How to kick drugs!

When you had far too many mushrooms, and its past 2 or 3am,  and you are alone, in your room, looking out the windows, time slows down, to a final standstill.  There’s a sense of impending doom and it is growing, you become obsessed with it, now it hangs over you like a great weight.  Indeed, the only sense you now have is doom –  you have seen your ending,  you know you cannot avoid it, this time it’s final, this night will last forever. Daylight for others may return, but you will hide from it.  You no longer belong in the land of the living. You outstayed your welcome there, for you, it is over.

Welcome! – Welcome to the land of the dead! – we are with you, as you are with us, be not afraid, soon you shall join us forever!


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  2. laurelwolfelives · January 19

    Well, good lawd! 🥴

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