My Personal Hull



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I got this very strange obsession with Hull – Hull? You say? Well, yes, Hull – its a city you know, on the east coast of Yorkshire, known as “East Yorkshire” or “The East Ridings” Thats off to a good start – where I come from, we don’t have “Ridings” just towns, councils, boroughs, counties, I don’t know how they are allowed to have Ridings, and we’re not, they’re so lucky.

Living in Yorkshire, as I have done the last 20yrs, (previously from near London) is okay, not too bad really, I liked the idea of living up here, its about as far away from where I come from as you could get – I didn’t know if they’d reject me cos its so different. For the first 10yrs or so, I would be told “yer not from round ere are ya?” I didn’t know if that was an ice breaker or a rejection, in the end, I got fed up hearing it, so I had to choose between going back home, or just relaxing more and not worrying about it. Obvs I chose the later, and it worked, cos I hardly ever get called out for not being “from round ere” – how odd! I still don’t know to what extent I’m liked or tolerated – you know, in the end, I think it doesn’t matter where you live, people will like you if you’re ok with them, & if you start to fuck things up, well then your days are numbered!

Anyhow, I liked the idea of moving up here, cos its closer to the holiday area of Cumbria & the lake district, I used to go there every year or so, for my walking hols, its beautiful and unspoiled, there are hobbits and elves & wizards all over the place its lovely. The lake district is still a good half days drive away tho, & its on the other side of the country, so it still requires a night or 2 over in order to get a good days walking.

I live in South Yorks, its pretty, but North Yorks is much prettier, we’d go up there quite a bit when we first got here, everyone goes up there, everyone knows all the places to go, but for me its a bit of a hassle, cos you have to get on the motorway for a good hour to get past the more industrialised parts. Sure tho, its the most beautiful part of this county, really vast and sparsely populated. Its hilly and windy, you know the sort of place – but no Hobbits, its more like Trolls.

So anyhow, oh yeah, we’d go to Whitby, thats on the north east side its also like the other north bit I was on about, rugged wild windy, slightly less scary / vast – more homely, but again, thats a longer ride, its going to take you all day to get there and back – unlike the east ridings, which you can visit from here and be back in about 4hrs, so a good half days ride – in the Ridings – what could be better?

Hull came onto my radar really when we went to Belgium for a holiday, this involved going to Hull to get the ferry across the briny sea, I think that was one of the first times I went there, Hull is a city, pretty much like anywhere else, you go there on a motorway, and it takes ages as the road slows down your going by loads of houses and businesses for like ages – loads of people live there, I don’t know how many, but its a lot – they talk different round there! I guess if a person from Hull came here, I could say “Yer not from round ere are ya? LMAO

Ever since I’d been to Hull, I listened to Hull radio back at home, something about the place drew me, oh, I don’t want to live there, but I’m glad that place exists, and the people who live there and do what they do over there – I think they are really sweet and beautiful people, they are so lucky cos they have their own thing going on there, what with the East Ridings on their doorstep, and a big enough city to live in and be anonymous, yet have that identity which they have, with their own strange accent – they really don’t talk like that anywhere else!

Furthermore, I’d like to point out the Humber bridge – thats theirs – the Humber is the big river there, (from which the Hull ferry sails).  As an offshoot, there’s the river Trent, which is a mighty river, it goes south, through loads of other big places down south, if you’re east of the Trent river you can cross it over the swing bridge at Keadby, otherwise you’d just not get home from there. After that you’re going to pass through the area known as Axholme, (how cool is that?) Its marshy, its got loads of history, I read the people who lived there used to go about on stilts, as there was a lot of peat bogs. 

When you come out of that area, and you’re heading home to South Yorks, its all coal mining territory, its ok, but its more industrial than out in the wilds of east yorks – or rather Lincolnshire, which is what it is south of the Humber.

Anyhow, I included Beverley on the map, I been there quite a few times, its very nice, as is Airmyn, I liked both those places very much when I first started exploring the area, but right now I’m more into Howden, its more down to earth than Airmyn and Beverley. Beverley is kind of medieval looking, but its kind of a bit posh, you know how places get when they’re nice and all the money moves in? Its almost too nice. Airmyn, thats like pretty posh too, Goole is right nearby, Goole’s ok, but Airmyn is posher – its named after the river Aire, back when these places were founded, of course the rivers were important, cos there were no roads hardly, and everyone moved about by river. In ancient times, the rivers had great spiritual significance, and since I’m quite ancient myself, I accord them with that same respect.

Now, this one time, I was riding about (in the ridings) and I came across this house, labelled “House” on the ancient map above, I just thought, wow! What a cool house! I think most of these are my photographs, not all of them, but most are. That house, its in the middle of nowhere, if I lived there, I’d probably get really paranoid and twitchy if anyone knocked on the door – I’m like that anyhow, so it wouldn’t be much different, I’m always doing weird things in my house, like this what I’m doing now, I mean, what is the point anyhow?

I live on the far west side of the map, marked by an X, actually a little further over than that, but there’s really nothing of interest, its ok, but don’t you find that home is where the heart is? Like, over there some place other than where you actually are! LOL Ok, I admit, if I need something, its most likely here, at my real home, but you don’t dream about what you already have do you? Course not, you dream about what you’d like to have even more! 

Oh I still go to North Yorks, and I still love Whitby and the lake district too, but there’s something about Humberside, and Hull, and Brigg! Yeah, I just added Brigg, I only discovered it recently, its on the river Ancholme – have to confess, I never heard of it! Brigg is a funny little place, it seems to be somewhere else I’d like to be from. 

I wonder where I’d really like to be from? Bedford was ok, thats where I was brought up, now I’m from Barnsley, or near it, but really I think I’m still from Bedford, but I have very little desire to go back, but I’m still “from” there. How strange, perhaps I’d have been happier being a millionaire, more toys to play with? I think perhaps I’m more place oriented, or perhaps its people I crave? Or just personal space? I don’t know, its cold and its dull and rainy, so I’m just gabbling on on wordpress. 

This is all a little out of date, cos I recently discovered Rawcliffe and Snaith, Snaith! LOL You got to love a place name like that surely? I’m not adding them, cos I’m done with this, but those 2 places are pretty cool, Snaith has its own brewery – I’m drawn to it!

Now here’s a music video to completely upstage my dreary ramblings!!

Motorbike ride movie + Music!!

I had the week off & Thursday I went for a bike ride, just out to the local bike stop,  I wanted to try the heated handle grips out which I install for the winter months, so I have the handlebar muffs on, that way I can use my summer gloves, which are more comfortable to ride in, and still have my hands toasty and warm. The trees and shrubs are all red and golden in colour, so its quite beautiful this time of year, I clipped the hemet camera on and set off. Unfortunately, I forgot to clean the lens, so its a bit blurry, but hey ho!



Well it all went pretty good, everything worked fine, and I got some footage which I edited down to 15mins, and created some of my own music to replace the general wind noise captured by the camera. I had considered just putting a load of ABBA music on it, (not that I have any) but I do love ABBA, so many great songs, and its biker music! All bikers love ABBA!

Anyhow, I ended up deciding to record my own music, you’d think it would take an hr or 2, but instead took more like 11 hrs, or 16, who knows? It took ages, now its gone midnight, back to work tomorrow, and I still haven’t really finished sorting this out!

I did 3 tracks, titled as follows

(1) Black Toenail

(2) How to keep an Asshole happy

(3) Into the Sun

Honestly, the computer has crashed so many times doing this, its high time I got it fixed, we’re taking GB’s of trouble here – and the music! Don’t even! Black Toenail was the hardest, I did 11 versions, in the end, I had to cut out all the melody, I’m not a musician, I just do this for you lot, I just wish you were more appreciative! LOL  Yeah, the struggle is real people! I’m actually mildly proud of the last track, funny how creativity works, cos Black Toenail was so difficult to get anywhere near presentable, yet Into the Sun was a one shot affair – and that was the only one I actually gave any serious thought to before I began! Normally its the other way around!

I’m actually pretty pleased now, cos I finally managed to upload the video – so I can post my blog, and go to bed shortly! This way, I get my life back – no more music for a bit! You do realise, when you’re doing music, you cant listen to other stuff while you’re doing your own? Its impossible! 2 records at once – it doesn’t work!! Argh!

Walk / Don’t Walk?

I woke up this morning with the theme tune to “Sykes” in my head – its a TV sitcom from the 70s which we used to watch growing up. The show starred Eric Sykes, and Hattie Jacques as his sister, then there was Corky, the local bobby, + Mr Brown, the next door neighbour. All excellent character actors and very funny too! 

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Those characters remind me of the old Giles cartoons, they appeared daily in a newspaper from God knows, before the war, till way into the 70s – there were crazy looking characters like Granny, a sturdy looking victorian lady, and Chalky, the school teacher, Aunt Vera, a skinny woman who always had a cold, hence the hanky! There was a lot of love for the people in those cartoons, and in Sykes’ TV show too. 

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If you click this link, and click the random image button, you can see random Giles cartoons which show the way we lived over those 50yrs or so, amazing! So much has changed!

Eric Sykes was such a great guy, I don’t know him and never met him, but you can tell he’s a good guy just by the roles he played and the way he did them. Sykes, like a lot of his generation had been in WW2, thats how you got comedians like Spike Milligan, Peter Sellars, (and without doubt loads of others) I just looked up Sykes and it does say he started out entertaining troops – doesn’t surprise me at all.

Anyhow, I watched all those growing up, then years later, I saw an old film on TV called “One Way Pendulum” Sykes was in it, and some other guy who had some speak your weight machines in his attic which he was teaching to sing! LMAO That was a very funny idea for a story! By the end of it, he had them all swinging the Hallelujah Chorus! 😀

Go forward to 37mins, and you’ll see the singing weighing machines! 😀 😀

The last performance by Sykes which I saw was in the film “The Others” thats a pretty good film, perhaps he was thinking back to his memories of those war ghosts, thats a pretty chilling film that.


Later today, I had this little bit of song in my head going “Walk don’t walk, Talk don’t Talk” and I thought, what was that? Then I remembered, Boomtown Rats, “Rat Trap” well its like its from a completely different era – but its only a few years after!