A Love Story!

I heard this tune played the other day, and I was thinking what is that song? I heard it before so many times – but I don’t actually know the origin, well anyhow, its from the 1970 movie “Love Story” considered by many to be the most romantic film of all time, or one of them. 

The American Film Institute lists it as number 9, here’s the top 10 for you:

1 Casablanca (1942)

2 Gone With the Wind (1939)

3 West Side Story (1961)

4 Roman Holiday (1953)

5 An Affair to Remember (1957)

6 The Way We Were (1973)

7 Doctor Zhivago (1965)

8 It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

9 Love Story (1970)

10 City Lights (1931)

Well I don’t think Casablanca really, cos its a war film with a highly political message, and Gone with the Wind? Thats just bollocks isn’t it? I don’t know the next few up to Doctor Zhivago (yawn) – Don’t really remember its a Wonderful Life, and then you got our number 9.

So anyhow, basically, I’m ignoring the list, “Love Story” is in fact the most romantic one, (actually I rather liked Anna Karenina – but lets not lose the plot – we’re talking about Love that makes you weep at the end of the film, I didn’t really get that with Anna – its implied as a moral tale really, she gets whats coming to her, poor dear, its very sad, but we all see it coming. In Love story, (I haven’t seen it, I just read the plot) these 2 characters, Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw struggle with their love, and just when its going well, things change for the worse, and everyone ends up bawling.

Anyhoo, I don’t want to give too much away in case you’re going to watch it.

I remember going on this romantic break as a child, ok, it wasn’t meant to be a romantic break, but it turned out that way, a load of kids camping in Wales, at the end of the holiday, there were 2 buses lined up, one for kids returning home north, and the other for kids headed south – a lot of tearful kids who had fell in love with others on the opposite bus, so the 2 busses were alongside in the car park, and we’re all waving at our friends we would not see again, and these kids at the back of the bus were all singing the Love Story song, “Da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, “

It was my earliest memory of that song really, they all knew what it was, and so did I, and I felt this pang for this girl on the other bus, all of us pressing our faces on the windows and holding up love notes scribbled out at the last moment!

Anyhow, how did they all know that song? Had they seen it on TV? Or just learned the song from other kids? It was The standard love theme of the 70’s, The big romance movie every knew about – adults streamed out of cinemas in dreadful trauma from having watched the bloody thing, and yet today, it seems fairly forgotten – considering its meant to be so good, and ranks so high, I mean, I seen Casablanca since I was a child, everyone has, but I have never seen Love Story – it seems to have sunk without trace. 

Its probably just some sentimental tosh! That song tho! It doesn’t even have a proper trailer, just stills with the song – seems to me, the song is the one enduring thing that puts it up there? Perhaps the song is better than the movie – probably, but reading the plot, its probably got all it needs to induce romanticism on a fairly massive scale. You know when you’re madly in love with someone, and you’re forced apart by circumstances – oh gawd! “Da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, “ . . . 

I think we need new romance movies, like really really good, with moving plot and dialogue, but skip the tragedy part and go for happily ever after – but no cheese! Its difficult to think of one – I keep meaning to see “Brief Encounter (1945) they tell me its rather good! Something about trains and shagging 😀 

A Bit of Excitement!

You guys know how I like to get excited? Well I made this video last summer, (2020) and I got this iPad more recently, and I find its really intuitive for doing music – so I made this song today and I’m too excited to wait to upload it as part of a longer segment later – besides, it may lose some of the qualities it has at the moment if I mess about with it more.

This area is near a place called Louth, very nice rolling near empty roads, great for biking in summer!

I did another one the other day, its much darker, filmed last week, and using some more crazy dark music, if you can call it that! Ha, well, its not so relaxing as the one above, but I may as well put it here since its knocking about – I like it anyhow! 😀

Arch Enemy!

One of the best live music shows I been to in the last few years was Arch Enemy at Sheffield – what a great live gig that was! I’m not that into them or anything really, they’re ok, but I do like to see a band live at the top of their game, with the full support of the industry and all that pollava that goes with it. 

You know the sort of thing, head banging nutcases, loud noises unexplained craziness, all that caboodle – its great fun! Arch Enemy are like this monster of rock kind of mahoosive doom metal act that normally play to huge venues with billions of fans, so it was a chance to see them up close!

Anyhow, I found out they were playing the Sheffield Corporation, this was back in 2016, Blimey, doesn’t time fly? So anyhow, I thought ah good, I’ll go to that one, its not a huge venue or anything, so it ought to be intimate, which is how I like it. Sometimes, it gets so packed in there you can’t see a thing, but at that time it was only half full, which was perfect, otherwise you end up peering between peoples shoulders and heads at the distant heads of the band at the other end of the room – so it wasn’t like that, I was only a few rows back – so I got good photos!

Check this one out – look at their hair! Its madness!!



This guys “Shredding” the guitar! Thats what I like to see!

I thought this guy looked like King Charles 1st!

She gives it some!

They shred it for the fans – everyones ears were bleeding!

Charles 1st again!

They look great!

More looking great!

Hair – this rules! I thought they looked kind of scary, at the same time as sounding good!

She’s alright!

You got to play it like this!

More photos – 😀

I thought I’ll go and see them again anytime – the next time they played here was Nottingham, perhaps 18 months or so later – I had to go on the motorbike, it chucked it down with rain the whole way, about an hr + half away, I enjoyed it, but it was so packed in there, I couldn’t hardly see anything, I don’t think I took more than a couple of photos, it was a really good show again, but I enjoyed the intimate one so much more – live music is always best like that

Anyhow, that was pretty good, they play their music just right! Here’s a video of what they do – I’m not a seasoned headbanger, but I did enjoy this very much!

Look! Its Them!! On the Telly!!!!

Some Like it Hot!

Just fooling around with this image I did yesterday after work – I had the idea for a picture of a woman stood in a doorway like this while working – I didn’t really bother to imagine what the room looked like, so I had to be inventive, which was difficult – anyhow, I’d been reading someones blog about spanking, something she very much enjoys, and while I am not really interested in it as a pastime, I consider it my solemn duty to explore these matters as an artist! Yay! 

So anyhow, what do you think of this sort of thing? I know some people love it, when you think of someone like Jack Vetriani, he’s worth a fortune you know. All the college bods hate him, he barely seems to understand anything after impressionism, if he even really understands that! But really, what is modernism anyhow? Is it all just a giant con, desperately clutching at straws, trying to pretend something is more sophisticated just because you have to jump through 96 intellectual hoops to understand it? 

What’s it really all about if someone can get considerably higher from a damn good spanking? 😀

What is your opine on this? Just give me the hard cash already – I could be a better sculptor than Rodin, on account of more penis’s, my sculptures would have hundreds, sticking out all over!  Its not the size that counts, its the number!

Anyhoo, the other night I was trying to remember this song by the Stranglers, a really good one, but then after playing a few, I forgot the original song, so I had to give up on it, my memory has had its day – in other news, I woke up this morning, in a lovely warm bed, and I didn’t want to get out, because my bones -my actual bones, felt warm! What a lovely feeling that is! When its cold enough out of the bed, that you can actually feel that? You wouldn’t get that in warm countries, its got to be somewhere horrible and nasty and bitter, ooh!

I’m Sweet Like . . .

I like to think I have a developed palette, but I do enjoy on a rare occasion a sweet dessert, such as a treacle tart. I take issue with why its called Treacle Tart, when its clearly made with syrup, which is golden, while Treacle is actually black – no such thing as white treacle, just Golden Syrup, which is very nice, but you can’t have Black Treacle on a Treacle Tart, cos you’d die – and probably go to hell for it!

Sometimes there is a light crunchy top on it, I don’t know if its because of crystallisation of the sugar? A good Treacle Tart should make you gag, just a little 🙂

Another delicacy is the old favourite Millionaires Shortbread, enjoyed by millionaires throughout the world no doubt – what more could you ask for? Shortbread with toffee caramel and chocolate topping!

At school we used to have something we called Chocolate Toothpaste pudding! LOL Inventive kids – talk to anyone from ye olden days, in my county at least, and they know what it is – it tasted sickly and with a sort of residual chocolate essence of some sort, and a blob of squirty cream – not bad!

Now then, if you want a real treat, get down to one of the health food outlets like this one at Skegness, 

And order up a Waffle with Maple Syrup and extra Whipped cream!

In this example, it is served with ice cream, in my opinion, they’re best with whipped cream if your naked! 😀 ❤ 

I woke up with this song in my head this morning! I think its pretty sweet! I had to google the lyric – not heard that in a while!

Please excuse . . .

Please excuse the sound at the start of the video, Paul was having poo!

Haha, Yeah, I know this isn’t Facebook, but I just decided to listen to this song and found this very strange version!

Anyhow, I like the bass line, pretty cool – I’m up at nearly 1am, work tomorrow, what a drag, had a few beers, and I thought I’d write something – hence:

I wouldn’t say I’m over it, because you never get over it, you learn to live with it blah, blah, blah, or you learn to say fuckit, that part doesn’t work anymore, like a starter motor that’s burnt out – and you can’t replace it, you just have to jump start it from now on! 

Paul Young is from the next town from where I was at – Luton!

Not really helpful is it? Well that’s all I got tonight, its not that bad, it could be the beginning of something bigger & better?

The End!

Ok, not really “The End” after all, I got a bit more to say – I left my heart in the 80’s, tonight at least, it seems the 80’s were better – I like to get a bit mashed on a Sunday night, that’s what we used to do back then, Saturday night was alright for fighting, but Sunday night, it was more like a family affair, in the lounge bar, they’d have a singer, and we’d all got in there, on our best (or at least better) behaviour, and have a singalong!

I was always proud of Paul Young, cos he was a local boy!

That was a bit strange – anyone still ere??

Paul’s a great singer – just get him a song and off he goes!

The High Life!

I must be in a good mood, cos I thought of this song this morning! – Steve Winwood – Back in the high Life Again!

Then later on I thought of this one, Alphaville – Forever Young

And then later on tonight, I was thinking of this one John Parr – St Elmos Fire

All big hair 80s anthems! LMAO – where have I been? 

I got myself an iPad, and I have been playing with synths, these are all big synth songs, so I reckon that might be a clue? Next it’ll be that Jump song by Van Halen! Got to get myself a pair of spandex pants and practice the splits – thats all, – I’m outta here! Got my back against the record machine! Catch me later! 😀 😀

Thing about the Beatles and apples!

I had this brain fog trying to recall this tune, it just popped into my head, but I didn’t know what it was, then finally I stumbled on it searching the net, Womack & Womack, Love Wars”. 

Not bad really, I like the chorus bit, its very distinctive and original the way it outclasses and don’t fit with the verses, not in my memory anyhow, I just remembered the chorus bit, “Drop them guns on the floor” seems a good line considering the current situation with the USA elections and all that carrying on – not that I knew that was the line, I thought it was something like “We got to get our act together, bring it on down” and thats all I knew – oh well, its set my mind at rest – my musical memory still works better than my memory of actors names – not that its getting worse, its always been bad for actors, oddly.

I just watched the 2nd half of this thing titled “The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels” it was all about the Apple company the Beatles had, very interesting, I might go and find the first part to catch the rest of it – most illuminating! 

Its not just about drug taking and lazy times, its also about how the culture changed and chance cause and effects. Actually it all happened at the end of the film, quite shocking cataclysmic reaction!

They were all talking about the good old days on the film, and it struck a chord at one point, reminding me of a time in my life when I was like stupidly out of sync with reality – but don’t worry, it felt ok, for a bit! Life can be very strange – that reminds me of some other stuff I was thinking about, RE: how people live in niche’s, and how really, those niche’s aren’t real – but they are – just not really . . .

My life has become rather weird lately, I go to work, have a day off, go back to work, have another day off, go to work again, another day off, then have 2 days off, then back to work, have a day off, and so on. I shouldn’t grumble, cos its very easy going, just that I’m more used to going to work, work, work, work, work, 2 days off, but now, its just work, day off, work, day off, yeah, I know I already said it, just that its weird. What are you supposed to make of it? 

I might get used to it if it goes on much longer! 


Imagine, if you will, an idyllic English childhood, growing up in the 60s and 70s, in a village with a nice little church, and four adorable children, going to church every Sunday, and the vicar, an old man, with a gentle disposition, he never wore those flashy robes with vibrant green and an eagle on the back – no, he wore a white frock, with a black and red scarf thing, and a bible in hand, should the need arise. 

Sometimes there would be a garden party at the vicarage, one of the biggest houses in the village, at the top of the hill overlooking the whole of creation below – polite society could gather to drink tea and eat scones, Mrs Vicar, was portly lady with a large bosom over which she would display her strings of pearls, one imagined there was mostly taffeta paper underneath, and some sort of wadding? Surely any human flash must be well concealed beneath mummy like layers of decency.

No one in church could sing other than Uncle Bob, and Fred Jones, they were both tenors, and played off against each other during the more bombastic hymns! OMG< that was fun!

Uncle Bob wasn’t actually an uncle, we just called him that – he looked just like Eric Morecambe out of Morecambe and Wise – and just like Eric, he never seemed to have a straight face. 

The object of this lifestyle is to be a Christian, through and through & to the core – no need for an inner life and an outer facade, slice one of these down the middle, you will find no sin, just good stuff, blessed by God himself. 

Of course this never works out, you wind up with a bunch of Gestapo like lunatic purists, v’s looney lefty sophisticato’s. 

Of course none of this stood up to the ever changing times as I grew up, I became obsessed with self pleasure, of a most depraved and vile kind – in short, readers, I just no longer fitted in. But it was fun while it lasted!

Anyhow, on another point of interest I was thinking about during this week:

About a year ago, my location for work was moved from one site to another. I’m still not settled in, because I work in a locked room, (the other place was a locked room too – I count money), but I saw more people, because I was part of a team, but now I work entirely alone, it’s just the way it worked out, this guy (my then boss) did it to save money, so anyhow, I was just thinking how this last year has been and how I haven’t settled in and so on. I’m not unhappy, because I’m pretty anti social anyway, but it just occurred to me how little I changed since I was a child of about 5, I don’t mix, I don’t care, I sulk, and I like it 🙂  

You know how when a child is moved from one school to another, the adults all say oh I hope he settles in ok, or a month or two later, they’ll say oh dear, he’s very sensitive isn’t he? Well I’m like that! I haven’t settled in to my new workplace, and I’m 56! Oh dear!

I haven’t had time nor energy to write these up properly, due to circumstances and so forth, I had the idea to write about my adult / childhood little boy syndrome as regards workplace while at work – but I didn’t have time to note down the ideas till after I finished what I was doing, and it wore down a bit, and wasn’t as good as the original idea, this often happens – always best to write down an idea as it comes out, rather than later on when its become diluted or drifted off into other areas. Same with the fist part about Church.

When I awoke this morning, I was revelling in some quite clean unsullied memories of childhood, but then I got up and had breakfast, and by the time I came to type this story out, it had become somewhat sullied by feelings of resentment and anger and so on which came later in life, as regards religion and my response to it.

At the time of growing up, I was oblivious of anything outside of my own sphere of influence, but then I got friends at school whose idea of fun was hardly going to be tea and cakes at the vicarage, rather more along the lines of letting peoples tyres down and running off laughing, hiding behind walls, then popping up to yell “Get off and milk it!” At passing cyclists – ha,ha,