Motorbike ride Trent riverside

I went for a motorbike ride last Thursday alongside the Trent river – you don’t see much of it in the video, as its all quite industrialised after centuries of development, but it turned out to be quite nice to ride along the little road there between one crossing at Gainsborough, and back across at Althorpe near Scunthorpe. I used the roads on the west side of the river the other week, and that was nice too, more populated than the east – some guy has a huge gun parked in his garden in the video! I crossed both bridges many times before, its my stomping ground over there on the east side of Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, I go there a lot.

I did my own music on this video, (3 instrumental songs) which is 10 mins long, its a bit strange, I just throw something together for fun really, but I sort of enjoy it, my music is really just messing about, its quirky!


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  2. paula graham · June 28, 2020

    Oh I wanna go with!

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    • Ogden Fahey · June 28, 2020

      Its all very flat over there in the east! Here in Barnsley we’re on the edge of the Pennines, but I’m 10 miles east, and you only have to go another 10 before it all gets level after Doncaster – I love hills, but I think I like the flat places even more for the light and the sky!

      We shall have to arrange a motorbike ride when the whole current situation is finally over! 🙂 ❤


  3. draculauren · July 5, 2020

    I’m really digging your music creation! Looks like a peaceful ride.

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    • Ogden Fahey · July 6, 2020

      Oh thanks Drac, you’re very kind – I think the music turned out ok too! At least, I done worse before now!!! LOL But really, I’m just so bad at it, but I want to be good – so I bought a keyboard, just a cheap one with 20 or so keys, see if it makes me any better – its in the post, so I’m looking forward to playing with that, so far its just been me and my mouse – I’m hoping things get better when I have access to more notes, but it may turn out less is more – so I’m a bit nervy! 😮

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      • draculauren · July 7, 2020

        We have similar taste. You’re not bad at all! If we lived near one another you can bet we’d form an electronic duo band, I can guarantee it.

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 7, 2020

        I really want to get much more into it – I got my little keyboard and cos I’m only doing 3 days a week, I spent today doing some tutorials just trying to get more agile on it – already sort of wish I’d got something with bigger keys, as its fiddly, probably be fine once I get back to it – I just need a reason to get me working – I found that with the motorbike soundtracks, I’ll say to myself I wanna get this thing sorted and online by the weekend, and something will get done! Otherwise, I’ll fiddle about forever – thinking, oh this is no good!

        It would be so cool to work with you! If you have any ideas, maybe some dystopian spoken word, or some hyper vamped work out type noises, you could record some sounds and upload them, and I could see if I can base some of my ideas and see what comes out of it! 😀

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      • Ogden Fahey · July 7, 2020

        would be cool if you could write stuff like this! (just been looking up Clan of Xymox cos they got newer stuff out – not that familiar with them) :).

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  4. draculauren · July 19, 2020

    That’s a great one from Clan of Xymox. Inspiring! I haven’t been feeling especially motivated to write lately. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours and trying to spend time away from the screen reading. But if I ever do think up some poetry that could work well, dystopian as you say, maybe, (and I’m into the workout noises idea, too!), I will shoot them your way. Hope you’ve been well! ❤

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    • Ogden Fahey · July 19, 2020

      Thanks L, yes, I have been well so far, got to avoid the lergie at all costs!

      Well anything you send my way will get my attention, I find the Xymox stuff interesting because I never do get around to tuning into them properly, they have a huge following, been around decades – it just shows how someone can make a good living with some ideas and a bit of vim! 🙂 ❤

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