The Woman in Black

I was riding my bike to work yesterday morning, as I have done for so many years, and I remembered a girl I used to pass in the street every morning from way back in 1981-2 or so. Its funny how you remember certain people, times places and so forth. So I was thinking about how I as a motorcyclist interact with people in the street, especially women – they stand at bus stops, or walk home from the factory or whatever, and you pass them every day. I don’t notice any individuals these days really, I’m not such an intense young man as I once was, so this story is about a different time. Even then, I ramped the story with quite a bit of hyperbole, to reflect the phantasies and imagination of a society even more divided then, than it is now!

Everyone knows that if a woman smiles, looks at, or in any way acknowledges a man in the street, it means she wants to fuck, either right now, or sooner or later. Everyone knows this, Everyone.

So I rode my motorcycle to work every morning, and every morning she’d be there, the young woman in the black trench coat, I’d pass her on prebend street, she worked at the library, or the county hall, I knew where she went, and I knew where she came from, same village as me. She actually lived opposite my mates house, you never saw her there, or very rarely, she liked to hang out at the goth clubs, doing BDSM, or maybe she liked metal? Metal clubs, with all the sweaty guys, it’s more like a gym in there, not because they work out, no, they just smell a bit strong!

Anyhow, I’d pass her every morning, she wore black heeled boots to work, what else she wore under that trench coat I never got to find out, but I suspect she was naked, or perhaps a pencil skirt and a white flouncy top more likely, you know, for office work? But underneath it all, she was very much naked, and her body, it was fantastic, after all, I was about 18, she was about 20 I would guess. 

An 18 year old boy is just coming into season, don’t stand near him, he might explode at any moment, too young really for a 20 yr old woman,  but she could, as they say, whip it, if she wanted to. He knew she was thinking of it, every day he’d pass her by, the sound of his engine telling her he’s coming, here he comes! Brrrrr, brrrrr, brrr, yeooow! And he’s gone by, leaving a stink of smoke and petrol fumes, the bastard! And she never so much as flinched.

She’d got thick black hair this girl, dead straight, bushy, but straight, I suppose you’d say it had body, even though it was straight, minimalist in style, no highlights, nothing fancy, just hair, severe looking I think, sort of hair would stab your eyes, it made her skin look pale, her hair was raven perhaps, but not shiny, it was mat in colour, lifeless – like you’d be if you were her partner, or soon would be I’d imagine. She was expressionless too, her face was cold, she looked directly at you, and you failed, yes, that’s right, she didn’t fail to see you, you failed. End of. She liked older men, she just wasn’t interested, she wasn’t into free parties, awards or giveaways, she’s conservative, just in her life really, no time for disorder.

My mates dad, Ken, said he was going to put his cock through the hole in their fence and piss on their barbecue! Lol, I thought that was so funny! There was a running dispute between their house and ours, we had our motorbikes and cars out there all the hours, he used to call the cops cos he thought we were all illegal, I wonder what she thought, was she on her fathers side? Or did she know what fools all men are? Let’s be honest, every full grown girl knows men are all fools, she must have known her father was an idiot, why on earth was he so utterly pathetic? 

That night I sneaked across the road to their party, I found her among the trees at the back of their garden, the scent of the rhododendrons was as intoxicating as the stars above us, her eyes were alive and wild as she slammed my body against the fence and began taking me apart piece by piece. Large parts of my personality were being detached and discarded, I found her both terrifying and delightful. We became aware of loud angry voices, screaming and outrage, my 15mins had passed – Ken had pissed on the barbecue, and my dream was over 😀

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be buried alive and forgotten about? Every morning I’d come from behind, watching her to see if perhaps she would turn and smile, or just miss a step, or flinch maybe, show some tension in her shoulders, but no, nothing, not a hint. She had already moved on, no reason to remember where the bodies were buried. Oh how I admired her, I dreamed perhaps of a coming together of some sort, but there was to be none, and never would be. Oh well

Who would imagine what? 40 years later I’d remember that girl, and that I’d be writing this now? On a blog! Such things didn’t exist back then, but I was from the future, I knew ! I could’ve told her about the blogs!

I probably shouldn’t be posting fantasies about things that never happened, of drawing pictures of people who don’t exist – I probably never saw her face, but I imagined this is what she looked like! Ken never pissed on the barbecue as far as I remember, though I wouldn’t put it past him – he was a true rebel!

I couldn’t think of a song from that decade to suit my story – so I had to pinch one from 20+ years later, maybe I really was ahead of my time? I think a lot of people still go looking for what isn’t actually available, fun trying tho! 😀


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  2. draculauren · September 17

    You failed. Hahahaha. What a great imagination you have. Funny, I’ve been looking for the perfect black trench coat! I love how you painted her, it’s perfect. I used to make up stories about my old crush at the gas station, his name was Storm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ogden Fahey · September 17

      She does look like someone who would be difficult to impress! LMAO! When I set off for work the other day, she just popped into my mind as a memory, by the time I got to work I’d pretty much got my whole story ready to type out, so I jotted it down on my iPad. I often find my mind is very clear first thing – I must have been holding that story all these years – I know I never dreamed to telling my mates I fancied the girl across the street, especially as they were meant to be the enemy, its all a bit Romeo and Juliet, but with bondage and bikers!! 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • draculauren · September 20

        I very much enjoyed it! Funny how these things burst out at random times. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ogden Fahey · September 21

        Its bonkers!! 😀 😀


    • Ogden Fahey · September 17

      Oh you can’t beat a trench coat, you just can’t!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. chrisnelson61 · September 20

    Great story which I enjoyed immensely, not least because it rings so true: strange which memories come back ,(for no apparent reason), and how our imagination embellished them. Perhaps she’s out there something wondering about that strange boy on his bike?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ogden Fahey · September 20

      I was wondering that too! I’m not sure she was at all aware of me, I’m such a mouse! I remember thinking I hope I’m not bothering her, all I was doing was riding past everyday & somehow she got under my skin!

      I just set off the other morning and thought, “Oh yeah, that girl” then it was like, no – that was 40 years ago!! 😮 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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