I just watched the film “Possession” By Cronenbergs son – pretty good, one of those films where you’re thinking back to that time you killed a bunch of people, then instead of covering it up properly, you left loads of easy clues for the cops to follow, in a blind panic – yeah, life’s like that! Good film actually, but I was thinking of music, for some reason, these 2 songs, I just had to seek them out and play them, thus the blog share!

This was totally out of the blue! I’m hankering to listen to a whole bunch of music – haven’t heard that Police one for years – I thought it was Sting. – it took me about 10 mins to ID the Fuckbuttons song – its that sound, very emotive – the Police one is good too 🙂


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  2. Tiege McCian · May 21

    Dear God… Son of Cronenburg?? There’s a son and he makes horror films too???

    Ahh, Sting, what a lulcow that guy became for a hot minute. Remember this pos ditty, Ogden?

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