F*ck the Casbah!

I’m just gonna bash this story out real quick while I think of it, they played this song on the radio on Monday, and it stuck in my mind, as the DJ said, thats a nice song isn’t it?



Then I was thinking what was that other one I liked? And that in turn reminded me of this little thing – I’d been to this pub, with a friend, and got invited to this party, sort of divorced and singles type of thing, in a house in the Black Tom area of Bedford, its just about 6 or 7streets of terraced houses, I didn’t know anyone else there really as far as I remember, but everyone there was really drunk and raucous – the song Rock the Casbah came on, and everyone dancing in the kitchen and front room was singing, nay, shouting “They really don’t like it – Fuck the neighbours, Fuck the neighbours!”


Well, I doubt they’d have liked that, perhaps the cops came and told them to turn it down, I don’t know, I’d had a few myself. After a couple of hours most people were crashing out for the night, I got the impression the upstairs rooms were busy! Mostly these were people who just wanted someone to hold onto for the night, nowt wrong with that in all honesty – this is before AIDS and all that. So anyhow, I was one of the last left standing, me and this girl in the front room, someone told me she was Scottish, just come down from a bad marriage, she was dancing alone to the song Get along without you now – I thought it was sweet, I liked that song, I’d not heard it before.

She looked a bit of a hard case, she had the look of a girl who could gut a man like a fish if you crossed her, so I think I went and rattled a few half empties looking for a bit more courage – when the song ended, I think she returned the needle to the start and played it again. She had quick eyes, and I think she saw me watching her, if she’d have smiled she’d have been utterly beautiful, but tonight she looked like she’d not smiled since she was 6 – which was anyhow beyond the scope of my imagination at that point. What I needed was a good shag, but I was already in love with this chick, I didn’t want to get stabbed, or marry her, or whatever, lets just talk I thought, as I walked back into the room, but she was gone!

I remember a few weeks or months later I ran into one of those guys and asked if they still have those parties and he said no, not anymore cos someone stole 10 kilos of frozen meat from his freezer!! I don’t know – some people!! 😀 😀




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  2. chrisnelson61 · February 3

    Loved reading this. Sort of takes me back, in an odd way.

    Liked by 1 person

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