The Struggle is Real!

I spent the day today doing up this old picture


looking at the old file, its 7 years since I did it, and I still love it, I had to add a tit, because the left one was missing – (its there in real life, just wasn’t captured in the original photo), so you have to guess where it is, or might be, which is quite an odd endeavour, but I like to think its a bit better than the earlier version.


Its a humbling experience to spend so much time on something and achieve so little. That’s often the thing with art – invariably, its better to just draw something out and say “Done” before you go on to spend hours and hours making things worse more often than not – so you’re on this roller coaster where your thinking oh yeah, I’m ever so good and talented, but then when you actually try to consciously apply that talent, its nowhere to be found! Talent like that is awkward to reconcile to – at least I know a good looking woman when I see one! What makes women so good looking? And whats so special about a tit or pair thereof? How should I know? I don’t create them, ask God! 

Tribute to the medics.

I found this tribute to surgeon Sadeq Elhowsh at a hospital in Liverpool really moving. With stories in the media about opening up the economy I think we should all remember this virus is still out there and very much a potentially lethal thing. Sure we have to face reality and all that, but people are already relaxing a bit too much in my opinion, my advise is to be very Very cautious about social distancing and not relaxing off about it as many people seem to be doing. Its very often our brave workers in the hospitals that are bearing the brunt of this, as well as the old, in the end, its been a horror story, no one is safe!

Relationship advise!

If you’re looking for a relationship with someone you could try the armed forces, why not try the Airforce? People in the airforce are gentlemanly, and this applies to the family members also. Its usually safer than the army, sooner or later if you’re involved with an army personel, they’re going to put a gun at your forehead, or even their own, and say “you decide” Thats fine if you’re a good decision maker, but not so good if you’re someone who likes to ponder things. Lastly, you can be involved with a sailor, but there the problem is obviously, sailors like to spend a lot of time around boats, and other sailors, so there’s no guarantees there, whereas with an airforce chap, they’re home every night, always polite and orderly, fine for making tea and so on.

Outside of the armed forces, there’s really no discipline, most people are just like dust mites, blowing through life with no real idea what they’re doing or why.

I’m not sure about other professions, you could try some others, but its a bit risky.



I wonder how many of you have seen the movie “Birdman” I re-watched it last night, and I think its just great!




Now for the spoilers! Well, I thought it was all about how some guy thinks he’s better than everyone else, or he knows actually he’s not, he actually knows he’s worse, but he wants to be better to sort of make up for it – then there’s this other guy, who is actually better than him, but its just cos thats how he is really, or something like that, maybe he just stirs things up to be better than everyone, cos everyone likes to think about stuff like that. Maybe he’s no better at all, and its all just how you come across?

Anyhow, is it better if you’re involved in the arts to be a nice person, or a brilliant person? Its a difficult one really, cos it all depends how you’re wired, but we all like to have a go at being good at things don’t we? It all gets out of hand and people delve into the realms of fantasy – and what genre is more valuable? Fantasy or more earthy gritty stuff?

Whats clever about Birdman is it gets all that into the story, very clever, pretty much a masterpiece!


In other news, I haven’t been out much (what else is new) I spent the last few hours of my life trying to find some crazy techno from the 90’s to listen to! I recall one time going off on holiday to Wales, I can’t remember what year, but it was around that time, and they were playing some really wild techno on the radio, it was mind bendingly euphoric! LOL I often wonder what that song was and if it would sound as good if I re-located it. Well, just one of those loose ends you want to solve –


Its only 2 hours long, and there’s another 40 or 50 of these videos available, so might be busy for some time! 🙂

😀 Happy Easter 😀

Scotland Trip (2015)

Here are some photos of my epic adventure in summer of 2015. I decided to go to see the Callanish Standing Stones – they are on the Isle of Lewis, which is right up there in Scotland!


I set off up the A1 and passed the Angel of the North – Not my photo, I just ripped it from the google map.


Then I took the A7 or something, which was a nicer route for getting into Scotland.

Scotland - 1

Scotland - 2

After that, I was on some motorway and passed the Kelpies!


I didn’t know I was going to see those, they looked fantastic in the glittering light – again, photo is from Google Maps.

My GPS got screwed up and so I had to re-program it on the fly, I had intended to cross the sea to the Isle of Sky over the bridge, but the thing brought me out at Mallaig where there’s a ferry. There was no ferry till the next day, so I was obliged to camp the night.


Next day I crossed to Sky and got to the ferry port for The Isle of Lewis. The place the ferry goes from is called Uig !  Again there was no ferry till the next day, so I camped again at Uig, the guy who ran the camp site was from the town I had just come from! I met a very nice Canadian lady there who ran the cafe, there wasn’t much else there besides the Cafe, and a sea bird stood on a rock fishing outside the window. I thought to myself, that bird is probably the most interesting thing to look at when you live in a place like this – just a moment later, the waitress called out “That bird’s there again!” 

Next day I took the ferry, crossed the Isle of Lewis and set up my tent on a beach campsite which I’d spotted online before setting off.  

Later that same day I went to visit Callanish, the weather report was better for the day, so I thought it best to go before it changes. As you can see, its all very beautiful and mysterious. There’s a cafe serving good food, I think its nicer to visit than Stonehenge, which is far more busy and not very free or whatever.

Here’s a Scottish couple near where I camped! Also some views and the chess piece replica which is actually right next to the campsite.


On the second day, I went and drove the bike into a bog! I’d misjudged the firmness of the edge of the road and decided to ride onto the grass verge to let someone by, the grass was in fact very wet and the bike immediately sank into it. I was unable to pull it out, but luckily, someone came by with a tow rope and we pulled it out – whew! Here’s a photo of where that happed – I went back later after I’d cleaned the bike off.

bog - 1

Just for something else to do before I set off for home the next day, I went and visited this Iron Age House at Bostadh, everywhere you go in Lewis there are beautiful beaches, this Iron Age house was built on the site which was revealed after a storm in 93.

Look at that beach! And there’s Stornoway, where I caught the ferry back to the mainland. I been hearing about Stornoway for years, its just so far away, I never expected it to be somewhere I’d visit -when they do the weather report for fishing, (ts broadcast every day) Stornoway is one of the areas that always gets a mention. 

Oh, there’s a thistle! It took about 14 hours to get back, it rained for about 6 hours, and it was dark, so all you can do is not drive faster than you can see ahead, bit of a nightmare really, cos shadows appear in the road, under street lights and cars coming the other way – still enjoyed it tho, thats when biking becomes a challenge!

Of course I’d love to go and do another trip like that – I’d have visited the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye if I’d been aware of it. A couple of times I was gonna set off for there, but the weather was bad – so waiting for that now . . .