Just been on a shopping trip to Tesco, what a nightmare! People everywhere, practically bouncing off them trying to navigate the aisles, they got no celery and no thyme, couldn’t find my razors – can’t even remember what I’m meant to be looking for? Series 3 Gillette pro glide? Or was it 4 or 5? Everyones going oh yes, very nice, I like that, ooh, lovely! None of these people give a fuck about the immigrants in the concentration camps do they? Not interested – they want it back the 1950s, when everything was lovely – well, screw that! 

Anyhow, had enough of that, so went the the chemist over the road, found what looked like my razors, but you had to rip them from the rack, cos they secure them, so did that, then went to the queue – there’s about 8 people, and they’re not moving! Everyones waiting for their prescription – I got no time for that, I’d sooner grow a beard – so I put them back, I’m out of there.

I made this malt loaf, but it wouldn’t rise, its in the oven now, but it’ll probably just go straight to the bin, can’t get it right lately, I got the day off, so I did a quick picture on the Mac, hasn’t crashed, so will post later, after I do another one, featuring Melmoth, since I’m now reading the original from 1820, got to say, its damn good read, very inspiring! Anyhow, did that, then had to make a stew, so got that in the slow cooker, went shopping, (nightmare) Now had some soup, and some bread, settling back down at last to do my next picture – its been mania! 

Aha, malt loaf out the oven, its risen while its cooked – that was unexpected! It may actually be edible! Made bread yesterday, came out ok, but not got any air in it.

Oh yeah, had a really great dream last night! 😀

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