The Wonder Stuff

I go to work, then I have a day off, then I go to work, then I have another day off, then I go to work and have 2 days off, then I’m back to the start again – what the hell, I used to go for five days then have 2 off, but since they changed the set up cos of Covid, the numbers here are pretty bad by the way – the almost completely insane election news from America is a mere sideshow compared to what’s going on on my doorstep, not to mention our political situation and Brexit – the future so uncertain, the zombie outbreak!  

Well anyhow, its moments like these .  .  . well, not really that often, but every once in a while, this song comes to mind! This cheers me up – it really does! At the time, when it came out, I thought it was pretty funny, the lyrics I mean, “Size of a cow!” LOL Whats that? Damn blast, look at my past, ripping up my feet on the broken glass – oh wow, look at me now, blowing up my problems to the size of a cow!” Farm boys huh? I always enjoy a good raucous rousing racket of a song! 

Music what I done – deconstructed!

This is something I uploaded yesterday. I worked on this thing off and on for quite a few weeks, it started as a few chords I liked, and a few mouse clicks it started to turn into something, but then I felt obliged to re-build it from scratch more or less, importing the midi files into some other software – the thing is, its really hard to learn how to do good music, unless you cheat, and use whatever you can to avoid learning all the things about chord progressions and stuff – whatever they are (don’t tell me!) 

I decided to import it into another package cos the sounds are easier to access, since its really difficult to get some sounds from a more complex synth – even though I love to play with it!

Anyway, it started out on a negative, cos I wasn’t allowed to upload my motorbike video with Status Quo music on it due to copyrights, so I had to do my own music for that reason – its not easy to re-invent rock n roll you know! Then I came up with this thing, while I was learning how to do something else, and set it aside, cos it wasn’t really suited to the motorbike video, so I thought I’ll just add some abstract art to it or something, which is what I did do as you can see.

Thing is with abstract, the very first image in the pile was just some deep red maroon, a colour I often enjoy, I don’t know why – who knows why one prefers some colour to another at a specific time or mood or whatever? So anyhow, all the other images were then generated pretty much automatically off of the first – its just some settings in the software, you just select a few settings and click Go – and next thing you know, you have another 150 pictures. 

Isn’t it all rather interesting though, I mean, how many chords and harmonies are there available in the world? I don’t know, its not infinite, I wouldn’t have thought, a lot of things sound discordant and nasty, so its a problem – secondly, what about with pictures, and images, I mean, if you’re doing figurative, you’re more restricted than you are with abstract, but it seems rather easier to me to come up with 150 interesting-ish images, than it is 150 good songs.

When you get into it, what you like and don’t like, and how you discuss it all, you know how people like to say ah yes, I do love opera, or oh how I adore the works of Schrobrenhausen, or whatever, well it strikes me, that you get people pretending to be “sophisticated” What does that mean? I mean, really? What IS sophistication? Who can say? I think its a matter of appearing to know something someone else doesn’t, and then dining out on it – its a marvellous way of life you know, people invite you to functions just to talk down to them! I thought I knew all about that till I got involved in the art world, sometimes one can fool oneself one is actually one who knows of something hitherto and forthwith practically, for all intents and purposes, unknowable! 

Personally I’m getting into free-form unspoken vowel free poetry – I actually don’t know a thing about language, so I have no idea where to start – isn’t it strange I was just thinking, how some words seem to suit their meaning, I mean it terms of their feel? Happy, sounds Happy, and Horrible, sounds Horrid, non? 

Anyhow, I lost the plot a bit there, its been a tough week – I think I’m quite pleased with my musical bit there – I doubt that I shall do anything much like it again, because the creative process that went into it was rather difficult. Not the imagery, (that only took a few hours to assemble, and minutes to set up.) But the musical side of it was exhaustive and became repetitive, in the end, I had to upload it before I went mad – and ended up chasing my own tail for another week or 2. Now having uploaded it,  I feel I have reached a plateau, so I may work on the file again, and see if I can get more out of it. I just don’t know if that will happen, because the creative process for me, when it begins to collapse, it rarely revives – talking of which, the creative process, its chaos isn’t it? I mean, we don’t know ourselves do we. You can’t be creative if you’re an android who thinks they know everything – all you’re doing, is yanking your own chain – you have to believe that on the other end of that chain, there be unicorns! 

I don’t know, here’s some Vogon Poetry:

EDIT – NB: I didn’t mean to make it sound like I don’t like opera, or disrespect those who do – for that I must apologise profusely!

When I was younger, I liked to throw my own shit – in many ways, I am still in that phase of development! 😀 😀 ❤

Night out with Dave Buckowski?

Dave worked on the building sites, he was chronically depressed, I knew that, because I was too. He knew I understood. Everyone was chronically depressed, if you weren’t chronically depressed, you weren’t real, or you weren’t worth knowing.

I don’t know where he lived, and I didn’t care either, and I knew he didn’t care for sure. We always met in the Black Tom area of town, it’s just a couple of hundred houses and a pub. 

Things swung in Black Tom, believe me, you could get fixed up there, no questions were asked, and no answers were ever offered. 

Black Tom was where you spent the last of your cash, you know the phrase time to Cash it in? Down there you cash it in, and out, and in, and out, if you know what I mean? No actual cash was involved, if there was, no one knew where it all went, a bottomless pit, an un-fillable hole, a hole so deep, with so much gone down, it’s unclear if anything real exists outside of Black Tom.

There was a lot of hot blood flowing in town, but it was cold blood I was looking for, and I knew I’d find it down in Black Tom.

Deals were struck in Black Tom just by showing up, scores were settled, the past avenged, the politics of the knife in the back, it goes on – you could get your future aniahalted, annulled, for another day, week, year, what do you need? Do you know?

She danced alone, she hadn’t much to lose, whatever it was, she wanted rid of it, forever.

Baby got a lot of heart, or she did have, till she lost it, so she went down in Black Tom, got lost there for a while, but don’t ever look back, not in Black Tom, no one looks back, and no one looks forward, don’t ever admit to that – if you do, you don’t belong in Black Tom. It’s not a place for girls with a lot of heart.

If you check your heart and find it wanting, just go down in Black Tom, don’t go there if you have anything real left, if you do, you’re a fool, a real fool, when you go down in Black Tom, you don’t ever come back.

She danced alone, then she disappeared.
Gonna get along without you now

Covid Survival Necessities

We are pretty much back into lockdown here in Yorkshire, they labeled our area “high” and may soon change that to the “very high” setting, or whatever its supposed to mean, no one really knows. People are getting fed up with it, but most people are compliant – opinions are shifting though, its been badly handled from the outset, only China seems to know how to impose tough restrictive measures on their population which actually work. 

So anyhow, it goes on! 

Now since the first lockdown in March or whenever that was, I started to eat certain comfort foods, many of which I have come to regard as essential survival items.

Item 1 – Nestle Milky Bar Mix-ups. Now these would have been by cadburys of course before they sold out to Nestle, but I believe the mix-up version is quite innovative, you get both dark and white chocolate in each piece – rich in vitamin D, E, and G# major, an excellent source of nourishment.

Item 2. Co-op Sea Salt & Chardonnay (vinegar) Selection. These are real tasty – they have a kind of exploded sweetcorn things in them, which are a bit over the top, but they’re ok, also contains peanuts, coated in stuff, I’m not sure what that is, maybe some sort of gunge, but best of all, dried broad beans, those are so tasty I could eat them on their own, and may well do just that, but so far I’m enjoying these so much, I have eaten about 8 or 10 bags since March. 

Item 3 – McCoys Muchos, Nacho Cheese, these are meant to be cheesy, but they taste like they have turps in them, every time I have them, my tongue swells up and forms blisters, I’m not sure why, they just seem to bite back. First time I had them, I thought never again, but then they are often to be found at half price, hence I have just bought my 5th or 6th bag during lockdown. This product is good for your bowels, lifesaver!

Item 4 – Tunnocks tea cakes – goes without saying, if you want to be happy like the chap on the box, just get yourself a load of these and scoff them!

Item 5 – Tesco all butter Shortbread – This stuff is Too nice – you won’t want to go far without it – good for al body organs and functions.

Item 6 – McVities Digestives, I wouldn’t digest anything without them! Of course I have eaten many thousands of these over the last 25 years, I came to the conclusion they were the ultimate biscuit a long time ago, this last packet I had though, I thought they lacked flavour – often they seem that way if you just had something really luxurious like All Butter Shortbread – so I’m hoping thats all it is, but research on the web told me McVities changed the recipe in February, lowering the amount of salt and sugar, I just bought another pack today, so I shall soon find out if me & McVities are going to continue to do business. 

Item 7 – oh yes of course, at the weekend, get loads of booze and drink it!

This new Pumarosa CD is growing on me! We saw them a year or 2 ago, during better times – I bloody well wouldn’t go and see them now if you dragged me there – but I would if things weren’t so messed up by this current ‘situation’

Well, that concludes my list more or less – everyone stay safe, and do try to have fun!

Educating Ogden

Just thinking about the school system and all that testing they did on us, you know the tests that got us to where we are in life now?

I remember sitting in my final exams aged 16, I hadn’t changed much in 10 years of education, I was still sat there blankly reading questions and thinking “don’t know what that means” and “hmm, er, oh, not sure – don’t know,” while chewing my pen.

Why should I need to know all this stuff? I’d got my fantasy girlfriend, she didn’t care if I was a bit thick – in fact, I think she preferred me that way, it was actually probably my finest attribute.

When we first started school aged 6, all the kids ate the pencils and crayons, that was the first test really, could you do anything without eating the equipment?  No one really passed or failed at that stage, but a good teacher could probably discern quite a bit even at that early point.

Moving forward to about age 8 or so, kids were no longer kids, we had become pupils. We were issued with biros, instead of pencils and crayons, they were plastic, and tasted better than the pencils and crayons, but there was a choking hazard, needless to say, I got through quite a few of those. I remember how after a few hours chewing, the plastic would split, and bits would get stuck in your throat.

I think it was a year or two later when ink pens arrived on the menu, (I mean desk) we were instructed that we had to use these instead of the half eaten biros, and soon half the kids had black or blue lips and mouths from sucking the wrong end. Of course by this time there was no real need for further attempts at educating these numbskulls, and yet, to their credit, teachers soldiered on. Or perhaps this actually exposes a serious flaw in the system itself? 

It’s difficult to look back on the  years between aged 8 – 16, without hardly learning a thing, and wondering how and why it turned out as it did. As I sat those final exams, chewing my way through what I hoped would be the last time I’d ever need another pen in my life. I supposed that I’d got myself into quite a bit of trouble.

No reason for picking this song, they just played an old song of theirs on the radio, and they’re funny! 😉 

Joana Vasconcelos

We went to the sculpture park here in Yorkshire the other day and saw works by Joana Vasconcelos. She’s a Portuguese artist, dealing with women’s stuff – so you ought to know what this is all about!

Here’s a mask!

Now here’s some other stuff I didn’t understand, but sort of got the gist of.

A ring made of car wheels! (perhaps she married a guy obsessed with cars??)

(Its not uncommon)

These shoes are made from saucepans!

This video is so lovely – I think we can all enjoy it !

Here’s some more photos I took from my better camera!