2 Jolly good songs!

Here’s a jolly good song from 1964, the year of my birth! 

Thats pretty good, I like the feet stomping bit, its like 2 hit songs bashed together!

While I’m thinking backwards, I just thought of this song, and a whole load of stuff I could rant on about how the music evolved between 64’ and 95’ when this come out – but I think I’ll just play the song instead 🙂 

Quite nice!

Can people tell if you’re happy? What if people can tell, and it gives them encouragement to ya know, think about you? What if you got custard coloured hair? Its not going to make any difference is it? I just got done reading Slaughterhouse 5, Kurt Vonnegut – pretty good, I might have read that years ago, but didn’t, I heard of him a long time ago, and always meant to read his book and now I have, a masterpiece without doubt, the sort of book where the author clearly spent time perfecting his work, there’s not a sentence in the whole thing that isn’t worth reading properly, its the subject matter and the approach which makes it. If you read this book and dismiss it, your a dick and can just about drop dead for all I care – its that good kind of a good book!

Here’s a song that just come into my head, I have no idea what its about! LMAO

Here’s another one – kind of romantic and quite nice, not really my scene, I’m not that kind of guy really, I’m more of an “eat your soul type” 

Thats really English and nice isn’t it? I’m not mad about it or anything, but its been playing on my mind for a while now, and I don’t know why, other than its quite nice – I’m not the sort of guy to go around thinking nice thoughts, I mean not openly, so this is a first – you ain’t seen me, right!?!  Yeah, I’m getting the hang of this “quite nice” thing now – I’m not into hyperbole tho, ok? “Quite nice”, is quite nice – yeah, it is!

The most dangerous thing what I ever done

In summer of 1979, I was 14 just turned 15 on holiday in Criccieth North Wales, I was at that age where everything is either boring, or brilliant – (I haven’t changed much)

Tom Pearce, Tom Pearce, lend me your grey mare

All along down along out along lee

For I want to go to Widecombe Fair

with Bill Brewer 

Stan Stewer,

Peter Garvey,

Peter Davey,

Dan Whiddon,

Harry Hawk,

Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all,

Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all


WTF is that? You may ask? That’s a whole other story is what that is!

Here’s a song from 1979 just to provide contrast and illustrate my point.


So anyhow, it was a nice day in sunny seaside Criccieth, so I decided to go for a swim. The waves were big, and it was a lot of fun, everyone jumping the waves and being carried high then dropped back down again, here the waves were about 9 foot high peaks, lowering to 4 foot in the troughs, I was enjoying it so much I went a bit deeper, soon enough I wasn’t touching the bottom and the peaks must have been 12 foot or more, even the troughs somewhere over 6 feet as I rarely touched the bottom. I was only there 20 mins or half an hour, the troughs were now so deep you couldn’t see the land or the horizon from the bottoms, just a wall of water receding and another coming in – it was like a roller coaster, and getting a bit crazy, clearly the weather had turned, there was a greyness to the sky which was turning black – from the next high peak I could see the land, and it was a bit worrying, I was apparently the only one still in the water, the people on the beach looked like far away ants.

Just 2 or 3 more big waves and it was time to go in – no helicopters or lifeguards were required in the making of this story, perhaps the tide was going in? I didn’t find it too hard to get back, tho the ferocity of the waves became apparent as they broke over my back throwing me forward several times. Now That – was Fun!

Later that evening, we returned to town to see the sea now battering the seafront, 20 – 30 footers were raining down the wrath of the gods onto the front there, waves the like of which I have never seen before or since.

Later news came in of the Fastnet boat race disaster, fair weather had turned foul, blowing some contestants hundreds of miles off course – reports of “mountainous seas” resulted in 19 fatalities, I’m glad I wasn’t in a boat that night, I felt I’d got out the water at just the right time, or else I’d have been still shaking hands with them now.



I just want to add, don’t forget about the appeal for the victims of the current flooding in Africa – perhaps thats why I was recalling this story, tho I wasn’t aware of it till now.

Cyclone Idai Appeal

No Memory!

Chatting about some stuff at work on TV recently, such as the Michael Jackson debacle, some don’t want to believe it, while others mull over the awful details, truly dreadful. 

Another recent program about homelessness in Manchester (UK) – the effects strike me as similar to genocide on the part of the governments abdication of responsibility, while others just see self neglect. Which is true? We never saw these levels of homelessness and self destruction on the streets before, is it really self destruction if those involved are beyond the ability to help themselves? 

A couple of years ago, top politician Michael Gove stated the people of this country have had enough of experts – this got me thinking about Pol Pot! One wonders if they’ll be coming for intellectuals next? No need to actively destroy them, just leave them out of the picture, same as with the homeless – 

Thinking all this over, I sometimes find a song will come to mind as I work, on this occasion it was one by  Discharge – Accessories by Molotov, obviously a protest song, this music is sometimes referred to as “The D Beat” – I think its about society and culture gone horribly wrong – which is where I believe we are at!

On the radio they were playing Adele – Someone Like You, which is all very nice, but here’s one I was thinking of sharing earlier last week, Scarlet Fantastic – No Memory which is so much better! 


You know that feeling when you’re going round in circles? I mean big ones, like sometimes its just over the course of an afternoon, but sometimes its from years ago? And I do mean years! 

This group called Jason and the Scorchers are coming to Sheffield in Sept, I used to listen to them back in the 80s, it was really off the wall stuff, they come from Nashville, and have been categorised as “CowPunk” which is a bit comedy, cos punk was always very urban, not country, but I liked that about them, cos I was a country boy too, and I loved urban punk, but there wasn’t anything for country boys in punk really, all the urban boys were sniffin’ glue, hanging out in PVC gear and doing urban things, and tho I was a country boy, I had no desire to go to a barn dance, at least not until CowPunk came along! What a great idea! It was really just rock n roll, but it was damn good and smoking’ hot stuff! I loved that band and bought several albums over the next 10 yrs I should think, cos I was def still listening to them when I was still “me” in the 90s. I remember a pal used to come from next door and we’d play some music, one day he got a strop on about Jason and the Scorchers saying “I don’t see whats so good about them anyway! Well, he liked all that rockabilly stuff, and I just didn’t like that at all hardly, I could do without that! 

Anyhow, after that phase of my life, techno and dance stuff came in, and then I don’t know, EBM, all sorts of stuff, I almost forgot about my old roots back there i the country. I’d always been pretty much against country music anyhow, hate the stuff, not the Scorchers, cos they were hot! But no, country, you can keep it – has no use.

So anyway – I don’t do country, that not me ok? But I do do Jason and the Scorchers, oh yes!

So anyhow, because they’re playing in Sheffield in Sept, I pulled out some old records and played em, and I still love those loveable country boys! It took me right back to play that again, I’m gonna go to that gig and see them live in sept, that’ll sure be fun – and thats when I got the feeling I’m going round in circles, big ones, like 25-30yr ones. I was just a good ol’ country boy back then when I first heard them, I remember buying the single and playing it in my friends kitchen, we had a right old laugh – but it was good! This was music to get down too – not in a cool nonchalant way, this was music made you want to just jump into the fray and go Yee-ha! 

Thats weird for me, I’m used to music that makes me think hmm, spiritual, or, oh, sad, or sometimes its wowza, funky! I dont do a lot of funk, only if its really good, mostly I like dark and broody, I like aggressive and offensive music, music that attacks and destroys my insecurities and explodes my repressed anxieties. I like music that makes me think – where I have to do maths to figure it out, like a puzzle solving exercise – I want to know what the others think about, I like to voyeur my way through music – there’s a million different musical experiences in my collection, but there’s only one band that says to me “This Is CowPunk!” 

So that’s the thing, Who knew I still got CowPunk in me? I didn’t, I’m glad I do tho, cos its fun! 





[Edit] Just did a bit of riffmatic, and realised its actually more like 35 yrs since I first started listening to this music – which is a long old time, how did that happen? But since I went on listening for about 10yrs, its only about 25yrs since that point, which isn’t such a long time as all that, or so I tell myself!

You guys might as well regard my posts as messages from beyond the grave!

Now these guys were really more country than punk, here’s some country wailing



And some more high kicking’ stuff!

3 good movies!

3 good foreign language films to see:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . and Spring


You, The Living


Take Care of your Scarf Tatiana


These 3 films are hot tips! The first is slow paced and beautiful, the 2nd is about city life, its mixed up and surreal, the 3rd is a strange indescribable comedy.

These are 3 stand out films I seen over the last 10yrs or so – anyone got any recommendations for me? I loved these so much, I’d be so pleased to see anything as good 🙂