Boating Holiday!

When ya go on your hols, and you got to get on a plane, and its all that security and queueing, and waiting, and then the bare knuckle ride of flying itself – its a bit of a hassle non? I mean, we’re not scared are we? 

Its just a little inconvenient and nerve wracking, but its worth it right? Fair enough, but have you ever tried going by boat? Its easy! You just rock up at the car park, then wander into this hall where you queue for about like, 2mins, they ask your name, tick it off and say fine! Go get on the boat! Yeas, thats the way to check in! After that, you wander about quite relaxed, slightly concerned the boat may sink, but you can always have a good meal, watch the floor show, go and have a wander out on deck, watch the sun go down, then in the morning you wake up in Europe!

Well we went on this 2 day trip to Amsterdam, its cheapest way to do it on a. 2 nighter, special price you see – there’s a buffet meal you can book for about £10. Its an all you can eat, with a carvery, curries, lasagne, vegetarian, fruits drinks, fruit itself, literally, all you can eat !! Its amazing, you see people piling their plate so high, then going back for more! You can do that! You really can! Its not like on a plane, where you get some poxy plastic tray, piddling about with 2 tiny potatoes! On the ferry you can eat and eat till you literally burst! (I saw several passengers actually explode!)

Well we had a super time in Amsterdam, so here’s some photos, I would like to go back and explore Holland a lot more next time, as it was only short.

On the way home, we got back to Zeebrugge a bit early, so we got the train down to Blankenberge seaside resort to kill a couple of hours – there wasn’t much there but this weird velodrome, all the bikes have been dismantled and welded back together to function as funny bikes – honestly, I was so amused watching the kids there, riding bikes that go backwards instead of forwards, or bend in the middle, or have oval wheels! Ha,ha, so funny to watch! I thought it was pretty surreal, 

I took my own footage, but I just showed that one above cos its such sharper and better 🙂

I love Belgium, (Zeebrugge is over the border in Belgium) we’d previously been on a trip to Ghent and Bruggge, + a trip to Brussels, where we visited the Magritte museum – its a strange place Belgium, to have artists like that, and weird entertainment for the kids such as the Velodroom!


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  2. paula graham · March 14

    Yea, those were the days.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ogden Fahey · March 15

      Be back soon I hope! (also – down with Brexit!) 😀 ❤


    • Ogden Fahey · March 15

      So clever what he did with those bikes – really! Some you turn right, they go left, that took a lot of thought and a lot of work! Thats a life’s work right there! Very clever & very amusing for me as a bike lover! 😀 😀


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