Merry Xmas!

Christmas eve, 5mins to go and I’m typing! And listening – to some old music from 1980, Toyah, A Blue Meaning – there’s a ghost story on TV, but its so boring, I started thinking about her song Ghosts, off that album, which is better than this TV drama anyhow.

I made some mince pies, but it being a year since I last made some, I forgot what happens when you leave them in too long, the mincemeat bubbles out and burns, spoiling the flavour, its not too bad, just a little disappointing, its not as bad as it could be, I’ll recover from this debacle, but I did forget to buy a Christmas pudding, and I know I shan’t be able to get one tomorrow – woe is me! 

Never mind all that though, no need to get ones panties twisted.

Its weird listening to this CD – I loved this music when I was a kid, its not bad even now all these years later, I haven’t played it for a long time, xmas is so often about nostalgia non? Maybe its a time to take stock, one doesn’t often does one? 

I think I prefer  music to TV! 😀

The Chills

I watched this film called Una last night, on the channel 4 catch up thing, ya can’t say much about a film like that, you just have to watch it. I find it refreshing to see something that connects with real life once in a while, instead of fantasy and crazy stuff, which I love too.

Then today I got to thinking about one of my favourite films, called The Woman in the Fifth.  Ethan Hawke goes to Paris to write a book, but then things go awry! LOL And thats an understatement! The reviews say its nonsense, and so it is, but thats what I like about it!

The Future is Now!

Some of you might like this oddity – they had the Tiger Lillies on the radio the other day, celebrating 30 years of their music, I knew I’d heard of them and instantly recognised their unmistakable sound as soon as the song started!

That clip was a famous collaboration of Tiger Lillies with Shockheaded Peter, who did that show in the 90s, I love that second song, Snip Snip!! 

They done so much stuff since I can’t hardly choose another song to represent the diversity, so you’ll have to check it out yourself, but here’s a couple at random.

So I played a lot of the on the tube, then went off to bed, and dreamed some crazy stuff about how the mind is in the past, and the body is in the present and / or future, and how when the 2 get connected properly, its all enlightened and terrifically terrifying, but then you forget what you were thinking about and it all goes round again. That was it in a nutshell, really, I don’t know, but I then thought of this song Kid by The Pretenders, which seemed highly relevant and good.

My mind has been a bit bonkers over the last weekend or so, I might have a cold, or else its this daft election we’re having here driving me mad!

Time keeps on slipping into the future!