4 Day hols

Well that was the strangest holiday week ever. I had 4 days off work to use up – I booked it long before this dreadful virus thing kicked in. As the dates came closer it became clear things weren’t going to be normal, so I’d got Mon-Thurs to do whatever I liked, as long as it didn’t involve going out or doing anything fun.

So by the end of Monday I’d decided to order a new clutch for the motorbike, (it was on the to do list), so I fitted that Wednesday, and went for a short test ride today (Thursday) it works fine! I stopped and took a couple of photos on my phone, as you can see the light was wonderful.



Such a lovely beautiful day, I thought I might see some bluebells in the wood where I pulled over, but they’re not up yet – but they will be soon.

I won’t be able to use the bike for anything other than work and back now as the government have introduced new stay at home laws.

Keep on truckin’ & best wishes to all !


Isn’t it strange? Practically the whole world on lockdown, who would have thought a month ago, we’d be where we are now – its happened so fast, you just can’t predict some things can you? It’ll be argued that we could have seen this coming, or that some did, but I didn’t anyhow.

People I work with have gone home to work, or just to self isolate, or been ordered to do so, because of health conditions. Its weird at work now, I’m wondering why I’m still there, am I going to be one of the last still standing, or one of the first to fall, or just somewhere in the anonymous middle of the outbreak? Well I don’t know the answer to that, I just hope for the best – its like when you’re at school, and you did something wrong, and the punishment is coming, and you’re wondering what its going to be this time? How curious.

I keep thinking of Fu Manchu, he was a dastardly evil oriental character played by the late great Christopher Lee. At the end of each evil tirade he would be captured and defeated, only to say to camera “The world will hear from me again!”


Well thats pretty irrelevant really, and yet I keep hearing his laughter echoing in my mind!

One of the things I’m going to miss if I die, is music – I always seem to have a good old song going through my mind, today its Olivers Army by Elvis Costello. 

I often think this song just rattles along nicely – I was raised at a time where melodic pop tunes were in vogue, and that preference has stayed with me all these years, I just love a rollickingly good singalong! I have to look up the lyrics from time to time and try to figure out what on earth its about – quite a few things really, newspaper headlines and just all the jumbled up junk of that era – it means nothing, its of no import, not then and not now, all that matters to me is its a good distraction. We humans, we’re small fry, and yet, aren’t we marvellous! Weird! Extremely so!

Mr Perfect!

There isn’t anyone I’d rather be, than me. I often think this, and congratulate myself on my maturity and better judgement – I wouldn’t want to be Rod Stewart, or Mick Jagger, simply because it wouldn’t be the same. How could it be? I wouldn’t be me – I’d be him, there would be no me for comparison, I’d simply be Mick Jagger being Mick Jagger and comparing himself with himself, and thinking oh, I could have been better, or else just thinking how great I am, depending on how he may or may not see himself or think of himself.

Anyhow, aside from all that, I thought to myself, yes, ok, I don’t want to be anyone else, but what about being a fantasy person? If I don’t have the imagination for it, or simply don’t want to be someone else, what about a total fantasy? What fantasy person would I be?

Well that’s a good one! I’d not thought of that before – I’d be a good looking guy, on a motorbike, I’m a guy on a motorbike anyhow, (but I don’t often think I’m all that good looking on it) So I’d be a little smaller – small guys on big bikes look better, cos the bike looks bigger, and to me, thats sort of better looking somehow. I’d have blonde hair, thick and curly preferably, and I’d be super confident, always surrounded by girls (in bikinis most likely) Women do like me mostly, and I do enjoy that, but I’m not that confident around women. Oh, I am really, but I have no idea what they want from me, so that’s a bit uncomfortable at times.

If I were better looking and more confident, I wouldn’t care what they want from me, I’d just supply it automatically and without self doubt or questioning – a reflex reaction if you will, one which women would love and I dunno, respect and adore I suppose!

Also, and furthermore, around other men, I’d be basically worshiped, cos I get all the girls and everyone wants to know that secret, but knowing all along its just the kind of guy I am – pretty damn cool when it comes down to it.

I’d not be an artist, no need – probably more of a sports guy, or a great mechanic, or a sporty great mechanic, (with loads of girls)

Sports are for guys that know they can win, or simply enjoy taking part – art is for losers, its a secret weapon. Art can attack from behind, or up from under the softer belly parts, its sneaky, and Mr Perfect, well, he’s not sneaky!

So that’s it really, and I actually would be called Mr Perfect! Whats wrong with that? If the name suits the personality?


Still Standing!

I just heard this old Elton John song “I’m still Standing” on the radio, and I was thinking about how long he’s been around and how many hits he’s had. I recently watched a thing on TV about him which was pretty good, about how he started out, the problems he’s had in life and so forth. He was massive in the 70’s – (I mean big audience wise) Then in the 80’s he kind of re-appeared, or just didn’t go away in the first place, and you got even more hits. I never really gave him much thought, he was ok, but I wasn’t bothered, but then with this one I only today noticed the lyric:

“If our love was just a circus you’d be a clown by now”

Well what does he mean by that? Well how should I know? I think he’s shit anyhow, but other songs I quite might like might include 


(Bit weird, but quite like it)

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Good singalong!

Sad Songs

(Ha, quite liked this one)


(Bit romantic!)

I guess Thats why they Call it the Blues

(Its all quite bluesy isn’t it?)

Well that concludes my essay on Elton John, I wouldn’t bother to check out any other songs, but you never know, you might like some of it. I used to know this guy who was a big fan of his, had all his albums and admired his abilities, if you like pop I suppose its ok. 🤡