Poison Summer

Summer so far has been a bit poop, due to the weather, and that got me thinking about that song about the Poison Summer, so I googled it, and its not got the word poison in it at all – its a misheard lyric! I’m sort of a little disappointed, cos I thought the idea of a Poison Summer song was a pretty good one, it appealed to my darker imaginings of what the song was about. “After the poison Summer has gone”

Anyhow, turns out its by the guy out of the Eagles, I guess the clue was in the title, but I think he should re-record it properly, don’t you?



Then I got thinking about what other songs there are in my memory, and I thought of this one, which I thought was by Robert Palmer, but its actually 2 guys out of 10cc! Its a good song, I like the woah, woah, woah, parts!



So then I got to thinking what other songs did Robert Palmer do / not do?  Turns out there’s loads – he’s not far behind the mighty Phill Collins in terms of hits!

He started out in the 60’s, there’s something about those old guys, they seemed to be able to put songs together in a way that people from later generations can’t. I think its to do with the self confidence which was rife at the time, pop music being fresh and new and all that.

His big hits started in the 80’s, here he sounds quite new wave, I suppose he would have been 30ish.



I remember this one too, I thought it was probably Joe Jackson or someone, its cool 🙂



In 2003 he had a fatal heart attack aged 54.   He was married twice, this second time, he married a girl who’s checklist of questions potential lovers had to answer were

Do you have a job?

Do you have furniture?

Do you know who Robert Palmer is?

She said it was all a fun joke, but it turned into something when she actually met him! Good line anyhow, I’d have gone for that too! (were I Robert Palmer, with a job and furniture)

Anyway, here’s another I’d have guessed was by him if I’d been paying attention better, another good song with originality!


Well everyone knows this one, but you got to include it dont ya! 😀 😀





When is rainy, or when I’m at work, and I’m stuck there, I often think about going out on my motorbike to my fav places, one place I often think of is called Towton, about 20 miles away, I only found it a few years ago,  – there’s not much there, but what caught my interest was there’s a sign there for the battle of Towton, which I’d never heard of, so one time I decided to pull over and have a look. 

Turns out this wasn’t an English civil war battle, it was much older, you could always look it up, cos its too complicated really to go into, but it was the War of the Roses, not over actual roses, but the 2 sides had a red rose and a white rose as their emblem, so I expect it was over colour schemes really.

That was all in 1461, you won’t find any old musket balls there, cos they didn’t have them yet, they had to bludgeon each other to death with clubs and swords and spears and also bows and arrows. It has been described as probably the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil, causing the deaths of 28,000+. (Thats pretty impressive when you think of the butchery)  They have all these info boards up there which says this is where the army was situated, and that army came from over that way, near Castleford, (which I am also familiar with) – its a big shopping centre now with big busy roads and motorways, but back then it was all marshland, so obviously that would have been pretty muddy – especially cold too, as it was snowing the day of the battle.

I found it quite interesting to read the history and think about it all, its hard to process it really, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to “do” with that – it just is what it is really. 

Anyhow, I’d like to go up there again some time, and try to soak up some more of the atmosphere, its all farm land now, but you can still see the lay of the land, and imagine it all going on. 

Another place I often think about, I only went there once, just passed through it – I think it was in North Lincolnshire, its a fairly neglected part of the country. There was this really wide road, with houses lining it, and at the top of the hill, there was a Y junction, with a pub on it. It just seemed to have an atmosphere, when I was a kid, there was a pub on a Y junction which was my local, but this pub looked a lot less homely. Sort of place where you go in for a drink, and within 10 mins, some idiot is calling you a “basterd” and demanding your response! I didn’t stop, I wasn’t looking for a drink, or a fight – but the place appealed to me. You know when you find a place, and you feel that you know what it is, and how it works? 

I imagine it had some industry which was important to it some 75 years ago or whatever, and now its fallen on hard times – it was hard back then too, but at least back then there were still some people who cared – now its all “has beens”. You can still move there, its pretty cheap cos its so unappealing, but say you fall in love, and raise a breed of your own, you got to stand up for yourself, you get up that hill to that pub and if some prat comes passing through on a fancy motorbike – well you just call that basterd out! Show him a thing or two!

I don’t know where that place is now, I just passed through there that one time, and I’d be so happy if I found it again – it left an impression on me somehow – I think it was quite a sunny day, and I was feeling cheerful and imaginative! 🙂 

That place was a bit like that film where Clint Eastwood paints the town red, and puts a sign up to say “Welcome to Hell” Only I think it would be him that would be lynched in the morning if he tried it there!

On a completely different note:

Yesterday evening, I watched an old film I never saw before called “The Go Between” about this kid, he’s out of his comfort zone staying with these posh folks up at the big hall – he’s sort of middle class, then there’s this other character who’s very much working class, a labourer (Alan Bates) who’s having a fling with this posh bird (Julie Christie) and he’s caught up in the middle of it. It was a good film to watch, I quite enjoyed it!

You want the 1971 version, I haven’t seen the new one, but I saw a trailer and I doubt its any better than this version – those are good actors! Here’s a scene from it, I can’t find a trailer, its a good scene well acted, but you have to see the whole thing really, it makes a change from other crap they put on!

Here’s another amusing scene! LOL

Godley + Creme

One probably oughtn’t to post on wordpress after one’s had a few drinks, but I just had the most dreadful weekend, I bought some chocolate at 100% cocoa which turned out to be awful, and my computers playing up. Its wonderful to be able to just click things and go anywhere, but it just keeps crashing – next the men in the black polo neck jumpers will come in with their loaded weapons – (“the International” is on TV)

This video is way too short, but I love this song, I used to sit round my mates house (years ago) and he’d got all these songs he’d recorded off the TV, about 20 or so songs, this was about the best one on there – Godley and Creme, “Cry” We must have come close to wearing that tape out, I’m sure he only played it so much cos he knew I loved it – that was the kind of mate he was.

We’d come back from the pub and he’d put it on, then promptly fall asleep! I didn’t mind, cos I couldn’t go home till my parents had turned in, LOL – I used to get so drunk, if my parents were still up, I’d be obliged to make polite conversation when everyone knew I was as drunk as a damn skunk! It was most convenient to sit round his place till after midnight. This song tho, its just so good, it says it all, wether you’re drunk sober or otherwise, it don’t matter, we’re all human! Apart from me, I’m an asshat! 😀 X


[Edit] I’m adding another song in the interests of balance and fair play! This one is by Berlin, and its called You Don’t Know, I thought of it, cos its got the same line as the other one, also, both songs don’t have a lot of notes – and thats how I like em!