The secret to my failure . .

The secret to my failure is – well, no one wants to know that do they? People want to know about success! Success deserves an exclamation mark(!) But failure, well, its just what it is – but seriously, while I’m here, listening to Fleetwood Mac “Tusk” album, its so good, so meditational, and thats the secret, don’t meditate! If you have time to listen to Fleetwood Mac, (Tusk album in particular), you’re going nowhere baby! Destination zero! 

I haven’t played this in a few years, I don’t have time, but I always love it when I do – it slows time down to a level so slow, its like meditation – you can see if you wave your hand in front of your face, how time has slowed. This isn’t about real life, but if it were, life would be so grand, so blooming bleeding wonderful, well, you’d be a success – we all would be! 🙂

I’m not the guy I was when I used to play this album, back then, I’d be high as a kite, smoking my weed, but I don’t do that no more, and tho I miss it, I can’t get on with wasting time like I used to. 

Its not time wasting, to relax listening to music, its good for you, but I can’t do it anymore, cos I have other things to do, like writing this, while I play these songs. 25 or 30 years ago, I’d snuggle into the sofa, in a warm room playing this album, now I dash off a blog about what I’m doing, while I do it – isn’t that contrary? 

Ok, I’m going to relax . . . . 

Yawn! Enough of that! Gonna skip a few tracks, I want to get on with doing my own music, thats the thing, when you make your own music, you can’t listen to someone else’s at the same time. Man, I need some ganja, but I know what I’m like now, I’d just want to go for a run, Fleetwood Mac don’t smack their bitches up right!

Fleetwood Mac’s not that funny . . 

That’s Enough For Me!

I know I’m not Wrong

I walk a thin line

Ooh! This is good when the marching band comes in! 😀 😀 

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