A nice day!

The 80s were mostly hard work & frustration, interspersed with some moments of pleasure – one summer I packed my stuff on my motorbike and set off for a camping holiday in the lake District.

I parked my bike on the Honister Pass and climbed the steep bank to see what was over the hill top, I found a pretty little stream trickling water through the moss and soft grass upon which I sat. Resting my feet on my motorbike helmet I lit up a spliff, admired the view and listened to the skylarks overhead.
Here’s an actual photograph of my feet on that very spot! – circa 1987ish?

I remember telling myself I was happy – this was all long before I knew anyone who took harder drugs and died.  I put my headphones on & tuned into radio 1, it was good back then, they would have the radio 1 roadshow in summer, thousands of screaming kids at the seaside, or good music from that era.

Everyone else was at work, or stuck in the cities, or down at the beach . . .

You can just overlook the video – I didn’t go paragliding!  I used to want to do that BTW, but I’m content to keep my feet on the ground these days. I just used this song as mood music, I hope it don’t detract from the story! 🙂

I have been to the lake district loads of times since then – I don’t need to have a spliff with me these days, its great even without it, when you’re already walking in the clouds, what more do you need? I think maybe it just gives you that extra ‘kick’ – you know, like you might fall off?? 😀

Here’s one from 2014, the hill range is called “High Street” an old route that dates from Roman times (and probably earlier) – No ganja was involved, and it was still good! I wouldn’t have said no tho, yikes! What am I like? Its not 1980+ anymore! I don’t know if it would be a good idea, I might go nuts! I do like a bit of personal space, I used to glare at people back then! LOL These days I’m more normal (partly)


[Edit] I think that back then in the 80s, when I smoked the weed I was probably thinking about fairies and wizards and stuff, since I was reading a lot of fantasy novels, if I were to take up smoking that stuff now, God knows what I’d think about – well, who knows? Could be back to fairy land I suppose! 🙂

The Pack

I was brought up in a Christian home, we went to church twice on Sundays, bible study in the week, Christian youth club on Fridays, and so on. All I knew was the church, and how it all worked, or seemed to work, but then at school, I was meeting friends who said quite bluntly, “That’s all bullshit”

Anyhow, that caused a bit of conflict, in the end, I had to agree, the whole thing was indeed bullshit, what we needed was revolutionary thinking, I’d heard of punk rock, my friends played me music by the Sex Pistols, the Damned, the Clash, but nothing jumped out at me like the song King of Kings, by The Pack.  They were having a go at God Himself! The whole thing!!

Listening to this now, they sound a bit mad – but back then, to me, after all the other punk music that was around, it just met my ears and I thought great!

I don’t think I gave up religion just to be more like the crowd, cos I really hadn’t questioned it enough at that time. I may have stood my ground with the religion if I hadn’t heard their music. For me they really cut through and brought it home. Another song they did was about the futility of war, patriotism, and everything really – ideas that never change, Long live the Past – Let it Live on Forever!

How fabulous is that? They summon the crusaders, yet Its like the antithesis of Onward Christian Soldiers. That was it for me! Count me in! or Out! Or Whatever! 😀

Normal Service

I had this awful cold for the last week or 2, but for the first time in a while I’m feeling a little better, bit more positive. I’d been down for a while anyhow, cos the computer crashed about 6 months or so ago, that’s why I haven’t been posting so much, but then recently I got myself an external drive that has revamped things a bit. Still crashes, but not so much. Anyhow, I’d gone over to painting more, as in manually with a brush, things went well some of it, its actually a never ending circle of hell, but you have to deal with it eh?

Well here’s a couple for your perusal, these mothers were designed to be printed out at about 10 feet long or something, ok, about at least 50” x 30”, so looking at them on a screen, without being able to home in and see detail is a bit pointless, but whatever, I’m posting them anyway.

This first one is bluebells, I always had a thing for them, most people do, its from a photo, it just came up so different from what I expected. I drew over it quite a bit, then clicked a load of things and it took on a life of its own – when you go back to the original photo, you think WTF? It hardly looks anything like it – its been sort of flattened, I think the computer doesn’t recognise trees and sky and grass and flowers, only areas of colour and lightness, its just such a different way of getting a good result – maybe I’m over emphasising it, but as someone who spends a lot of time messing about with art and landscape, it interests me to find something so off the path.


This one, I was doing right before the computer crashed, I lost the original photo, and the art too, I just had a small version which I re-worked, I still like it, its Turneresque! I think the original photo did bare some resemblance, but I went down there last autumn, and the view was nothing like this – its now much more overgrown, so who knows how I came up with this lot? And that’s the thing, I love that sort of BS! Its what we need!


If ya click on one, you can see all sorts of squiggles and weirdy details!


Now, a bit of music – I remember when this was broadcast on the radio at New Years 1989! Fuck me, that’s what? Loads of decades ago! I was only twenty fucking five at the time! I thought I’d have been at least 27 or 28 by then! Well maybe I was pretty cool? Maybe I was wearing leather trousers, and had a mullet, with some Ray-ban Shades on top, but no actually! I’d already grown out of them!

In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, and all those Eastern European countries came out of communist rule – an amazing time – a lot of that atmosphere is captured on that recording, U2 really had the pop world at their feet at that point. Hit after hit, it seemed vaguely spiritual & sort of quite good.

I taped it off the radio and played it back loads of times, all those screaming kids, I thought it was ok, I used to smoke my weed and think if I ever get £100. and I don’t need it for something worthwhile, I’d go to that! Obv’s you’d have to be literally insane to listen to this now! LMAO – but I’m half way thru it!! 😀

Today its Brexit day, this country has always been a bit dumb, you only got to look at our history, always causing trouble and doing stupid things around the world, lets hope it all turns out ok in the end, but I wouldn’t bank on it!

I will get back to doing more computer art, I feel like some more is coming on, I just got kind of waylaid or something briefly, due to circumstances. You got to believe in yourself man, ya know??