Pretty Pretty Boys . .

Its hot here in the UK today, sweltering! I was just packing up at work and they were playing Hotel California by the Eagles on the radio, I just caught the line “She got lots of pretty pretty boys, she calls friends” and it made me chuckle, what does it all mean? 

I love the guitar solo on the end, but the lyrics, is it about a whore house? Or just about losing it in general? 

You know, I once looked up the UK number one song for the week of my birth – House of the Rising Son by the Animals! 

I got a better story than that tho, when I was a kid in school, (I’m talking about little school, which means up to 11 years of age) we went to the local village school, and as it was only a mile to walk, we were able to go home for lunch. Actually, I was one of the few who did this in my year group, most kids had school diners, and playtime, I guess most peoples mums worked, but mine was home, so I’d just go home and eat there. By the end of each day, I’d wind up having walked 4 miles. Mum was a tough Scot, so I was obliged to see myself as a tough Scot too! 

 I wore short trousers – as in shorts. All the other kids, wore long trousers by the time they were out of primary level, which would have been about 7 or 8 years or whatever, but me, I was’nae fussed about yer long trousers, they’re for southern wimps, and I was from tougher stock that I’ll tell ye!

Walking home in my shorts (kilt I mean) walking 4 miles a day, with my pipes over my braw shoulder, even if it was snowing or freezing around the knees, it did’nae bother me, on account of the glens and the heather,  & ma wee lassie waiting for me to come back after diner, with ma bagpipes blaring. My girlfriend at the time was the only girl in the school with a Scottish mother, so of course she understood the situation and admired my heroic struggle – both of us descended from the Black Watch is pretty hard core FYI. 

So anyhow, every day around 12pm, all the kids would rush out into the playground screaming and playing or going to get their school diners or whatever else they did,  and you’d hear the wailing sound of bagpipes starting up as I set off on my heroic journey home for lunch – I wasn’t wearing shorts ye fool – its a kilt! Call it what it is! Ma Dirk tucked into ma wee sock, to get ma’ oats and offal which I’d keep warm in ma wee sporran! 

Years later mum told me she sent us to school in shorts, cos she thought otherwise I might get Rickets! Thats more something from the 1930’s + 40’s than the 60’s + 70’s


The thing about . . .

Hi all, I had a good week, having fixed my motorbike which was ailing, now I just have to fix this computer!

Now I don’t know how many of you have considered 80’s pop group Haircut 100? The singer (Nick Heyward) also had a lot of success as a solo artist, so I shall intersperse my ramblings with some spectacularly lovely songs by them & him.  (there’s no relation between the text and the songs)

We all think we know about psychopaths, but what do we really know? Psycho’s have dopamine in their brains just like anyone else surely? They must have that urge and response thing going on – or else they wouldn’t become so notorious. They tell us psychos feel no remorse or shame or whatever, but thats not unlike many of us I think, if something isn’t all that wrong, don’t beat yourself up about it, cos you know everyone else does it too – so where do you draw the line? After all, you don’t have to physically and personally kill someone to be somehow responsible for what goes on beyond your personal space.

Anyhow, I was just thinking, about Empathy, and Sympathy, its easy to be sympathetic, most people develop that early on in life, but empathy is more sophisticated, like say when someone gets their foot run over by a bus, there’s a part of you that goes “oh, poor person, that must hurt!” Then theres the more sophisticated response, which you develop as you get older, thats where you go “Oh, I see that persons foot is entirely flattened by that bus, therefore I deduce, “Thats gotta hurt!” But I would say surely the intellectual youngster could make that assumption early on in life, and not even bother with the more immature response of “ow, your foot hurts, and now mine is twitching on account of yours”

I suppose that the real difference between sympathy and empathy is you take it on board more, and change the way you live, rather than just think, oh, fuckit, can’t be helped – not my problem etc.

I do find that confusing, I think when my foot gets run over, I usually prefer to get some sympathy rather than empathy, unless its a doctor of course, an overly sympathetic doctor who has no empathy whatsoever would be utterly useless. So I guess an empath would be required, and perhaps a sympathetic nurse on the side for good measure?

Anyhoo, I was just thinking about how they say that psychos don’t know what they are, cos in their minds they think they’re just like everyone else – they actually develop their very own mirror system of caring and sharing based on what they see others doing – presumably involving the release of dopamine or lack of, depending on situations and circumstances – in the end, you cant hardly tell them from the normal ones.

Oh, if you’re already serving a lengthy jail sentence for having murdered a bunch of people, then its easy for everyone around you to mark you out as different, but what if you haven’t yet murdered anyone? Or perhaps you have, but didn’t get caught or feel really bad about it?

You know, if I were to get married, I’d not want to be thinking about making sure everyone had a good day – I’d want to be just thinking oh wow, I look so great! Another thought I had about long term things, commitment and all that – I’m fiercely loyal and never break allegiances unless another person makes me feel better. 🙂

Sometimes I wonder, what is the difference between people and machines? Just hear me out before you judge me – machines when they malfunction can be very unpredictable and annoying, I feel that people malfunction just as machines do, or act cranky & strange if they’re designed to do apparently useless complex things I can’t understand. What if its actually me thats malfunctioning and not them? How would I know? Is murder really murder under those circumstances, or just a form of vandalism? Maybe that question is too deep for one such as I?

Another thing about psychos I found interesting, I remember this woman on TV, she had been the partner of a notorious psycho, she said that the guy was very good in bed, and had really brought her out of her shell. Only thing that was strange about him was that right after sex, he would want to disappear, go and run or whatever, and now she’s thinking that makes sense, on account of the self reflections of guilt I suppose, but then surely if he were a true psycho, he wouldn’t be feeling bad about things in any depth – on the other hand, perhaps there are different levels of psycho within the individual.

Well thats my understanding of it, I think that psychos are like pretty immature – or could seem mature in some of their actions, but locked within an immature brain space, (so ultimately good in one way and bad in another) – not unlike most of us –  who knows what other parts of our minds we don’t have access too, simply because we are as yet unaware.

But can a sleeping psycho be awoken? Why yes of course! But is that wise? Well, who knows?  We don’t hardly have much choice do we?