End of Summer? or just the beginning?

Just been for a wonderful bike ride, (motorbike) Its not been running too great this summer, what with one thing and another – we haven’t had the best weather really, there was a heatwave a month or 2 ago, where it was just too hot really to enjoy, so we really only had a week or 3 of what you’d call good English summer, not even that I’d have thought? 

English summer is one of those things to get nostalgic about, when its perfect, its nice to go out and sit under an oak tree and have a picnic, thats the sort of thing everyone sort of remembers doing in some distant corner of their mind, but never actually did do – it was probably something you saw on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, on TV – in the middle of winter!


Anyhow, I’d had all these little problems with the weather, and the bike, I had to fix this part, and I got that done ok, but then another problem flared up, and I assumed it was something I’d done wrong, which was a worry. With an engine, its good if its all running perfect, you don’t have much to worry about do you – but if its not, you know you got to get it sorted, or it’ll get worse, or maybe it won’t, but you don’t know that do you? 

If its running perfect, its no worries, but if its not, you got to look into it really, unless you just don’t have a clue, or care or whatever. So anyhow, I had this bike since new, we done 70 thousand happy miles together, without hardly any real bad problems, I just love this bike, things have been so good for us 2 together, but then when there’s something wrong, you can’t really relax. When its wrong, in the riding position, you just feel a little strange, like you’re on the bike, rather than in it, or with it or whatever.

Its not that easy to explain, its tension I suppose, or mild stress. I cant even understand myself sometimes, but when everything is right, it just feels so good to be out there carving round corners and blazing off down roads and so on. 

So I was just feeling so good, I know this is going to sound weird to some of you, and many religious people wouldn’t countenance marrying a bike, but I feel the time has come! 😀 ❤ 😀