A trip to Edinburgh!

Last week we went to Edinburgh for a couple of nights, Edinburgh is probably the worlds best city, as it has a stonking great castle on a rugged rock, right at the centre – my mother came from Scotland, she used to say to me, “Round and Round the Rugged Rock, the Ragged Rascal Ran” – not something I actually do, since I don’t regard myself as a rascal, and neither am I ragged, but I do enjoy the Scottish accent, particularly the ability to roll the ‘R’ – mother used to say “Ogden, can you roll your R’s?” Sadly that capacity is beyond me – it seems that while I am half Scots from birth, the ability to roll R’s is apparently not genetic.

To see photos of the trip, scroll down, but first, here’s a few songs I have been thinking about at work this morning.

 Fields of the Nephilim, Last Exit for the Lost

Well its goth isn’t it, so what do you expect? Course its really sombre and moody,  but it is quite spiritual, and thats what I’m getting at – spiritual stuff! Impending doom! Thats what I’m talking about – yeah!

VNV Nation – Perpetual

Not sure I posted this before, but its another spiritual one, I regard it as a love song, but what else could it be about?

No need of sun to light the way

Across the ages, we have reigned as we endured

Through the storm fronts we will ever surely pass

To stand as never ending light


Psy’Avia – Face to Face

Well I thought this one is the most overtly romantic, but when I looked it up, it says its about the film Interstellar! Thats a great film, and one of my favs, but I cant imagine the singer’s motivation was that guy in the film – surely??

Oh well, back to plant earth! Edinburgh!



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  2. Ben Naga · December 15

    ‘“Ogden, can you roll your R’s?” Sadly that capacity is beyond me.’ It’s all about using your tongue rather than gullet. 🙂
    Now me, I can barely whistle and as for clicking my fingers? Nada!


  3. Tosha Michelle · December 16

    Beautiful. Hope to go there in the spring

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  4. draculauren · December 26

    What a perfectly gloomy city! I’d love to explore it and my eyes are delighted by all the fine photos you took. I can roll my R’s, I’m ready for my award! I’m also a fan of the Scottish accent. 😀 Some nice song choices, I’ve been meaning to check out more from Fields of the Nephilum.

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    • Ogden Fahey · December 27

      Oh well you’ll be welcome in Edinburgh with your rolling Rrrrs!

      Oh yeah, Fields of the Nephilim! I saw them when they were a tiny undiscovered act, with no records out, thought they were brill, saw them a few times on the circuit, then forgot about them more or less, apart from the albums and singles which I snapped most up, then they played nearby, so we went and it was packed, an absolute fan-fest, amazing night with tons of atmosphere, I had no idea how big they’d become – I felt vindicated! I met Carl, the singer at a punk gig yrs ago and shook his hand – so theres the reason he seceded right there!! 😀 😀 😉

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      • draculauren · December 28

        Rrrready or not, here I come!

        Brill is another one of those words (along with posh) that come out of your area that I think are fun words. A lucky ducky you were! You’ve got to see so many great performers over the years. And you probably never washed your hand again. 😀

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      • Ogden Fahey · December 28

        Thats a funny thought, cos at the time, I just had to go over and shake his hand, but I never imagined he was going to go on to such greatness! I think maybe the first single was out, (which I assumed maybe their last) Nowadays, that single changes hands for high sums, but not my version, it seems that there were more exclusive copies than the one I got – think I got mine from the local record shop, so others were clearly more on the ball than I was – even so, I knew it was original and fab what he was doing!

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  5. draculauren · January 2

    Original and fab, hey I know someone else that fits those descriptions, too. 😊

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