A couple of ghost stories!

Aha! I saw this on TV a couple of years ago, I mentioned it before somewhere on here, and I still remember the girl in it – she’s like a waif! I don’t remember that much about it now, so I’d like to watch it again, but I don’t suppose that will ever happen, we don’t tend to re-watch things around here. 

She’s playing the part of a successful cellist, but she’s got this ancestral thing she’s looking up – down in old Wales, and thats when it all get eerie! Its a ghost story!

Anyhow, another good ghost story I saw last year, was called “The Green Man” (its a repeat of an old show I missed in the 90s) Its got good acting by Albert Finney, and its a fine story too (originally by Kingsley Amis), about this rambunctious old geezer that owns a hotel, a cosy old English sort of place anyone would love to have. Its an interesting place with interesting people, but then thats where the whole things goes a bit off topic, yeah, somewhat! 

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