Abrasive Wheels!

I’m just obsessing about this song tonight, no real reason, its just some left over energy I have from the 80’s – seriously love this song back then, and still do now I think – its got this great vibe going about the city at night, and loneliness – its quite dark I suppose, but still looking forward. What I love most about it, these guys are from Leeds, which is up north, (where I live nowadays) the punk music further south where I was living at that time was more of a pose, a bit of a fashion thing, what these guys had was more like punk soul, which is rare really, that’s how it sounded to me anyhow. There’s no real irony or negativity – its more like rock from the hip, but not shit rock, its motivational, while still being rooted in punk rock energy and good nights out,  its also got a darker realist side, which reflects the times perhaps.

You got great lyrics like:

Questions solutions daubed on the walls

From the heart of the city desperation calls

There’s too much time to think on these street

The dawn sun rises but my heart still sinks

Thats amazingly great isn’t it? Thats fucking poetry man! I saw them a couple of times, really full on and an absolute blast!

I’m gonna be honest, I had a drink, and watched some TV, it was ok, but I prefer to be listening to punk rock! Here’s a track from ye olden days, really gives you a bit of the old hoopla! 

This was their standard song – Burn Em Down, its about school of course! LOL

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