Supermarket browsing.

I’d got the radio on yesterday and they was having a quiz, and they played this – 

Well I recognised it right away, but I had to google, cos it was a long time since I heard that voice! My Dad used to listen to a lot of classical, I undoubtably heard her voice before – very distinctive. She’s a contralto, so her voce is quite low for a woman – pretty unique. So I thought I’d just pass that along for all you who like to hear something unusual.

Anyhow, we went off shopping, since you can’t do much else safely these days. And I was thinking hmm, I like club biscuits, I always see them on the shelf, but I never buy them, they got the fruit ones, with the sultans or currants or whatever, then they got the plain ones, and the orange ones or the mint ones. I’d quite like to have a mixed pack, I never buy them though. I don’t remember if they still do the mixed packs – oh yes, I like cheese biscuits too, and onions, those crispy onions are nice, and I’m really into eating those little dried out broad beans they do now with the salt and vinegar on, never thought they would be my thing, but I’m eating them all the time lately, I fancy an olive sometimes, or something with garlic, and a young woman, and I do enjoy a carrot, a big fat orange one!

Today, its the next day, so I drew a picture of the girl I saw, she was actually in the car park, driving by, she gave me such a look! I think we’re all feeling the strain non? I mean, today on the radio, they’re talking about all the kids gone back to university, and they only been back a week or so, and they all got Coronavirus, so they can’t go out, or have lessons or anything, its really messed up for them – for us all, what a crock!

Now then, oh yeah, I was thinking about this song by Phill Collins, the line “Down on my luck again” and I was thinking poor old Phill, so I googled that, and its actually a Genesis song, written by that Paul Rutherford, with help from Phill, so perhaps that explains it, its a good one!

Its driving him mad!! 😀 😀 

Julian Cope

Looks like I’m in it for the long haul – its 1:20am, and I just opened another bottle! 

Weathers getting warmer, the ice caps are melting . . . 

Well they been saying it for a long time – Trump – he’s still saying its all fake news and getting votes out of it – how does that work? David Attenborough says now the world is so screwed, what on earth are we going to do? 

I love a bit of Julian Cope! 

Well we all been having a hard time this year of course, its been a drag – Covid on the rise again, damned thing. 

I have been struggling with music software, I have a few programs at my disposal, but I’m not that confident about music creation, so I thought I’d just put some Status Quo songs on my motorbike video, but when I finally got it onto youtube, it was banned on copyright grounds, so disappointed, I went to my software, and spent a couple of weeks messing about trying to create something. I haven’t given up, its just going to take a while, I got fed up with just piecing things together, so I thought I can do better than that, but it turns out, I have no idea, even less than I thought I had! Every time I think I found a rich vien, and I’m onto something, I just spend a week blinded by my own genius, playing some loop over and over which I love, but anyone else would think yeah, its good, but really?? 

Julian Cope Is incredibly talented at music!

A fav of mine

My ultimate fav tho – an absolute masterpiece – I totally love Julian Cope!! 

Well, that was great, I shall just sit back and listen to some of those for a bit – imagine this blog said something profound and amazingly worthwhile, and its job done! Reality is I watched some crap on TV and went round in circles!! LMAO, oops, my ass just fell onto the floor, not literally, I mean I laughed it off – but not! 😉 Anyhow, check out some Julian Cope, he’s really great – I shall be back to my music software 2moro, its a struggle! Keep it real! 😀

A Tall Story

A couple of times I was working with older ladies who I found to be a lot of fun, and I thought I’d just share that here for a bit of memory lane action with you all. I’m actually sat at work now, but I finished what I was doing, now I just have to wait around.

Anyhow first example was back when I was 20. I used to go to the canteen and there was this woman of about 45 I’d say, she was a lot of fun – I thought she was like Mildred, out of the George & Mildred TV show! She was a real cockney lady, what a laugh she was to be with, she had really buck teeth, I used to find that sexy, you don’t see it so much these days, cos they all get corrected. She would say “come and sit with me Ogden” and we’d have our lunch together, sitting really close, it was cosy in that little canteen. She had a daughter who worked there too, I was terrifically attracted to her, and I think she tried to match us up, but it never worked out, in fact it was a bit of a disaster, but never mind, that’s how it goes. Anyhow, I never forgot her, they were both so lovely.

(George and Mildred)

Another time, years later, when I was 30 and I moved up to Yorkshire, I was a bit of a fish out of water you know it’s a different culture up here, different accent too. So I was doing this art degree and I got this job cleaning this garage in my spare time. It belonged to the council, and there were all these women that did the office cleaning, cos it was a big council depot. So anyhow, if one was off on hols, I’d stand in, and do some office cleaning, also the toilets & so on, I’d never had to do that sort of work before, appart from my own bog at home of course, but whatever. 

Anyhow, I got to know the whole team eventually, about 5 women. They warned me about this one woman, they actually said she was “evil” so I’d best not mess her about & do what I’m told & all that. 

So anyhow, you can imagine that’s a bit daunting when one day I had to work with her for a week cos someone was off, turned out we got on just fine! I suppose she was about 15-25 years older than me, I liked her, I found her pretty attractive, and I guess I liked that they said she was evil, turned out she like Bon Scott from AC/DC, good choice! I respected her opinions, she had a daughter who liked AC/DC, so that’s where that was coming from, I never met her daughter, but I think she probably showed me a picture – no doubt she’d have been very pretty. 

LONDON – 1st AUGUST: Singer Bon Scott from Australian rock band AC/DC posed in a studio in London in August 1979. (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

Anyway, to get to the best part of the story, one time in the summer break, the council was doing some waste recycling experiments & they wanted to know if me & the ladies would work full time for a week or so on the project. Of course we did that. 

What would happen was a truck would dump a ton of waste on the floor & we had to sort it into glass & tin, paper, rags & shit. Yeah, shit & needles, stuff like that was in there too, so not a nice job! You never knew what was going to be in a bag till you opened it. I doubt the women would have took the job if they’d known the details, so it was a bit rough. 

Anyhow, that lady I was on about, she leaned into a wheely bin & tipped inside, she fell right into it with her legs sticking up in the air! She was yelling “Ogden, Ogden, Get me out, Get me out!” It was so funny, I never forgot that moment, I’m sure she did it for a laugh, cheer us all up! Sort of person she was. 

Oh yeah, I got invited to the annual Xmas bash every year for ages after I stopped working there, it was bizarre, but I just loved being invited. I couldn’t hardly even understand Yorkshire language when I first met them, so I’d be really on edge trying to understand what they wanted me to do or anything, but they looked after me alright, real friendly. For sure it’s in the crappy jobs you meet the very best people!

The Quo!

Jesus H! What a nightmare, I been having a hard time, been on hols, bike broke down, fixed, other problems, you name it – swings and roundabouts – anyhow, I went on this bike ride and made a video, then I decided to use music by Status Quo – strange choice perhaps, since I don’t actually like them much, but its good music for a biker video, cos its Rockin’ – and thats what I do! 

Anyhow, my Mac is knackered, it can’t handle processing video, I really enjoyed putting it together as it turned out, I got to like and admire the Quo a lot more – back in the old days, they got on my nerves a bit, all their stuff sounded pretty much the same, and they became tiresome.

My first major memory of the Quo, was from 1981, I was working in this scrap yard, hellish place, one of the guys there had been on a trip to see the mighty Quo In London, at that time I was engaged in going to see punk groups in London, and he’d been to see the Quo a year or 10 before, I don’t know, I don’t remember, but I just got the gist of it that he’d had a hell of a good time on that one, and I could believe it – their music is pretty heady – booze, girls, bikes, smokes, train journeys, drunkenness, leather jackets, puking up, more puking, drinking, puking, all that – yeah, its all its cracked up to be!

Anyhow, that never convinced me to become a Quo follower, cos my generation was punk, those guys always smelled of patchouli oil, I always assumed it was to mask the smell of cannabis, I don’t know? Cant imagine!

So, I made my video, but I can’t upload it, I can’t even export it, so I can enjoy it here, but I can’t share it – bugger!

Here’s my track-list, I edited many songs down to snippets, cos I get bored after a verse or 2, but really its not that bad!

Dear John

Move on


Down down

Jam side down

Marguerita time

Burning bridges

Mystery song

Whatever you want 

Something about you 

Sweet Caroline 

Rockin All over the World

I’m not going to put all the videos on, just my favs, the ones I like the most – you can imagine how well this music goes with a video of a motorbike flying along! Burn baby burn!! 

Down Down

This stupid song gets under your skin! I guess you could call it “Mature Quo”

Classic Quo! This is like teenage, but for like 30 years! LOL 

Got to have this one really – they opened Live Aid with this one, and found even more fame – I like the drumming, its so simple, very positive! We need positivity I feel, I think its quite a good thing! 😀

I really like the outro – its bordering on perfect pop! Foot tapping stuff, with the keyboards and drumming – and the guitar solo, very good! My Mac hates the internet as well as doing videos, its ok for drawing, but not if you do it fast, so I shall buy a new one, or maybe a PC, cos I’m fed up with the cost of it, but then I do like nice stuff, so we shall see . . . 😉