Holiday Snapz!

Greetings Bloglings, and Blogettes! I has been to Montenegro, for a short holiday, just 3 nights, flying from Manchester at 6:30am, I wouldn’t recommend that – you got to lose a nights sleep, cos you got to set off at 3am from home, get over the mountains from here to Manchester, then park up, check in, do the security, wait in line, and so on – nasty business, but at least once you get to Montenegro, the weather is fine – whereas here, at this time of the year its mostly somewhere between miserable and relentlessly bitter. 

We went to Dubrovnik a couple of years ago, and I fancied having a go at Kotor, its only about 70 miles down the coast from Croatia to Montenegro, Kotor looked similar to Dubrovnik, but more mountainous, set on an inland fjord, the southernmost in Europe.

Montenegro isn’t in the EU, but it does use the euro as currency, both countries would like to join the EU, while the UK is currently trying to leave it – don’t forget the former Yugoslavia fell into war in the 90s, wouldn’t it be peculiar if they all were re-united under European membership?! 

So we arrive in Montenegro, Tivat airport, its only 10mins by taxi to Kotor, there’s this gang of taxi guys at the airport, sat at a makeshift table, (there’s no bus from the airport) They looked like something out of Goodfellas! They offered us a taxi for €30, so we said no, €10 – and they said alright then €20, so we said no, its €10, and they said oh, ok then! €10 is the going rate, we saw it online before we went!  The driver was a maniac, but he didn’t seem to mind only getting €10 – Actually, if you only pay €10, they probably drive faster to get back quicker for another fare!


In this part of the world, they mostly eat tomatoes, and cheese and ham. They like Pizza’s and Pasta, and seafood. If you’re English, you’re more used to eating pies, and big motherfucking lumps of meat – potatoes, chips, buns, fried eggs, bacon, fried bread, black pudding, all those things and many others are not available in foreign countries, so be warned! If you want English tea, with milk, well, don’t be so weird!

So anyway, I’d read that Kotor is a great place to go, and now’s the time before the cruise ships take over – I think it was an old article, cos the cruise ships have already taken over! Haha, it didn’t bother me, I was amazed to see these behemoths coming into dock there, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, then they’d be gone and 2 more would come the next day – amazing! The tourists flock off the ships, and are descended upon by the locals selling their wares, offering day trips and so on. The population must be doubled or tripled by these daily visits. 

Day 1 we just chilled out after the night before, had a walk round the old town, which was beautiful, I loved it, but was feeling a bit knackered having been up all night – I dozed off a couple of times cos I hadn’t had more than 50mins sleep I reckon. So day 2 was really day one, we went up this hill where you go on the city walls, there were lots of American tourists up there from the ship, and Russians, there’s a lot of Russians go to that part of the world. Americans are very polite, they always make pointless conversations, joking around about how far is it to go, and would you like your photo taken, and apologising for being in the way or whatever – I think these are probably the ones that could afford to go abroad, so they feel obliged to go around saying blah blah blah to everyone they meet.

In the afternoon I think we went round the old town again, which was nice. Back at the hotel, they got the TV screen on with this fashion parade, from NY fashion week, that got me thinking, cos now there’s no war there, everyone is into fashion instead perhaps? I overheard some Americans in town talking endlessly about baseball rules, you go half way round the world and you’re cooped up on a cruise ship with all these strangers, so you make polite conversation about baseball – maybe it would be the same if you were on a warship, and it makes no difference? I just wouldn’t want to talk much about fashion or sport, whatever the setting! Boring!

Well, day 3, ultimately the penultimate, we had to decide what to do, so we took a speedboat ride to Our Lady of the Rock Church thing, and thence to Perast, a small town down the lake / fjord thing. It was €15 pp, not bad really, so we went in this little church thing, and I took a shine to this Japanese girl in there – we were in this little church and all the Japanese tourists came in from the Cruise thing, it made me laugh, cos they all look like they’re dressed  for playing golf, the men anyhow. They probably are just ordinary hard working folk who worked all their lives to pay for this luxury cruise thing, so anyhow, they all come in, and I noticed that when one laughed, they all laughed, nervous travellers perhaps? Or else they are like cartoon characters from Toy Story or whatever, and they all share the same consciousness – but I liked this one girl I saw, so I went and stood next to her, and she looked at me so I smiled, and she just kept on looking without even blinking, so I’m thinking, what does it all mean? Perhaps she’s Jaquzi or whatever it is, and I’m going to have to marry her now cos I brought shame on the family? Sort of thing happens to me .  . .


After that we went to Perast, tearing myself away from my stony faced new love, its a nice place, I was getting to feel my feet now, abandoning the speedboat trip we went to look at some Roman remains at Rican down the road, using a local bus service – good way to leave behind the cruise crowd. By this time I was beginning to see what the bloke in the review meant about the place being spoiled by the cruise ships – an organised holiday is a kind of mania IMO, you got to loose the shackles and get away from the herd, or else you’re going to wind up in a weird limbo world discussing baseball rules with a stranger, in a strange place, strangely!

That evening was the first there was no cruise ship in town, cos they’d all just left, the town was returned to something more peaceful, so we had a meal and wandered about taking photos and so on. I don’t mind the cruisers, they’re a bit mad I think, but obvs good for the local economy.

The last day, we had to fly at midday, the landlady at the hotel made us pancakes for breakfast, I showed her some utube footage of pancake races in England which amused her greatly 🙂

Its weird being back here already, but we got cats to feed – did I mention there’s loads of cats in Kotor – and also in Dubrovnik, you know these new cat cafe’s they have here in the UK? They don’t need them over there, I asked this woman in a shop if everyone here likes cats and she said yes, we do!

Send Nudes!


I cant decide if this girl is a tiny goddess or just a painted doll – I saw her in a shop, fully clothed of course, but I don’t seem to recall what she was wearing, just shop clothes I expect, but she was so pretty. I went in there a week or so ago, and asked her for directions to some item, and was immediately stunned by her beauty, and beautiful big bright eyes – she’s only short, so she has to look upwards to my level, thus opening up her eyes, plus I think she was stooping down working at the time, so I thought wow! Then I noticed how caked on the make up was, I could see she’d used a ton of foundation to cover some spots I could see the pimples underneath poor thing – anyhow, still very pretty. Then I went in that shop again yesterday, and she served me, the heavy foundation and apparent spots had gone, and she was looking even more pretty than before.


I think todays youngsters have access to a lot of make up – cos from what I see, they are looking pretty good, the levels of beauty are borderline insane! 

Now then, when I was young, the girls were stunning then too, you walked about hardly knowing if you were a contender or a lunatic, but now I’m older, I can look back on it and wonder about the capitalist drive to look the best, utilise the best products and so on, and for what? To find the best partner possible of course, well that’s fair enough, I was never really going to fill that position, moping about with my “if you cant see the real me you don’t deserve me shit” LOL The real me was a total ass-hat anyhow!


Well of course we’re all attracted to beautiful – oh yeah, I remember what I was thinking about that first day – I’d watched the film “Valerian” the night before, and really enjoyed it, I specifically remember thinking the relationship between the main leads, a guy and a girl were very enjoyable. Anyhow, I’d googled the film later, and the review said everyone thought the relationship between these two was rubbish! Well, I thought, hmm, tha’s odd, so I looked the girl up, see if I’d somehow been fooled, it said she’s a model and actor, who identifies as bi-sexual, but that now she presents herself as gender fluid – so I thought, well, perhaps its difficult for her being a film star, and she feels under pressure to make a statement of intent? Or maybe just all the interest in her drives her to say something, or else its just the latest thing to say – whatever. 

I thought maybe I should rethink the film? I still think the relationship was ok actually, but thats down to the director – but anyhow, she’s not all that good looking, not really, it was the personality she portrayed, sort of nonchalant, I thought it was fun.  Hmm, at that moment I walked into that shop and saw this girl, and I thought, well, whats wrong with her? She looks just as good as that film star woman, so why is she working in a shop, while the other one is hailed as the most beautiful and interesting woman on the face of this generation or whatever? 


So anyhow, who cares about any of that? Only everyone I suppose, Hey! I just wrote the most amazingly in depth study of modern sexuality ever – in the history of always!!

Perhaps everything is as it should be, and everyone belongs in the places they are at, even me, wandering about going ho hum?


Its alright being stunningly beautiful, but if you cant act, you’re not going anywhere baby, not in this world, and if you can act, you’d better get your head round gender fluidity, cos that sort of thing is whats required of you – on the other hand, no need! Just be yourself and do whatever, you never know who might find it interesting!


Oops, I forgot to add a song! Here’s Maria McKee, doing Show me Heaven – years after it was a hit! I love the way her voice goes on this, so much better without the awful production of the original – and so good to hear someone doing something so well, cos they know how to do it!

A week link

That was a hard day – I’m taking the rest of it off, what a day. First thing before I set off, the cat threw up all over the carpet, so I had to clean that up before I even went to work – then at work it was freezing, last week, it was so hot, I borrowed some tools to turn off the radiator, cos it was just so hot, then this week, it was freezing and I couldn’t turn it back on, so I assumed they’d turned it off next door, so I put in a complaint about that and waited and waited and nothing happened, then finally, later in the week, this guy with the tools came by and we turned it back on – just like that, I gone from frozen to no problems at all – which is bizarre, truly bizarre, no really, its great, really great! Thats a Donald Trump voice, doesn’t he keep saying things that are so dull, as if they were in fact perfectly normal and even a bit amazing to himself, like some kind of lie, that seems almost true if you say it in a daft voice and then repeat it over again wistfully? I cant stand that idiot, nor this one for that matter.


I find Trumps voice creeps into my head – its insidious, like the voice in the Ipcress file (not featured in this clip)

In the film, during the brainwashing, he “triggers” his victim with the words “Now Listen to Me – Listen to Me” then the poor victim does whatever he’s been programmed to do!

In my protest placard above, I’m using “Anglo Saxon” Jonson uses rhetoric, the language of the ruling class, my response here is much more working class, otherwise known as “rude” but he’d still understand the message! Both these idiots talk crap cos they’re liars!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, last night, I watched this documentary about Leonard Cohen, pretty good, I saw it on the iPlayer, but you can probably find it elsewhere.

Thats quite a beautiful film, if you’re at all interested in flower power, romantic poets and all that, great! Really good!

I’m not old enough to know about his earlier career, but I remember thinking this was a good one in his later years, really good lyrics! “When they said Repent – I wonder what they meant!” 

That’s great! There was a Cohen song used brilliantly in a movie called Exotica, its got nudity this clip – really sleazy film but with a great message!

Seriously tho, the documentary is very tasteful and highly recommendable, give it a whirl if you find the time.

Anyhow, thats Leonard Cohen dealt with – good film, good after feeling on that one.

I looked up 80’s pop group “Talk Talk” this week, very good! I always knew they were ok, but its another one I never got round to checking out properly. Seems to me, Talk Talk predate Radiohead and Portishead, therefore they’re better than both of them! 

Talk Talk are right moody, 

Can’t argue with that can you? LOL Anyhow, I cant say much about them, but I played about 40 songs on utube while I was doing some painting, and I got the impression the lyrics are mature and intelligent, and kind of self tortured a bit – I don’t really torture myself in my life, (I usually find others do that for free) 

Here’s one that jumped out at me, really unusual choral backing vocals!

There’s a 3 album pack of theirs available quite cheap, I might buy it, I feel like I’m going a bit mad tho, buying all this 80s music, its weird, I’m still buying new music too, but I feel like half of me wants the old and the other half the new – thats weird!

New albums out by a couple of other favourites at the moment, but the real groundbreaking stuff seems to be obscure stuff like this – I like the recorder on the end – sounds like a child blowing an irritating repeat, but clever of them to use it like that! Evokes something from way back non?

Here’s something new I just got in the post today 🙂