F*ck the Casbah!

I’m just gonna bash this story out real quick while I think of it, they played this song on the radio on Monday, and it stuck in my mind, as the DJ said, thats a nice song isn’t it?



Then I was thinking what was that other one I liked? And that in turn reminded me of this little thing – I’d been to this pub, with a friend, and got invited to this party, sort of divorced and singles type of thing, in a house in the Black Tom area of Bedford, its just about 6 or 7streets of terraced houses, I didn’t know anyone else there really as far as I remember, but everyone there was really drunk and raucous – the song Rock the Casbah came on, and everyone dancing in the kitchen and front room was singing, nay, shouting “They really don’t like it – Fuck the neighbours, Fuck the neighbours!”


Well, I doubt they’d have liked that, perhaps the cops came and told them to turn it down, I don’t know, I’d had a few myself. After a couple of hours most people were crashing out for the night, I got the impression the upstairs rooms were busy! Mostly these were people who just wanted someone to hold onto for the night, nowt wrong with that in all honesty – this is before AIDS and all that. So anyhow, I was one of the last left standing, me and this girl in the front room, someone told me she was Scottish, just come down from a bad marriage, she was dancing alone to the song Get along without you now – I thought it was sweet, I liked that song, I’d not heard it before.

She looked a bit of a hard case, she had the look of a girl who could gut a man like a fish if you crossed her, so I think I went and rattled a few half empties looking for a bit more courage – when the song ended, I think she returned the needle to the start and played it again. She had quick eyes, and I think she saw me watching her, if she’d have smiled she’d have been utterly beautiful, but tonight she looked like she’d not smiled since she was 6 – which was anyhow beyond the scope of my imagination at that point. What I needed was a good shag, but I was already in love with this chick, I didn’t want to get stabbed, or marry her, or whatever, lets just talk I thought, as I walked back into the room, but she was gone!

I remember a few weeks or months later I ran into one of those guys and asked if they still have those parties and he said no, not anymore cos someone stole 10 kilos of frozen meat from his freezer!! I don’t know – some people!! 😀 😀



In my life its been mostly blah, blah, this – and blah, blah, that, so who would’ve guessed it would turn out like it did? I do get the urge to blog about it just a bit here, so I jot down notes to self occasionally to use later and look clever, but then sometimes I just dump all those, due to time being what it is, once the moment has gone, its just “gone” you know? Don’t you find that? Ya wanna do something, or say something, so you save it for later but then its gone, if you didn’t say it then, at that moment, there’s no meaning to repeat it later – what a bummer! Some of the best ever moments, Gone! Well, not this time! I got it written down as I did it, its there! Right there! Isn’t it brilliant!!

Perhaps the message here is I got nothing, nothing at all to offer, but I’m trying! Thats really honest isn’t it? Can one “make it” being honest? Or does one have to lie, invent, steal, and so on? Well look at me for your answer! I’m really not doing very well, and I’m a bit of a loser, but I got this! This bit of shit! Its mine! All mine!! 

Got you! You all fell for it! I’m doing ever so well, I lied and cheated myself, my own inner self, till I’d got so much shit I didn’t even recognise what I became! Haha, the jokes on me! OR is it?? 

Well really I don’t have any answers to anything, I’m a bit dumb – you know Scottish accents right? They can be pretty rough sounding? Well I was doing some painting the other week, I was really struggling, cos this one picture, its getting a bit repetitive, trying to get it right, then every few weeks coming back round to where you were before, and its still shit and not working, and I was thinking of this Scottish voice, really harshly saying “Ya Dafty Bastard, ya can’t do it!” Well thats quite disheartening, “Dafty” the Scots accent is quite good at doing ridicule and bullying in general, my mate, who wasn’t Scottish used to say (Scots accent) “I’m not your focking Mother!” LOL It  was a joke between the two of us, we both admired hard men I guess – thing is, if you go around admiring hard men, you become one yourself, incapable of feeling – not realising that hard men themselves, actually feel quite a lot! They just look like they don’t, they reserve their moments of pathetic self loathing for elsewhere – Ok,  I read its good to cry, so I’m off to slam my dick in the door / I mean do some more painting – See You! 😀 

Went to see Sparks last year, in the middle of a quite rocking set, they played this really off the wall song, I thought it was a bit of a joke at first, (a lot of their songs have that slant on them) but then it built up and up into this big crescendo – if that the right word?  I may have posted this before, if so, here it is again! 😀 


Media Man

I was playing some Flash and the Pan earlier, and thought this song is quite apt – its says it all, we have this Brexit nonsense, it really winds me up, people want this and that which they can’t have some instant solution to complex problems to the point where they are prepared to yell at each other, putting everything that generations have worked for at risk, baby bathwater and all.

Check out these lyrics, I think the media has a lot to answer for, as do politicians for following their lead.

I’m more interested in this guys take on it than the newspapers (which I never buy or read) or the talking heads on TV – he sees right through it all, a really good artist 🙂

Anyhow, the song is called “Searching for a Headline” I cant actually find it online, but I can show the lyrics, and instead post another of their songs titled “Media Man” which has a similar theme, it seems the writer had a healthy mistrust of the media!

Searching for a Headline

It’s the time, it’s the day, it’s the season

That’s OK, it’s understood

It’s the dream and the plan and the reason

As they say, as they would

Sometimes you see, see it shining clear

Sometimes you feel, feel them in your ear

Broadcasting ego’s coming in on you

It’s just a feeling somebody’s on the screw


Searching for a headline

Searching, everybody

Searching for a headline

Searching for a headline


There’s a rage in the change to the weather

So they claim, it’s overdue

There’s a turd in the word of the blether

Just a fraud, through and through

Sometimes you see, see him closing in

Sometimes you feel, feel they’re gonna win

Broadcasting ego’s trying to push a hit

It’s just a feeling they shovelling you shit


Searching for a headline

Searching, everybody

Searching for a headline

Searching for a headline


Somebody leaks to the paper

It’s just a buck in the till

It’s just a laugh, just a caper

And everybody smile until they get the bill


(guitar solo)

[ad lib]


It’s the tale in the grail on the grapevine, on the grapevine

Get the word (it’s the word) up to date (and it’s late)

It’s the grit if it fit on the hateline (from the dateline)

It’s the sell (and it yell) to relate


Sometimes you see, see them use their tool

Sometimes you feel they take you for a fool

Broadcasting ego creeping up on you

It’s just a feeling there’s crap all over you


Searching for a headline

Searching, everybody

Searching for a headline


Everybody, you and me

This is democracy

This is bullshit


Exit my Brexit?

Walking trough town today looking at the faces of the people, I look at the men as much as the women – thats a sign I’m older! When I was younger, I barely looked at the men, I just didn’t care about them! As one gets older, ah well, leaving that aside, I find I can see the boy inside, even on the ageing faces. They aren’t very happy faces today, because the news is bad – very bad! We (as a nation) voted to “Take Back Control” in the ludicrous vote to leave the European Union – yeah, Ludicrous! People felt they had no power, and they wanted back what was stolen from them, whatever that might have been, or turn out to be – really! 

On March 23rd, or whatever, we are going to be leaving the EU, possibly much to our detriment, but I just bet that on that day, people are going to be feeling a whole lot better – they aint gona be putting up with this shit any longer! The people have spoken! It won’t matter at first if the whole thing is a complete and utter disaster, because it’ll be theirs! They will own it – it’ll be theirs, and in years to come, they’ll be telling their grandkids, “Yes, it was us, and it was me, who fucked this country right up! And it was beautiful!” 

Perhaps its something about the class system, or perhaps people have been lied to, one way and another, but either way, we’re leaving the EU, things are going to get pretty weird!

I heard this song o the internet radio the other day, its called

Driving Woman, by Japanese Breakfast

And now, some more fun old songs from Flash and the Pan, cos I don’t think they’re available anywhere else (unless its on a compilation album)

Ivy Love

Bad Love

Yesterdays Gone


Random Ramblings

I watched this thing about Waco on TV last weekend, it was pretty interesting, cos those people all went out there seeking some kind of enlightenment, and then they all got killed by these lunatics from the government, well, thats one way of looking at it. They mentioned there’s a podcast about it all, so I been playing that off and on during the week. I come from a religious family myself, so I do find it interesting the lengths people will go to over belief, and chasing some inner spark, I can’t condone things I don’t believe in myself of course, but I don’t want to condemn people who do, or don’t or whatever. Its a conundrum.


Just been sorting some old photos on the computer and this reminded me of something tickles my fancy – we’re half way up these mountains in the middle of nowhere, me and Louise, (my partner) I’d been wanting to do this walk for years, its call “High Street” – (its not a street, but it is high) Its an old Roman route, they used to march over the tops cos it was safer than fighting the locals in the valleys, anyhow, this route, it was also used for horse racing in the middle ages, God knows why they wanted to go up there to race horses, it takes half a day just to get there on foot! I’d attempted it a couple of times before, but it was rained off, this time the weather was perfect, so I wasn’t about to give in – not this time! So we struggled up the hills, and got onto the higher plains and were able to stroll along, no time to rest really much, cos its a long walk, you got to get down to where the ferry goes home, or else its going to take twice the time and effort to get back to camp. So we’re wandering along, and right up there in the middle of nowhere there’s this woman sat resting on a little stool, so I say hi, and keep going, then Louise gets to her and of course she stops for a natter, the old biddy gave her some home made flap-jacks! Thats women for you! Women help each other out, I’m thinking WTF? We’re in the middle of nowhere, and there’s a woman whose thought ahead – perhaps there’ll be another woman up there who needs a flap-jack to keep her spirits up? I know, I’ll make some extra flap-jacks and take them tomorrow!



Years ago, when I was a teenager, me and a bunch of mates decided to go and see the night time drag racing and fireworks at Santa-Pod racetrack, but because we didn’t have any money, (or were just in disagreement with the idea of spending half a weeks teenage wage on getting in) we decided to go in across the fields in the dark and see the spectacle for free. Well we had to cross this ploughed field in the pitch dark of night, no problem for rascals like us, we specialised in trespassing on private land back then, used to adore the freedom my friends seemed to indulge in as regards exploring forbidden places. There was an old WW2 airfield near us, we used to go up there and poke around, also we used to go out rabbiting with ferrets, then have to run for it if the farmer came along! Lots of LOLS – anyhow, this time, we were crossing this field in the pitch dark, and suddenly there was the sound of ferocious dogs baying and barking insanely! We all ran for it, stumbling over the furrows and having to try to see by moonlight, it was so dark, and all the while the dogs seemed to be getting closer, I could almost feel them snapping at my heels – pretty damn thrilling I have to say, I know what it would be like to be an escaped convict – you felt you couldn’t look back, because they’d get you! You want to be chewed by a ferocious damn dog? No, of course not! Thats why we kept running, then almost suddenly, the noise receded, and we were able to stroll into the back of the racetrack through the car park! Hmm, quite a night that, I never forgot it!



I’ll just add a song here – a nice soft rock version of Shout (tears for fears) covered by Arch Enemy 😀

Too much? LOL well its new out!!

Flash and the Pan

Rolled into Sheffield on Saturday to do some shopping, and as I looked out the car window I spotted some guy going into his home and it crossed my mind, this is what we humans do. They come out their homes, and do things, then they go back inside – this is one of my rare moments of clarity, where I realise something of significance, I like the analogy of Ants, you know how an ant colony works? All working away, all knowing what they have to do? Perhaps they need to go fix the car, go to the pub or football match, get a newspaper to find out whats going on, or go to work, its all the same really, going out, then going back in. Of course its far more complex and interesting for women, but essentially for men, there’s really not much to it, and no need to question the overall outcomes – of course this may have been a great philosopher, pondering something of great import for us all, but really, that doesn’t matter, he’s still “but an ant” In fact, even the Queen has her role, its just something to do I suppose. 

Did you ever wonder what happens to an ant after it dies? Well I googled and it says after a couple of days, they start to smell, so the other ants take the dead one and dump it on the dead ant pile – thats that really!

Well its that time of year I think, where we have to be thankful for xmas and new year – how much more depressing might it be if it weren’t for that annual intrusion into an otherwise shit season. But I’m not depressed, no, not really, well, Ok, I am, horribly depressed, life is appalling, there’s a cat huddled on my lap trying to keep warm, she’s been there for months and I cant move – and she’s depressed too! We all got to wait for the sun to return, and it could be months! 

Its at times like this that I would listen to Flash and the Pan. I’m not actually listening to them now, cos I’m actually quite cheerful, I probably wouldn’t listen to them if I was genuinely depressed as such, (under those circumstances I’d probably just go into a cold dark corner and weep) 

Anyhow, I been listening to them for a few years, collecting rare CD’s and wondering why an anthology box set isn’t available – About 5 years ago, I was thinking about their hit song Waiting for a Train, and I read that they were former members of the 60’s Ozzy band The Easybeats. Wow, I really like both those songs – then I probably forgot about it, and a year or 2 later, I was thinking what was that band I was gona check out more of their stuff? So anyhow, I did, and it turns out Flash and the Pan done loads of good songs, Loads! They have like 6 albums, and they’re all good!

I’d been meaning to share my love for Flash and the Pan in a blog for a while, but wasn’t sure how to do it, I don’t know how to do them justice – cos they were so good! I’d have to post about 60 songs, cos there’s something about each and every one I like – how extraordinary! I don’t play them all the time, I keep them for a certain mood, or more likely to avoid a certain mood – I don’t have anything else like it.

Flash and the Pan has these 2 members from the Easybeats, but also George Young has 2 brothers who formed rock group AC/DC – thats a whole lot of success for one family! Their music isn’t anything like hard rock, I’ll add a few songs below 🙂




Addendum: I was thinking of this song by them at work this morning, its called “Love is the Gun”

I just like the arrangement of the music on it – but also the lyrics, they’re so existential! I love that!

This one is called Money Don’t Lie

Its rocking one that, but then you get a song like Lights in the Night

“Sitting in the kitchen, Coffee on the boil – Staring at the bacon, goodbye olive oil” Ha, ha, only an Ozzy would come up with a lyric like that! But then later he’s saying “What’s it like in the light? Its easy to believe in lights in the night” I find that so deep – but is he just relating all this to masturbation??

Oh yeah -another hit! Walking in the Rain, Grace Jones had a big hit with this song, but its a Flash and the Pan original!

I could go on and on – there’s only about 3 songs across the 6 albums that I’m not overly fond of! Blimey! 🙂


Happy New year everyone! its been a tough year – I’ve paid my dues time after time, I’ve done my sentence but committed no crime. And bad mistakes, I’ve made a few, I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face but I’ve come through! And we mean to go on and on and on and on. We are the champions, my friends, and we’ll keep on fighting till the end. We are the champions We are the champions, no time for losers ’cause we are the champions of the world. 🙂