I just found myself surrounded by people who liked them, and got into it that way. Actually I was just thinking, what would ones musical taste be like if you were never influenced by others? Perhaps I’d only like banging noises and crashes of things like saucepans being dropped on the floor? Like really random? How do you know what is your musical taste, and what is other peoples influence over you? Same with art – I like a handful of artists enough to know I’m influenced, the rest are just on a scale of dross right up to quite interesting. Anyhow, I do like VNV Nation (I think) Ronan, the guy who writes the stuff amazes me – all that music what he done, its amazing! 

Hmmm, donuts are nice! 

Best thing about VNV Nation is probably the live performances, Ronan is never really happy till everyone is dancing, and isn’t it just the sort of thing you can’t stand still to? Well thats certainly true of the dancey ones, there’s always one or 2 floor fillers on each album, I guess they are there for the people who like to dance – dancing is pretty good isn’t it? 

This ones a bit of a lecture lyric wise, its called Chrome, I think its like a bit of a religious influence, Ronan is Irish, so its a bit like all that huh?

This one is called Arena, its another spiritual one, the music is so beautiful, and the lyrics too!

This is the one everyone likes the most, probably their biggest hit, its called Beloved

This is one of the ones I went too, (not my footage) but I remember it so well, they played a blinding set, then came back on and did Electronaught as a final encore – VNV are amazing live! People dance like its a rave!

Acting out

Today the bike and I are celebrating 70,000 miles – this is a big moment, for months I have been saying the bike has done 70k, but in reality, this was only finally achieved the morning, here’s a  photo I took last night


I actually saw the 70,000 clock around on the way to work this morning, As you can see there was just one more mile to go at that point, so as I clocked the magical 70k miles figure  I was thinking about how there is no stopping of time, not even for a bike – 

Talking of not letting go of moments, I was thinking about this girl from 20 odd yrs ago, she walked up and laughingly said “You’re not letting me go are you?” Well I ruminated over this, because I had no idea who she was or why she felt captive, its not like its every day someone approaches me that way. I’m actually quite caustic and unapproachable ordinarily, there is an inner obstinacy which always precedes me, but its true, I’m also retentive, and don’t let things go easily.

I was doing a teacher training course (for FE) at that time, it hadn’t gone well, About 6 months or so later, a girl again appeared on my viewing horizon and declared that I was never going to succeed as a teacher, and I ought to come and live with her, as she had a studio in her garden – I wonder now if it was the same person? Most likely it was – why didn’t I recognise her? I believe that I didn’t because she didn’t appear to be the same person – some people, if you can see their soul, if they reveal it, and if that soul has changed the next time you see them, of course you won’t recognise them. I was working too hard back then, nowadays I’m not working hard enough, cos I’m doing this aren’t I?!?

So anyhow, I thought she was off her rocker, I was interested, but this other guy who was with me at the time got rid of her for me, not realising that actually, I’m not Jesus, (that guy, fuck me, what a nut case he was!) I’m a lot less crazy now than I was back then, by comparison, its ludicrous, this guy was a grown man of about 50, telling a 30y/o all this nonsense like I cared!

I wish I’d found out more about that girl, woman, lady whatever, I should imagine she was a divorcee, with a sizeable estate to boot – but really, I’d have liked to know more about who she was, and why she picked me – what really inspired her? It took some bravery on her part to approach me that way twice, she deserved a better reception. What different levels / wavelengths we are all on, at different times. 

So – should we celebrate just that moment, or all day – like a birthdate? As for myself, I don’t know what time of day I was born, I never really found the opportunity to ask, (it seems a little inappropriate somehow) if I did I could take note at say 8:36 AM – thats probably the sort of thing I’d do – I wouldn’t have been born at all if I’d been fully awake I’m sure! 

New album out today by Kero Kero Bonito! (I saw her supporting Saint Etienne on a previous blog) she was great 🙂