Holiday Snaps!

Ok, pay attention – here’s my holiday snaps!

We went to the Forest of Dean, it’s about 200 miles south – that may not seem like far, but in this country, it is! Down there, they talk in a different accent, up here they do too, in the middle bit is where I come from, where they speak normal, so its always fun to hear all these oddities!

Here’s the hotel, its a really old Inn, been there so long, God probably lived there first!

Symonds - 1

Symonds - 2

Symonds - 3

It had a really nice garden which was good for eating food or drinking – the weather was exceptionally hot, so that makes a change too!

Across the road was the river Wye, after which the area called “The Wye Valley” is known

Symonds - 4

Symonds - 5

That was behind this little church, which is very ancient I think, or something, dedicated to this saint I forgot the name of

Symonds - 6

Symonds - 7

Symonds - 8

Down the road, there’s this pub called “Ye Old Ferrie Inn” where you can get a ferry for £!. or just have a meal and some of their home made cider, which was so delicious, I walked back there for another pint the next night 🙂 Also went a bit mad taking photos, cos they seemed to come out good 🙂

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Next day we went to Monmouth, just over the border in Wales. There’s a weird bridge thats like really old, and a church from god knows when, but also really old.

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After that, we went to Puzzle Wood, which is where Tolkien went to get ideas about Lords of the Rings, and where bits of Star Wars and loads of other films and TV shows used for locations, like Dr Who, and Harry Potter etc

I took 100 photos in there – suck it up losers !!! 😀 😀

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After that we went to this cave thing, which was just down the road, and to Lyndey, a town with an old port thats being done up – then onto a sculpture park on the way back to base.

Symonds - 134

Symonds - 135

Symonds - 136

Symonds - 137

Symonds - 138

Symonds - 139

Symonds - 140

Next day we went up Symonds Yat rock, where you get good views etc

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There was a butterfly farm across from the hotel, so here’s some of those – check them out, you know you want too! (They’re very nice)

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Oh yeah, we went to this castle something or other, there’s some close ups of some birds nesting which was good!

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Finally, on the way home, which was day 4, we stopped off at Gloucester, in the cathedral, they were getting ready for the 3 choirs thing, which happens every 3 years, the choirs of Worcester, Gloucester and Hereford battle it out in a last choir standing kind of festival of choral anarchy!

Three Choirs Enter  –  One Choir Leaves .  .  .

LOL Thats how I always understood it, but actually its a very old thing they been doing for 300 years or so. When I did a course on Art History, there was one of the choir masters teaching there, he told its its madly competitive – but of course thats not what its about at all – (yeah right!)

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I like it when they put all those flags in the cathedrals and churches and they just rot away – love it! Patriotism in the churches, all dying away slowly, I find that pleasing – spooky, romantic! Anyhow, also included there a trip round the docks and photographing everything that moves, or don’t move too. I don’t know what you got over there, but its crap! We got it all here! 😀 😀 Isn’t it great? I didn’t even know what I was doing! Just going around photographing stuff! Good holiday, yeah, not bad at all, thanks for viewing – and I trust you all viewed each and every one, and examined them thoroughly! XX


For anyone who doesn’t have a slideshow viewer off their phone gadget or whatever, there’s no escape, I shall post the whole lot in a list on the link here!


Oh yeah, time for a nice song!

With a Little Luck

It depends on your consciousness what you’re going to do in life, what you dream of and how far you’ll chase that dream. 

What can be achieved is astonishing considering how young people are when they start out.

So anyhow I was thinking that as I woke up & this song by Paul McCartney came into the back of my mind, what a strange thing to be dreaming about – It seemed to waft up from the recess of my mind, so I don’t know if the song inspired the thoughts I was having, or the other way around. Anyhow, not heard this one for a lot of years, it’s as if it’s from a different life away.

But that’s not the video I see when I hear that song – I see swirling abstract colour, stars & rocking horses! I really don’t know how my mind works or what it really wants, hmm, seaside ice cream! 😋

I got to think about my motorbike, she’s very unwell, I’m not really your loverman, not in the current timeframe, I’m a bikerman, but I do find myself dreaming sometimes. 

Kentucky Fried Movie!

I saw this film years ago, and this one scene stuck in my mind all these years! There’s men who drink and care, men who drink and dont care, men who dont drink and don’t care, men who . . . .and so on! I just thought it was such a deep thing this sketch which really has virtually no meaning! LOL


Here’s some more scenes, this movie is just really mixed up sketches, its a mish mash of nonsense and fun 🙂





No Blood!

I don’t know who I am anymore, a sense of foreboding precedes me, I feel everyone is watching me meticulously, and then in the next moment I’m invisible. 

Cico Buff

This is all ridiculous, perhaps I shouldn’t have watched that Cure concert on TV the other week? Or else its the motorbike, its old, and its getting to that point where you don’t know wether the fun of riding still outweighs the trouble of maintenance? I been here before, I once reached a point where I decided to have no motorbike was better for me. When you have a motorbike, you can ride away from all your troubles, while that may seem a great thing, only the motorbike gets your full attention, other troubles mount and are left untended, and well, you can figure out for yourself what may come of that. Madness, insanity and death!


Anyhow, I think I may have fixed what was troubling me, its only temporary of course, so here’s wishing everyone a good weekend – may the blood not spurt! 

Cocteau Twins played my home town back in ye mists of the past, but I didn’t go, because I thought they were the Thomspon Twins! Bah! What a mistake – we rarely had any good live bands back then, and this one was declared gig of the year in the national music press!! Seriously! The national music press! I used to read that, looking for good gigs in London, when gig of the year was in my own home town and I didn’t even know!!

On the Road!

When you meet someone who says they’re not good in relationships – believe them.

This was a quote I once saw, it seems a good idea, after all, one could avoid a whole lot of trouble. On the other had, if you chose not to believe them, it might turn out fine after all, I mean, if you believe it, straight away they’re “on the list” (looney) – also, you’d be missing out on a whole lot of interesting mindfulness – I mean, if you were just like really oblivious and happy at all times, wouldn’t that be all a bit nihilist? 

Well anyway, I didn’t come on here to talk about real relationships, I wanted to talk about fantasy ones. 

I don’t know about you women,  but I expect you’re all just as bad as men when you meet someone that absolutely pushes all the right buttons, then tells you “no, you’re not for me” – well it leaves a slightly odorous aftertaste. One might go into shadow for a while, mulling it over, lurking in the background others seem to think “Who is that guy over there?” Why is he always lurking around in shadows? Why doesn’t he live? 

There’s no turning back – on the road

A bit Dire

Killer on the Road!


The Living Dead

Hells Bells! 

Haha, that was fun! Its so easy to compile a mix when you have access to utube, this is more like my kind of thing! LOL