Exit my Brexit?

Walking trough town today looking at the faces of the people, I look at the men as much as the women – thats a sign I’m older! When I was younger, I barely looked at the men, I just didn’t care about them! As one gets older, ah well, leaving that aside, I find I can see the boy inside, even on the ageing faces. They aren’t very happy faces today, because the news is bad – very bad! We (as a nation) voted to “Take Back Control” in the ludicrous vote to leave the European Union – yeah, Ludicrous! People felt they had no power, and they wanted back what was stolen from them, whatever that might have been, or turn out to be – really! 

On March 23rd, or whatever, we are going to be leaving the EU, possibly much to our detriment, but I just bet that on that day, people are going to be feeling a whole lot better – they aint gona be putting up with this shit any longer! The people have spoken! It won’t matter at first if the whole thing is a complete and utter disaster, because it’ll be theirs! They will own it – it’ll be theirs, and in years to come, they’ll be telling their grandkids, “Yes, it was us, and it was me, who fucked this country right up! And it was beautiful!” 

Perhaps its something about the class system, or perhaps people have been lied to, one way and another, but either way, we’re leaving the EU, things are going to get pretty weird!

I heard this song o the internet radio the other day, its called

Driving Woman, by Japanese Breakfast

And now, some more fun old songs from Flash and the Pan, cos I don’t think they’re available anywhere else (unless its on a compilation album)

Ivy Love

Bad Love

Yesterdays Gone



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